Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look closely, can you name these people..

Washed up Teen Idols are now part of a reality show on VH1. Oddly enough, I find this appealing...Photo by

As we all know, there's nothing on TV. And there won't be until February/March when sweeps return. So usually the networks trot out bad reality shows (Remember Battle of the Choirs from last year?)

This year, Vh1 has "Confessions of a Teen Idol" where washed up TV stars try to get their fame back. The show includes Adrian Zmed and Billy Hufsey. I'm also looking forward to seeing what happened to Jamie Walters.

The show premiers on Jan. 4

Friday, December 19, 2008


Thank you for bringing "He-Man" back to me! Video by

It's the holiday season and we TV addicts know what that means: Yep. Bad TV specials, bad reality shows and of course really bad reruns.

Thankfully, we won't have to sit through reruns this year because of It was just named Web site of the year by the folks of the Associated Press. It's well deserved.

I know some people hate Hulu because of it's inconsistent nature and the commercials, but when it's on, it's on. This week, I squealed when "He-Man" and "Fat Albert" were unveiled. I grinned from ear to ear for a good 10 minutes.

If you don't know the story of "He-Man" here it is: Prince of a far away world discovers that a sword given to him has magic powers and transforms him to the muscle bound He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. His pet talking cat is transformed and adventures ensue. Sounds corny but I LOVED it. Each show had some sort of moral and He-Man or one of the cast always explained what the moral was in case you were too dense to get it.

"Fat Albert" was about black teen-ager who was fat but had a heart of gold. He always did the right thing and hung out with a group of kids: Bill, the normal one, Russell, Bill's younger brother, Bucky, a teen with bucked teeth, Weird Harold, self explanatory, Mushmouth, a teen who spoke gibberish and Rudy, the cool cat with the bad hat. Together, they were the Cosby kids. It aired late Saturday mornings and I loved it because there were black kids like me on TV. I never understood how we could have pink panthers but not black kids on TV.

So while you're watching the dreadful "Momma's Boys," I'll be enjoying my

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yes, "Claire" I'm confused too. But I'm glad this chapter is over. Photo by

Craptacular. That's the way I describe this chapter of "Heroes." After such a promising start this chapter just meandered and lost it's way. Tonight's finale started out strong but logic flew out the window at the 30 minute mark.

Sylar terrorized the folks at The Company with HRG, Claire, Merdith and Angela trapped inside. HRG set the prisoners free (the Puppet Master, Iron Fist and the real Black Canary so Sylar could hunt them down bit by bit.

He injected Merdith with adrenaline and she couldn't control her ability.

Matt, Daphne and Ando all worked together to rescue Hiro. Ando got the ability to supercharge other people's abilities. So now he's the one with the power and Hiro is the one without a power.

Angela revealed that she knew who Gabriel's real parents were. And Claire got him with a piece of glass in the back of his head. Merdith would up burning down the company because she lost control of her abilities.

Nathan revealed himself to be a villan now and Tracy and Mohinder would up driving out into the dark together. Hiro destroyed the formula and Matt and Daphne would up together.

And now chapter four: Fugitives

It looks promising. Nathan flipped the script and agreed to turn the other heroes in, including Micah! So it'll be interesting to see how this place out.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

So long Gabon....

Bob fought back and made his way into the finals. Photo by

Well say what you will about "Survivor: Gabon," it finally got interesting and STAYED that way.

The show started with the "Surivors" discussing the ousting of Crystal. I knew that in 29 minutes, that Kenny would be the next to go and lo and behold, Kenny got the boot.

Then, I knew that Susie would be the next to go but surprise, surprise, she won the final immunity challenge! Then I knew Bob would go but Sugar flipped the script and made him and Matty compete and Bob managed to stay in. During the challenge, you could see Susie cringe because she KNEW Sugar was giving away her shot at the million bucks. The jury's reaction was hysterical especially Corinne's because you could see the HATE she had for Sugar.

Sugar knew that jury wouldn't vote for her and Bob knew that he thought he had it in the bag, and I'm sure most of America did too.

I was rooting for Sugar. At four key times, she flipped the script and orchestrated the ousting of Marcus, Randy, Ace and Kenny thereby changing the course of the game.

Charlie asked why Susie and Sugar they should get the big bucks. Crystal was next and called Susie out on coattailing, She then said Sugar controlled Bob. And then asked why he voted Crystal out and Sugar told her the truth that she was a bully. Ken was next, and then asked why she deserved the money. Kenny then asked Sugar why he backstabbed him. Sugar cried and cried and thought he was a bigger threat. Ken said he didn't believe her. Ken then kept harping on their "deal." Ken said that isn't what he wanted to hear. Corrine was next. She asked Susie if she could have her vocal cord removed. Corrine wanted to see "Nasty Bob." He didn't do it, Corrine unleashed on Sugar and then gave her the bird. Those two won't ever speak again. Marcus was next and wanted Susie to be a positive role model. Sugar wanted to give money to lung cancer. Marcus wanted to know about responsibility about Bob and Bob said the opportuntity didn't come up.

And finally it was Randy's chance. Randy was mean to Susie. Sugar was next. And called Randy a jerk. Randy was ticked off at Bob and said he might be forced to vote for Susie because she didn't laugh. Matty was next and he asked why she deserved the money. Matty wanted to reveal what she did what was evil and said Kenny. And he asked Bob why they were more deserving and he said "I don't think they are."

And he was right. He barely eeked out against Susie. Sugar got no votes which was kind of shocking to me because I think she played a really good game.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who's gonna win Survivor?

Sugar, if you play your cards right, you might win this season's "Survivor." Photo by

I thought this season of "Survivor" would be boring after watching the first few episodes. I was wrong.

The last six episodes have been on point and each tribal council has been better than the last. Last episode, Kenny got fooled by Bob and Corrine and his strategy was blown out of the water. Unfortunately, Corrine was a casualty, but at least she forced the rest of the group to see Kenny as the power player that he is.

Kenny scrambled and almost had Bob in his alliance but then after Crystal got mad at Matty and yelled, her fate was sealed.

Sugar finally played her hidden immunity idol, when she gave it to Matty so he could be saved. It was the most boneheaded and brilliant at the same time. It might win her favor with the jury and it might get her Matty's vote if she outlasts him.

The final five are Matty, Bob, Sugar, Susie and Kenny. The finale is Sunday. I hope Bob wins because he's a good guy and that I think is what is going to cause him to be ousted next. He'll be followed by Matty which leaves a Kenny/Susie/Sugar final three.

Susie will NOT win this because many will feel she didn't deserve it. That leaves Kenny/Sugar. Kenny has some friends on the jury but he enginnered the ousting of many of them so he might now win. Corinne HATES Sugar and now Crystal and Randy so they will NOT vote for her. However, the others might so I'm predicting Sugar for the win.

We'll see on Sunday.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is this the dumbest man in America? YES

Ed threw the weigh in challenge to give wife Heba a shot at the final three in "The Biggest Loser. Photo by

I have a confession.
I broke up with "The Biggest Loser" this year and thought I had left it behind. But then about three weeks ago, for some reason, I got sucked by in.
I love the show. I love the fact that we get to see these people transform before our eyes. But in reality, these people could NOT lose this weight so quickly.
And, these people are basically sequestered in fat camp for about three months, they have no CHOICE but to lose the weight because almost every moment is spent exercising and eating right.
It was that fact that kinda turned me off the show. However, since I'm now fighting the battle of the bulge myself, it's best to pick up tips whenever I can.
We're down to the final four, Vicky, Heba, Michelle and Ed.
Vicky is EEEEVIL. Like the original "Mean Girl," and her understudy Heba engineered several people being booted from the show.
Ed was kicked off but managed to get back on when they brought the booted contestants back to compete to get back on the show. Since then, the two of them have been somewhat sickening.
Last night, we discovered that Ed GAINED two pounds during a weigh in to try to give Heba a shot at the final three. Instead, America has to chose between him and Heba to see who gets the third spot. That being said, Ed's dumb, but I think he should win this game. He's a great guy.
If not him, then Michelle should get the prize because she's worked her butt off and is just an all around great woman. I hope Heboppotumus falls face first in a cheesecake because she's AWFUL!

The Secret Millionaire

Miles and Cynthia Kovacs are just one of the few couples who participated in giving away lots of money in "The Secret Millionaire." Photo by

Fox Broadcasting hasn't been known for really good reality TV shows. Remember "Joe Millionaire"? Or "Married by America"? Well, they are at it again with "The Secret Millionaire."

The premise of the show: Wealthy people live undercover with the poor AS poor people. At the end of the week, they give away at least $100,000 of their own money to "deserving" people. The cameras are explained as a documentary about poverty. At the end of the week both rich and poor have their lives changed - for the better.

But this being Fox, shenanigans are afoot.

I watched last week and am watching tonight and I have to say, the show is entertaining, and that's how I'm treating this, as entertainment. However, there's a part of me that's saddened to see how people are living in the U.S.

After last week's show, you can bet I'll NEVER set foot in Imperial Beach ever. I've lived in San Diego and have been to I.B. maybe twice and after seeing the portrayal on this show, it looked like a disgusting mess. However, after asking around, I found that this show apparently showed only the WORST side of the area.

I also worry about Fox broadcasting that certain people in poor neighborhoods are suddenly the recipients of $100,000. It seems dangerous to me, but we'll see how this limited run show goes.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Does anyone care about "Heroes?"

Angela and Arthur are the best and worst thing that happened to "Heroes" this season. Photo by

Another week, another blah week of "Heroes." Thankfully, this tragically LONG storyline will be over and "Fugitives" can begin. Unfortunately, I may not be there to watch it.

The good this week: Bad ass Sylar is back. The bad: Elle is dead and burned. Goodbye Kristen Bell.
The good: Hiro reunites with his mom. It turns out she was the Catalyst. She passes it on to him. The bad: Arthur Petrelli steals it like two minutes later and takes Hiro's powers as well. And he tosses him over the side of the building and he's lost in time. (Maybe he'll meet up with Peter's squeeze from last season and rescue her.)
The good: Arthur Petrelli appears to be dead. The bad; We're not sure. We saw a lot of lights and blood but that doesn't mean jack on this show.
The good: Ando, Daphne and Matt all work together to get the last issue of "9th Wonders." The bad: Seriously???
The good: Nathan is a bad ass. The bad: A gayish looking Marine was injected with the formula with the Catalyst in tow and gets all Hulky without the green skin and unsightly muscles.

I'll call this section: burning questions.....
1) Why do they need this formula? Apparently they can already GIVE people powers. Meet exhibit a) Nathan and exhibit b) Tracy.
2) Who created this formula? And how is this tied to the big bad eclipse?
3) Shouldn't this back and forth in time cause some sort of ripple or time paradox that someone, somewhere will have to fix?
4) Why didn't daddy Petrillie take Claire's powers?
5) Why was the human lie detector on Elle's phone? And why did Sylar get it?
6) How many abilities can one person hold?
7) Now that Daddy Petrelli has taken people's powers and is now "dead" do the people get their abilities back?

My head hurts just thinking about it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

I hope they win!! (not)

Nick and Starr have dominated "The Amazing Race." I hope they "win" tonight. Photo by

Tonight is the finale for "The Amazing Race," and I have to say I'm glad this season is over. While I love the show, there's no one team I have a burning desire to see win.

Nick and Starr (pictured) have won half of the legs of the race but they just aren't nice people. Ken and Tina have bickered about everything and I want them OFF my TV set. That leaves the Frat boys Dan and Andrew who keep screwing up. They only made the final three because of a huge screw up of a stronger team, but I guess in the end, if you're in the finals, you're in the finals. I have a tendency to jinx teams so I'm throwing my support behind Nick and Starr and hope I stat true to form. Go team!

The show will return in February, and I hope they have a much better cast.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Flat screen or not flatscreen, now that is a question....

See this TV, yep, it's not mine. But maybe someday.....

So my friends JumptheSnark and Lekili and my friend Steve all have something I envy. It's purdy new TV sets.

I have a old TV. Like 1994 old. Like if it were a child, it would be a teenager.

It's still runs OK but when someone is wearing bright red we sometimes can't tell if they've been murdered because the red is bleeding so much. I'd like a new one, but I wonder if spending this money is worth it.
This might come back to bite me in the butt, but I don't think spending $1,000 or less will put us out in the poor house.

Then I began to think of the shows I'd really like to see in high def. This is the list I could come up with.

"24" Jump was kind enough to invite me to his house (We should do this again SOON) when he first got his TV and I had a blast! It was good to see Jack in high def and see things go down in CTU.

"America's Next Top Model". I'm inviting myself over to Lekili's house and to see Tyra in all her flat, high-def glory.

"Survivor". My friend Steve, his girlfriend Chris and I are avid "Survivor" fans. They invite me over to see the premiere and I buy them pizza from their favorite pizza joint. It's great to see the show and the backstabbing live and in great color.

Other than that, this is it.

So the question is: Is it worth it?

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

An ode to Kristen Bell

Elle (Kristen Bell) and Sylar (Zachary Quinto) have one last moment before he KILLS her. UGH. Photo by

This season of "Heroes" has made me pull my hair out on more than one occassion. After a strong start, it petered out. But one good thing was the extraordinary acting of Kristen Bell. Y'all know how much I adore this young lady and her acting and from her days on "Veronica Mars."

She can act rings around most of the cast (Daphne I'm looking at you). And now because of a stupid plot twist, she's gone.

Poor Kristen, you're too good for this show and let's hope a movie career awaits you.

Last night during the LONGEST ECLIPSE EVER we learned that people got their powers back. I'm wondering if this was a reset for Peter? Mohinder almost reunited with Maya luckily we only saw her for a few seconds.

They keep trying to force Matt and Daphne on us but I'm resisting with all my might, this it totally not working for me so I wish they'd stop.

Hiro finally used his powers in a GOOD way so I was glad about that and he got to spend some time in a cool comic book store. I just want this storyline to be over.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Read the clue, read the clue, read the clue

There are no words. Please bring Toni and Dallas back for All Stars. Please, please... Photo by

Hear that? That's the sound of my heart breaking as the last "good" time was eliminated from "The Amazing Race."

Toni and Dallas were always kind, always thoughtful and just all around good sports. Unfortunately, Dallas made a game-killing error in the race and that got them Phileliminated. Poor Dallas, he couldn't count Stalins and Lenins and then he left their money and passports in the cab.

Then they didn't READ THE CLUE and had to restart. It was sad.

So I'm rooting for the inept frat boys to win because it would serve Starr and Nick right to lose and as well as the bickering Kenny and Tina. If the frat boys win, it would be the biggest win in the history of the race!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

24: Redemption!

Oh Jack.I missed you. I can't wait until Jan. 11!!!! Photo by

It seems like it's been forever since we've seen Jack in action. Tonight's "prequel" to season 7 (Can you believe it?) wraps up some loose ends and starts a whole new season.

At the end of last season, we saw a beaten and lost Jack Bauer who had to make a choice to sacrifice his love for Audrey so she could have a normal life.

We catch up to him in the fictional country of Sangala, Africa where he's found a refuge with a former colleague who's running an all boys school.

Jack has become close to one kid named Willie and his brother and appears to be somewhat happy. Unfortunately, it won't last.
In Sangala an evil general seeks to obtain power and he's using the innocent children as soldiers to help fight his war.

Meanwhile, it's inaugration day in Washingon as a new president, Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones) takes office. This war is landing right on her lap.

It turns out the war is connected to a Washington insider who's financing the war and when a friend of the first son uncovers the plot, he winds up killed.

Back in Africa, one of Jack's charges defies orders and goes to town and is almost captured when they are ambushed by soliders. As they attempt to flee, they're shot.

At the school, Jack is being hassled by the U.S. forces who tells him he needs to come back home and answer charges of torture. Jack offers to leave the school when he gets word that the children are in trouble.

The rest of the time is spent trying to get the children to safety at the U.S. embassy. Along the way, Jack is tortured and even manages to kill someone with his knees!

Of course, we know that Jack gets the kids to safety and the president is inaugurated but it's the preview to the next season that adds to the excitement.

Without spoiling, expect the unexpected!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hope and heartbreak

While Marc and Betty battled it out for a prestigious training program, it was the C plot of Justin and Randy that I cared most about. Photo by

Last night, the 8 p.m. hour on CBS and ABC was the strongest of the season as "Survivor" and "Ugly Betty" both aired the best shows of their respective seasons.

I've already blogged about "Surivor" (Randy YES!!!) and now it's time to talk about Justin.

The A-plot had Betty and Marc trying to fight to get a position for a training program for young editors. (Kudos for the writer for finally fleshing Marc out as a person with ambition and kudos for them for humanizing Wilhemena and boo on who ever is dressing Betty!)

The B- plot was how Willie is after Connor and finally deciding to give up.

But it was the C-plot which was the attention grabber for me.

A few weeks ago, Justin tried out for a play on Broadway and learned that a bully from school secretly loved to dance and wanted to be on Broadway too. They've been hanging out and it was clear that Justin was having feelings for this boy and it was also clear that the boy kinda liked Justin too.

But then, our friend peer pressure stepped in: Randy was spotted with Justin by his jock friends and they secretly mocked the two. And of course what happened? Randy dissed Justin and went back to the friends.

I sat on my couch and had my heart break because I KNOW that moment! I'm going to change names to protect the innocent, but years ago when I was in school, there was a guy who broke my heart in the same way.

He too was a jock and we discovered that we shared a love for comic books after I spotted him in the comic book store one day. Soon, it became our ritual to meet up at the front gate of my school and walk to the comic book store together. We discovered we shared a love of the same music, movies and more. He was my McDreamy back then.

Then one day, we were coming out of the comic book store and he was spotted by his team. The next week, I waited for 30 minutes and he didn't show. At school he avoided me. Finally one day, he tried to bully me in the school cafeteria and of course, NO one messes with TheRemote and so a fight ensued.

Needless to say, I got some punches in and so did he, but he looked worse than I (I don't advocate fighting BTW) and we never spoke again. Over the years, I never forgot him and although this may sound cheezy, I have a feeling he was watching and somewhere out there, we connected again.

I hope that ABC has the courage to not end the Justin/Randy thing because let's face it, kids are coming out younger and younger and while this show hasn't openly addressed it, it's clear that the whole family knows about Justin and doesn't care. I loved that Hilda told Justin not to EVER change and always be himself.

It's a lesson we all need to be reminded of from time to time.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Randy! Finally, these people got a clue and voted your butt off!. Photo by

Can you hear it?
It's my laughing hysterically in what will I'm sure go down as one of the BEST "Survivor" episodes ever!

But first things, first: I'm sorry "Survivor: Gabon." I was ready to bail on you but my lord, you came through tonight in spades!
The last few episodes were in a word: AWESOME as people are really playing the came and true colors are shining through.

Tonight was the annual "Survivor" auction and as usual, people were fighting for items such as chocolate, peanut butter and beer. Randy cleaned up with beer, spaghetti etc. And then he bought cookies for the tribe: it was here where "Cookiegate" was born.

Randy offered Sugar a cookie. She politely refused. He offered her again and she refused again. Then he proceeded to tell everyone he was the boss and alienated people.

Finally Sugar gave her cookie to Matty and that made Randy very sad.

Randy decided to seek revenge by being mean to everyone under the assumption that Bob found the hidden immunity idol. Unfortuantely he didn't know that Sugar had it and Bob trusted Sugar to show him his fake idol. (I did notice that Sugar didn't let Bob in on her secret that SHE had the idol. And isn't it odd that she's shown NO ONE the idol and they are all under the assumption that she has it?)

Later, after Ken won the immunity challenge. Randy then went off even more. Bob then gave Randy the FAKE idol and he and Corienne thought they had the upper hand.

Instead, THEY were the ones that looked like chumps. IN the words of Crystal "Goodbye and Go HOME!."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Bored now....

Tracy (Ali Larter) changes sides on tonight's episode. Does anyone really care? Photo by

Earlier tonight, my friend Jump the Snarkwere at the day job and he told me that he had a few episodes of "Heroes" stacked up on his TiVo. (I envy him with his high end TV and TiVo but I digress...)

Ordinarily, I'd have tried to make him feel guilty but instead, I thought to myself, you totally can erase all of these episodes, read the recaps on move on with your life.

This season has been Bo-RING. Seriously. I know some people who've loved it, but not me.

After a great start, this thing has spiralled out of control. I'm not looking for the shark just yet, but let's say it's close by.

Here's what's wrong:

Payoff: I feel like I'm being strung along. There's no payoffs along the way and it's like they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this thing and still no good results.

Characters acting dumb: Let's look at Exhibit A: Hiro. I don't care about him. I don't care about his story. Why can't he and Ando be part of the action for a change instead of teleporting around the world. Surely there's an American branch of the big company he owns. Why can't he and Ando move to NYC and be done with it.

Claire: While I was all about Saving the Cheerleader, I'm now thinking: Who cares? And why is it, that she's the most important person on this show? Now she's the key to everyone having powers?

People you don't care about: Matt Parkman, I'm looking at you.

Lack of power development: People's powers should grow over time. Take this show. While the premise was kinda dumb, you did see them practice and learn about their powers and over time, they proved to be pretty formidable foes.

The next chapter is called "Fugitives" let's hope they don't mean the fans fleeing from the show.

Bored now....

Tracy (Ali Larter) changes sides on tonight's episode. Does anyone really care? Photo by

Earlier tonight, my friend Jump the Snarkwere at the day job and he told me that he had a few episodes of "Heroes" stacked up on his TiVo. (I envy him with his high end TV and TiVo but I digress...)

Ordinarily, I'd have tried to make him feel guilty but instead, I thought to myself, you totally can erase all of these episodes, read the recaps on move on with your life.

This season has been Bo-RING. Seriously. I know some people who've loved it, but not me.

After a great start, this thing has spiralled out of control. I'm not looking for the shark just yet, but let's say it's close by.

Here's what's wrong:

Payoff: I feel like I'm being strung along. There's no payoffs along the way and it's like they are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at this thing and still no good results.

Characters acting dumb: Let's look at Exhibit A: Hiro. I don't care about him. I don't care about his story. Why can't he and Ando be part of the action for a change instead of teleporting around the world. Surely there's an American branch of the big company he owns. Why can't he and Ando move to NYC and be done with it.

Claire: While I was all about Saving the Cheerleader, I'm now thinking: Who cares? And why is it, that she's the most important person on this show? Now she's the key to everyone having powers?

People you don't care about: Matt Parkman, I'm looking at you.

Lack of power development: People's powers should grow over time. Take this show. While the premise was kinda dumb, you did see them practice and learn about their powers and over time, they proved to be pretty formidable foes.

The next chapter is called "Fugitives" let's hope they don't mean the fans fleeing from the show.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Read. the CLUE!!!

The day I've been waiting for has arrived. Terrance and Sarah are now gone! Hallejuh! Photo by

While I like this show, it makes me furious. Why or WHY can't people read the clue!

Tonight, NOT reading the clue was almost the undoing of the Frat Boys.

And I kinda want them to win the race because they seem to be the everyman that does this. There are TWO Non-elimination legs left, I'm guessing one will be next week and the other the week after with the finale coming in December.

Tonight the two teams that participated in the fast forward had to eat some nasty sheep's butt and it I were on the race, it would be at this point I'd say. "We've lost. Take me to the hotel."

So who's left: Ken and Tina who've calmed down but I still hate her. Nick and Starr who I hate. and Toni and Dallas who I LOVE. So I'm rooting for them or the frat boys. Sadly, I think Nick and Starr might have this inthe bag.

It's not you, it's not me well, it is you, more than me...

Lily Tomilin and Kathryn Joosten make "Desperate Housewives" must see Sunday TV. Photo by

I am way too busy.
I realized this today when I fell asleep this afternoon, while working on a project for the second job.
Along the way, I also realized that I've been neglecting this blog and that's sad because blogging makes me very happy.
Luckily, in the next few days, I'll be getting some free time as some shows are going on winter hiatus or just leaving the airwaves.
By far, my favorite show has been "The Real Housewives of Atlanta.". It also seems as America has fallen in lovewith the group too as they were featured in The Bible aka "Enterainment Weekly." along with some of Bravo's other stars. The finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m and to show you how much I love this show, I'm going to RECORD "Law and Order: SVU" and watch "Housewives" instead.

My other favorite show has let me down. "America's Next Top Model." While I still love this show, I wasn't feeling this cycle AT all! I'm calling McKey for the win on Wednesday. I'm hoping to watch it at a friend's house on her flat-screen TV, that is if we can find the vermin who "misplaced it" at Fed EX.

Thursday night will free up in a few weeks. We're doing the merge on "Survivor" and it looks as if it could be anyone's game at this point. I have NO one to root for but I don't want this guy to win.

"Ugly Betty" is still on point and it looks as if they finally are getting back to what we loved on Season 1. Although whomever is dressing Betty needs to be fired. There's ugly and there's tragic. We clearly are into tragic territory.

Sunday has been getting better and better. I'm actually watching "60 Minutes" these days and then that bleeds over to "The Amazing Race" and then to "Desperate Housewives."

"DH" is back to Season 1 good. At first, I was skeptical with the five-year jump, but it appears it was JUST what this show needed!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Continuity shenanigans

Elle was shoehorned in the origin story of Sylar. Unfortunately, it didn't work. Photo by

Color me disappointed.
Tonight, "Heroes" tried to fill in the gaps in their story by having Hiro go on a spirit journey to discover what when on to bring them to the present day.

Unfortunately, they told a half-ass story and used some old footage to try to fool fans.

Tonight's story focused on the Petrelli clan and how Arthur wound up in that coma and how he fooled his family into thinking he was dead. It turns out that he had used his power on Angela and scarred her mind and forced his thoughts on her. (Mind rape?) Only when Linderman "healed" her she enacted a plan to take him down.

Meanwhile, we discovered that Meredith and Mr. Blue Flame (sorry, he's so minor to me, his name hasn't stuck with me yet) are brother and sister. Of course, this makes him Claire's uncle. (How many family connections are we having on this show?)
We discover that she was a bad girl and then was made an agent and then freed her brother and was caught.

She was set free once HRG's boss decided took pity on her when she told him how The Company "killed" Claire. Of course this takes place at a train wreck she caused and where Claire illustrated her powers of near invulnerability.

The main story was how Elle tricked Sylar into killing someone so that they could study how his power worked. Of course, this contradicted the WHOLE FIRST SEASON where they were looking for Sylar and how no one knew what he looked like and where he was. But of course, excuse me for continuity.

The episode ends with Daddy Petrelli getting the drop on Hiro and apparently absorbing his powers....

Episode Grade: D for DUMB.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Even Anderson Cooper loves "Housewives of Atlanta"

Anderson Cooper just went up a few notches because he too loves NeNe from "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Photo by E! online.

OMG. I freaking LOOVE this show. The drama, oh the drama!
I'm hyperventilating because of the drama.

This post is a few days late because the original airing was on Election Night and no WAY was I going to miss Barack Obama's speech.

So I caught the show this morning and even REWATCHED it tonight and was totally entertained.

If you're not watching, here's what you missed.

The war between Sheree and NeNe heated up as they both fought for Kim's attention. It looks as if Sheree won Kim because Kim was told about a song that NeNe sung in a limo about Kim.

Kim is under the delusion that she's a country singer but the girl can't find a tune if someone gave her a map with directions. She went to a voice coach under the recommendation of producer Dallas Austin who wants to record a song with her called "Tightrope." It's bad when the Kim's 6-year-old daughter sounds better when Kim does.

And speaking of the song, NeNe sang a hilarious song about Kim and her "career" as a country singer. Unlike Kim, NeNe can actually sing.

Lisa and Deshawn seems to be pushed to the side because they had next to nothing to do in this episode. Although I think Lisa was the one who ratted NeNe out to Sheree about the song and Sheree told Kim who was furious. So furious that she sent NeNe a text calling her a "low-rent bitch."

Other gems from this episode: Kim to audience "The voice coach kept nitpicking me and wanted me to learn the ABC of singing. What do I care, I'm a singer."

Kim to Dallas Austin: "She asked me how to spell cat and I said 'k-a-t."

NeNe's song: "I say I'm twenty-nine but I look eighty-niiiine....."

See what you're missing? Watch! Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on Bravo!

I noramally avoid politics...

but this speech moved me so much that I had to post it.

Friday, November 07, 2008

It's called outwit, outlast, outplay

Poor Marcus, you were nice eye candy but alas it was time for you to go. Photo by

I gotta hand it to CBS. They know how to put on a good show. This season has had so many twists and turns that it's not even funny. Tonight's twist: Good food but no merge.

Yep. The tribes were all set to merge and instead they got shuffled. It really hurt Marcus because the problem was that he thought he was in control and instead the little people fought back and got him.

Poor Charlie is going to be heartbroken when he sees Marcus is gone. Over in Fang, Matty and Sugar fight to stay alive and Matty wins tribal immunity and spares himself from council.

Next week, more twists!


No, it isn't one of Madonna's hot back up dancers. This is JD from the TV show "Workout." And I had better seats than him at the Madonna concert at Dodger Stadium! Video by

So last night, some friends and I drove up to LA to see Madonna in concert. The show was amazing!! Now, you might be confused and asking your sell: How does this relate to TV?

Well it sorta surreal as dozens of TV stars showed up for the show. I spotted: Chris Kattan, Ryan Seacreast, Jillian Michaels (holding her girlfriend's hand), Ross the Intern and Hayden Paniterre.

But the one who thrilled me the most: JD from "Workout!" I worked up the nerve to talk to him and I told him that he was the best thing on the show and he smiled at me. I copped a quick feel of his biceps, the boy is built like a rock!

One thing I learned: TV makes people look taller because I was shocked at how short a lot of these folks looked!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So long Sheena!

Sheena, the hoochie in you ended your run on "ANTM." Photo by

When Cycle 11 started, I had some early favorites such as Isis and Brittany but now they are long gone. My last favorite, Sheena, was booted tonight.

We pick up with the girls in Amsterdam and they have to run around the city trying to find their apartment. It's kind like this show.

Then the models had to go to skank row to model. McKey and Sam won the challenge and 50 extra frames although they didn't need it.

Then the women had to go on a ship and model and it came down to Elina and Sheen as the bottom two and poof! Sheena was booted. Poor Sheena. I wanted YOU to win.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Do you want to pull your hair out over "Heroes"?

Claire (Hayden Panettiere) grabs Elle (Kristen Bell) by the hair. Meanwhile, I was at home ripping mine out. Photo by

Warning: This blog contains spoilers for the latest episode of "Heroes" read at your own risk.

This week the entertainment bible declared "Heroes" needs fixing.

After watching tonight's episode, I'm inclined to agree. This "Villains" storyline is a great big yawn. It started out with such promise but now, it's just getting long and boring. I'm ready for it to be over.

I'm not going to abandon the show but seriously, it needs to get its act together quickly. A quick recap: Daddy Petrelli's back and he wants power. After stealing stuPeter's power last episode he chains him and and asks him to join his quest. How stuPeter is going to do this powerless is beyond me.

Daphne Quick is assigned to go recruit Boring Man the mind reader and refuses. Boring Man's dad tells Daddy Petrelli that he should leave Boring Man alone and he gets his neck snapped. I guess we wouldn't like Daddy Petrelli when he's angry.

This spooks Daphne Quick and she and she agrees to kill Boring Man. After Mr. Fear arrives on the scene and appears to kill them both, it's revealed that Boring Man used his mind mojo to create realistic illusions.

Meanwhile, at Mohinder-man's lair, the Ice Queen and the Mr. America try to reason with him.

Mohinder-man grabs Maya and heads straight to Papa Petrelli who then takes Maya's ability and leaves her powerless. She's then sent away to live a normal life. But more imporantly she is off the show!!!!! YAY! HRG and Fire arrives and Fire warns Ice to watch Mr. America.

Mama Petrelli reaches out of her coma and gets Sylar to go rescue stuPeter. He does but along the way gets a beating from Mohinder-man and switches sides (or does he?)

At Wolverette's house, Spark arrives and she's lost control of her powers. Wolverette's family takes Spark down and she and Wolverette agrees to go to see if they can get their abilities fixed. Along the way, the two almost brings down a plane full of people when Spark's powers go haywire.

At Papa Petrelli's, Sylar sends stuPeter flying out of a window and Spark and Wolverette sees him. Wolverette grabs stuPeter and makes a break for it, while Spark heads straight in to get her powers removed.

Wolverette calls Mr. America and he and the Ice Queen arrive. They agree that Papa Petrelli needs to be stopped. In African, Dream Man, Hiro and Ando try to figure out a way to stop the shenanigans. The episode ends with Hiro going on a spirit quest and that's it.

I found myself very bored most of the time and looking at my watch, which is sad because I normally like this show.

My suggestions on how to fix this show?

1) Kill Peter. Yes, I said it. KILL PETER. He's pretty but dumb and while that may work with one-night stands, it's kinda dumb with superheroes.

2) More personal stories. I've been enjoying Claire's arc this season but she needs another power. Healing is cool and now feeling no pain adds to that. She's a vulnerable invulnerable person. I'd like to see her have superstrength or something to add to the mix.

3) Keep Mohinder doing the voice-overs but keep him out of the action. He's useless and worthless.

4) Pick one story and stick to it. NO more time jumping. I'd rather see how these people struggle to fit into society with these powers.

5) If you don't kill Peter, then keep Sylar as the bad guy and have them go at it every few episodes. If Peter is Superman, then let Sylar be Bizarro.

We get a two-week reprieve and hopefully the next arc: "Fugitives" will take the show in a different direction.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Meet from left, DeShawn, NeNe, Lisa, Kim and Sheree, the fierce new housewives of Atlanta. Photo by

A few weeks ago while at at dinner, my two divas, Dana and Donyale, turned me on to a show that was set to debut on Bravo. It was part of the "Real Housewives..." series and at first I wasn't interested. I didn't watch the Orange Co. crew and could care less about the N.Y.C. women.

But, my friends countered, this is different. These women are crazy. After much hemming and hawing, I relented and agreed to watch. Now, all I've got to say is "THANK YOU." If you're into trainwrecks, then this is the trainwrecky-est as they come.

If you haven't watched, let's meet the housewives.

My favorite is NeNe. She's loud. She wears age-inappropriate tops (the girls look like they are going to escape at any second) and she's a hoot. One minute she's "axing you a question.." and the next she's your best friend. Out of them all, she's the most real and isn't afraid to tell it like it T-I-S...

Then there's Sheree who's NeNe's archnemisis. She's a bit more classy but also very conniving and very underhanded. She's also in the middle of a bitter divorce and thinks very highly of herself and looks down on people.

Lisa seems to be the most grounded of all of them. She's married to an Atlanta Falcon, Ed Hartwell, and has like 10 jobs ranging from a Realtor to a jewelry designer.

DeShawn is the country girl. This woman is the one who needed a nanny and a governess and a ton of staff to help her manage two kids (!) She's also butchers the English language and says words like "jewry" and "axes a lot of questions."

Kim is raising a lot of ire on message boards because of her horrible parenting and her lifestyle. She's got a celeb boyfriend "Big Poppa" who pays for everything. Many think he's married others think she's setting a bad example for her kids by spending her money on material things. In the premiere episode, she asked Big Poppa for an Escalade and she got to ride off in a fully-loaded one that day. She decided that she wanted to be a country singer and poof here's Dallas Austin .

We're three episodes in, but you can still jump on. TRHOA airs Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Heroes: Papa Petrelli is bad to the bone

Papa Petrelli is one bad, you know what. Photo by

"Heroes" is frustrating me this year. One week: AWESOME. The next week: DUD. This week: MEH...

I have to see where this chapter is going to lead but it seems very disorganized and it also makes me wonder if the writers are making all of this up as they go along.

This week, we met Papa Petrelli and it looks as if his power is to steal other powers by touch. Kinda like the Parasite. His first victim was Adam Kensi. Poor Adam, brought back for a few episodes and then POOF dust!

The one good thing is we FINALLY got a good fight between Sylar and Peter. (Peter won) and Peter finally got a clue and remembered how powerful he is. Now, Papa Petrelli has those powers because he absorbed them all from Peter. I don't know if Peter is powerless but lord let's hope so. I have a feeling he's been stripped of many of his powers but not his empathy power.

Nathan and Tracy went to see Mohinder only to be double crossed by them. Tracy almost takes Mohinder down for the count, but it looks as if they are recaptured. Let's hope Maya wakes up and uses her scary black eyes of death to weaken Mohinder so they can escape.

The best news of all: Ando is ALIVE!!! Last week, Hiro stabbed him but it was all a ruse. They not so dynamic duo then go to Africa to try to get the precog but he's one step ahead of them, even knocking Hiro out not once but twice.

Super Barbie (Claire) goes to try to rescue Meredith and they meet the puppet master. He nearly kills them all but Claire out smarts him and they subdue him.

Parkman tries to hook up with Daphne and she rebuffs him. It also helps that there is ZERO chemistry between them. And hello! What about Parkman's wife and his child out there?

More questions, less answers. Episode grade: B

The not so Amazing Race

Marisa and Brooke, I'm so glad you're gone because you were NOT representing South Carolina well. Photo by

I'm still hurt by the stunning Philimination of my geeks last week and almost gave up, but I'm glad I stuck around.

I have to say, this is the worst season so far. I want Terance and Sarah, the dumb divorcees and Starr and Nick gone. I have a feeling though that one of these teams will be in the final three.

Terance and Sarah seem to have found their groove and are working well together. The divorcees should have been booted last week but the geeks read the clue wrong and got hit with a penality. At least they had fun at the Elimination Station. (watch the video)

Starr and NIck are playing dirty and this week, karma paid them a visit. (more on that in a second)

Ken and Tina and the frat pack both tried to get to the fast forward but Ken and Tina beat them so the frat boys headed off to the road block. (Anyone thing these two will NOT be friends by the end of this?) At the road block the group had to pick a warrior who had a pattern on his face and match it to the one they chose out the box. Most teams breezed through this, and then they had to do another challenge where they had a choice of stomping kiwis to make enough juice to drink or sailing around a track in a wind fueled car. Nick and Starr were breezing through and then Starr took a nasty spill. She kept claiming she broke her arm and then GOT IN THE DRIVER'S SEAT AND DROVE AWAY! It was shocking. In the end, the blondes got booted because in a word, they were dumb.

Episode grade: B+

This week, the teams jetted off to New Zealand and were all on the same flight. Ken and Tina were lucky enough to get the fast forward

Sunday, October 12, 2008

No, you aren't reading the blog backward

Who pushed Christina down the stairs? The answer to the mystery is in the photo above. Photo by

It's been a busy week, so pardon the late blogging.

My mind is still reeling from the best "Heroes" episode in quite a while. So much happened such as four years in the future, Claire is a bad ass with dark hair. Parkman settles in with Daphne the speedster. Nathan and Tracy are the first power couple. But most of all Syler changed a LOT. He's a dad to a little boy named Noah and still is powerful.

After being confronted by Claire and crew he goes nuclear and destroys a whole town.

Was ticked that the BEST MODEL was kicked of "America's Next Top Model." Seriously, I was shocked, shocked, shocked and angry. The reason she got kicked off: lack of personality. Who the heck cares, just stand and look pretty. That's all it takes.

Just when I was recovering, "Project Runway aired. Freaking KENLEY made it to Bryant Park. She designs very pretty clothes but has a bad attitude. I pray that Leann wins.

"Survivor" was a shocker. The Fang tribe finally did something right by voting off the right person. The episode was the one where "the game changes" Dun-Dun. Actually, they shook up the tribes and made the viewing much, much more interesting. Poor Sugar was sent back to Exile Island but who cares, she has the immunity idol from last week and poor Jacqui was sent home because the others didn't quite trust her.

"Ugly Betty" was funny as ever and we learned that Alexis pushed pregnant Christina down the stairs. In real life, the actress who plays her is pregnant but on the show, trannies can't get pregnant. We also learned that Daniel isn't little Daniel's daddy and that Hilda is still seeing the coach.

Not the nerds!!!!!

Poor Mark and Bill. Wrestling in Bolivia and not reading the clue seemed to be your kryptonite tonight. Photo by

Is it me, or is this the most cutthroat season of "The Amazing Race" so far?

Seriously, Nick and Starr need to be taken down a peg. Terance and Sarah have serious issues and even Ty and Aja are getting into the action.

The only team that seems to be above all the pettiness is Toni and Dallas and they are my new favorite team. Mom Toni struggled but managed to make it to the end. Dallas is the bomb and whizzed through the challenge

Tonight the teams rode dangerous bikes through the Bolivia and wrestled in Bolivia but poor Mark and Bill misread a clue and that cost them the race.

Ken and Tina again won first place and that might be the team to beat. But Tina's scary eyebrows need to leave my TV quickly!

The divorcees have blood in their eyes after "The Sports Bra" incident where Starr tossed it over a ledge or something. I was laughing too hard to actually care to hear the details but seriously, can't someone go to Sears and get another one or is it that big of a deal?

Next week: There's trouble in paradise for Aja and Ty and Starr might have broken her arm! (Hooray,, um. boo....)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

They didn't even say Hi!

Terence and Sarah are a piece of work.

This season of "The Amazing Race" is shaping up to be fun. Ken and Tina won this leg of the race but Mark and Bill helped them and that might come back to haunt them.

My homegirls Marisa and Brooke need to get their act together seriously because they just kept doing stupid thing. Kelly and Christie are still there by sheer luck. They made two really BIG mistakes and yet they managed to pull it out but don't expect this to last.
Unfortunately, Anthony and Stephanie never got their groove and were Philiminated.

And now. let's talk about Terence and Sarah. These two need to break up like now. He's a jerk with a capital J and she's a doofus with a capital D and a dunce cap on top.

These two should not be a part of this game and instead should be on a therapy couch.

"Survivor," "Ugly Betty" and more...

Vanessa Williams once again stole the show on "Ugly Betty" on Thursday. Photo by

Thursday nights at 8 p.m. is a battleground on my DVR. Two of my favorite shows "Ugly Betty" and "Survivor" go head to head. What normally happens is that I watch "Survivor" and then my partner gets home and then we watch "Betty" together. He likes "Betty" and is meh on "Survivor." So, it works out.

But, I might have to sneak and watch "Betty" without him because, it's just that good. We're on episode to on "UB" and the show feels so very Season One, but in a great way.

Betty has gotten her spunk back and she's not mired down in some romantic drama (unlike big sister Hilda who's sleeping with a married man). Daniel has gotten the boot from Mode and he's working for another magazine called Player which is a misnomer because it should be called Hoochies on Parade because that's what it is.

Betty wants back into Mode and away from Player but Daniel's pride won't let him do it. Meanwhile, the ever fabulous Wilhemina Slayer is the belle of the ball and is planning her launch party to celebrate her first issue of Mode.

Betty shows Alexis (Daniel's sister who's the Head Byotch In Charge of the Meade Empire) notes Daniel made on Willi's first issue. As you can guess, high jinks ensue and Daniel's back at Mode before the end of the episode.

Along the way, Christina (Betty's BFF who's the surrogate for Willi's baby. Daniel and Alexis's dad is the baby daddy) is injured.
Marc gets jealous when Betty becomes the No. 1 assistant and engineers Willi's takedown.
Marc gets a lullaby from his BFF Amanda. (The actress is great and they sooo need to use her character more)
HIlda Betty's sister gets stood up by the coach. Betty finds out about the affair and tells Hilda to walk away.
Justin (Hilda's obviously gay son gets confused about sports terminology) and we all have a great episode.

Here are some gems spouted along the way:

"No burrito for you" Marc to Betty informing her of her lunch date with Willi.
"Look at us, two women of color having a fancy lunch on the town. Isn't this fun, girlfriend?" Willi to Betty.
"And that blouse, it's heaven. Where did you get it? I love it" Willi to Betty followed by "No, you don't." Betty to Willi and finally "You're right, I don't. It's hideous, like driving through Ohio." Willi to Betty.
"I would never do anything wrong, ugly for morally suspect. That's what I have Marc for dear." Willi to Betty.

"Aunt Betty. You have to go back to Mode. Player gets me nothing. It's like I'm stuck at the bottom of the sandtrap at the bottom of the ninth quarter. Listen to me, I'm already changing!" Justin trying to reason with Betty to go back to Mode.
"Don't you think a doctor should do this or at least a nurse practioner?" Betty to Willi. "I'm so numb up there, I wouldn't know if you hit bone." Willi's reply to Betty.

"Betty, do you know why I hired you? I always suspected you're the brains behind Daniel Meade." Willi to Betty. "That's not true, Daniel's very smart" Betty's reply. "Yes, yes, yes, smart as a whip..." Willi's response.

"Get me some carrot shavings, I'm feeling very snackish." Betty in Betty's fantasy about being the next Wilhemina Slayer.


Meanwhile over on CBS, the drama known as "Survivor" was unfolding. The Fang tribe was reeling after two losses in a role and I was thinking they were slowly going to be wiped out. Instead, they pulled it together and WON not once but twice!

One challenge had them fighting to stay on a pole and prevent being drug through mud, the other had them going down a Slip and Slide and assembling puzzle pieces. Fang sent Sugar to Exile Island where she looked for a hidden immunity idol. She found it and then told Ace that she had it (BIG mistake, it'll come back to bite her on the butt.) Ace was telling her that the Idol was "ours" to do what "we" want with it. Meanwhile, his enemy Paloma didn't stand a chance and she was voted out.

VH1's 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs
I love hip-hop. While I'm not a die-hard as some of my friends, I like to think that I know enough about it that I could get by. And while VH1 and MTV have totally stopped showing videos these days, they are filling their airwaves with countdown shows and for some reason, I'm a sucker for them. I guess I love living in the past or something but anyway, this week they counted down the 100 Greatest Hip Hop Songs and for the most part, I agreed with the countdown.

It was great to see some old-school artists such as JJ Fad, Big Daddy Kane and UTFO. What amazed me was that I STILL knew the words to some of these songs.

Since it's VH1 you know it'll run umpteen times so make sure you check it out. Word up!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What. the. hell!

Does this deserve to go to Bryant Park? Heck no. Photo by

Tonight's challenge for the final four: design an evening gown inspired by flowers at the Botannical Garden. Let's just say everyine wilted on the vine because the dresses were horrible.

Jerell, Leanne and Korto all stuck together to show "She who has an attitude" who's the boss. At one of the most emotional runways ever, all the designers cried to let the judges know how bad they wanted it. Kenley threw Korto under the bus and in the waiting room, Korto called her out. In the end, all four get to make collections to show at Bryant Park but only three will compete. My money is on Korto, Kenley and Leann to make it to the end.

America's Next Top Model

Poor Clark. You had the best photo last week and the worst this week. One week you're in, the next week, you're out. Photo by

Did anyone else feel like this was the lamest challenge ever?

The girls had to make ill-fitting clothes work and McKey won the challenge.

Majorie while pretty has some serious self-esteem issues and she's a negative Nancy. She worked a lot of the girls nerves especially Samantha.

Then Tyra had the girls do a challenge where they had to pose as natural disasters of L.A. the problem was one of two of the disasters kinda sucked. Tidal waves? Snowstorms? In L.A.???

Clark and Joslyn found themselves in the bottom two and because of Joslyn's sunny personality, she managed to survive another week.

I'm kinda blah on this week's show but maybe it'll pick up next week.

Shuffling my viewing schedule

"Chuck" has sucked me back in! Dang it! Photo by

I made a big deal about how I was going to cut down on some TV viewing and give up some shows. "Chuck" was at the top of the list. Unfortunately, I got around to watching the season premiere and LOVED it.

Yesterday a colleague of mine at the day job were talking about how Monday night is jam-packed with good stuff. Is Monday the new night of "Must See TV"? I dunno.

Since I'm one person, working three jobs I can only do so much. That being said, "Chuck" is going to be moved to my Saturday afternoon or Saturday night show. That way I can watch and enjoy without the conflict.

My friends Jump the Snark and Lekili and I discuss TV but neither of them seem to be thrilled about "Chuck" so I'm safe there.

I'm going to have to move "The Biggest Loser" to a weekend show and just avoid spoilers like crazy. Last night, poor Jerry got the boot and it made me very sad.

I'm on the fence about "Law & Order: SVU" I LOVE the show but it's too intense at that hour. Last night, the case was about a teenager who was beginning to have thoughts about young boys. It was twisty and turn-y and ended up very sad.

I know the cases will give some people the heebiejeebies but let's face it folks, these pervs are out there and you could actually learn a LOT from watching.

So it looks as if my MUST WATCH shows will be: "Gossip Girl", "Heroes" on Mondays. Tuesdays, "Law & Order; SVU" (hmm, it just occurred to me, where's the first "Law and Order?"!

Wednesday: "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" (until it goes off then "Stylista"0

Thursday: "Survivor" and then "Ugly Betty" (although I'll be watching it at 9 p.m.)

Friday, open. Saturday, open Sunday : "The Amazing Race," and "Desperate Housewives."

And speaking of "DH" Sunday's premiere was awesome. The quick recap: We've jumped five years in the future. Lynette's twins are out of control (surprise!). The other two seem to have fallen off the face of the earth. Gaby is fat with two fat kids and a blind husband. Bree is Martha Stewart 2.0. Katherine is jealous of Bree and Susan seems in "flingville".

Edie has moved back with a new husband who's the central character in this season's mystery. He wants revenge on someone, but who? My guess: Susan and Mike. It seems they had a bad car accident and a woman and her child were killed. They broke up because Susan felt too guilty while Mike didn't feel guilty enough. I think Edie's husband is the husband/father of the dead woman and her child.

But we'll see what happens.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Gossip Girl

Poor Jenny, you didn't have a good night on "Gossip Girl". Photo by

After last's weeks shocking turn of events, we pick up with Blair's world rocked by the ascension of Serena as queen of the girls and Serena now in byotch mode.

Dan is still invisible boy and Jenny is dodging school to avoid the Sisterhood of the Traveling Evil. Blair thinks she's got a way to get her throne back by getting the girls second row seats to Fashion Week but that's until Serena is spotted in Women's Wear Daily with a socialite named Poppy.

Blair targets Jenny after Jenny helps rearrange the seating chart for the show. Jenny is in the doghouse with her dad and with the girls at school.
At Fashion Week, Blair tries to exercise her authority but is shut down by Jenny, Eleanor and Serena.

Jenny prepares to get the models ready to go but Blair has sabotage her. Meanwhile Dan and Chuck are languishing in jail after Dan punches a guy out while defending Chuck's honor. Chuck had insulted a woman by implicating that she was a prostitute.

Chuck drops a bombshell while in a holding cell with Dan: His mom died while giving birth to him. Chuck gets out of jail and shows his human side by offering to having Dan released too.

At home, Chuck's dad and Lily are reunited and Chuck's dad had it destroyed.

Jenny comes up with the idea to have society girls to model Eleanor's clothes and it actually turns out great. Serena keeps showing her human side and not wanting to hurt Blair's feelings. Poppy tells Serena to be amazing and not to hide her light and go for it. Serena is talked into doing the show and Blair gives Serena a dress to wear ( I wonder if it's Jenny's) and Serena is the hit of the runway. Luckily she knows how to model. And I'm right: Eleanor sees that a dress on the runway is not hers and we're off to commercial break before we see what happens next.

Jenny begs Blair to leave her alone. Jenny tells Blair that she wanted to be HER friend and wante HER to like her and Blair feels this small.

Chuck is at jail and sees that Dan was haning with him for a reason. At Lily's Bart drops a bombshell about her past and she's thrown for a loop.

At Fashion Week, Eleanor learns that Jenny's dress is getting headlines. Jenny begs Eleanor to take credit. Blair jumps on board and Eleanor comes out a winner. (The dresses are fug).

Jenny igs daddy at the Fashion Week show and you can tell hell is going to break loose. (Meanwhile, practically EVERY commericial during the break was for this movie!)

Dan calls his professor and he bails him out. Dan tells his professor what Chuck's secret and decides not to use the story.

Serena tells Blair to get a clue and a war is on. I think I like Serena 2.0.

Jenny and her dad get into it and Jenny tells her dad that she's NOT going back to school.

And we're off until next week.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Amazing Race: So long beekeepers.

Anita and Arthur, you looked ike fun, too bad you're gone.

Yay! My show is back!
The Amazing Race aka TAR kicked off tonight and again, they casted well. Here's who I'm rooting for: The comic book geeks Mark and Bill. because I want them to show that geeks rule!

I'm also OK with Aja and Ty and Toni and Dallas.

I don't like : Terence and Sarah. She's OK but he's a major piece of work. He's too needy and she's too busy trying to make friends. A quote from Terance: "She's talking to the other teams instead of connecting with me. I needed to be held." Seriously dude, get help now.

Ken and Tina aka Mom and Dad. Ken's OK but Tina rubs me the wrong way. Luckily I think they'll be gone soon.

Smallville is good?

Lois and Clark and a dynamic duo. Seriously. Photo by

Last week, I watched "Smallville" just to see the Justice League in action. I accidentally taped it for this week and decided to kill some time and watch.

I was shocked at how GOOD it actually was. Of course, I have some quibbles with the show. If you haven't watched in a while, we've finally LEFT Smallville (mainly) and are in Metropolis. Clark has just started with the Daily Planet and Lois is already a "seasoned" (try to contain your laughter) reporter.

Chloe is finding herself but is engaged to Jimmy Olsen. I have no idea where Supergirl is ( she was the big deal last season but so far, nothing) The episode begins with a Lois dressing Clark down and then dressing him up for his first day. An explosion rocks the building and Clark helps people who are victims of a bus crash.

It turns out that one girl and an explosive power she can't control. In the comics, she's this character.

Meanwhile, Chloe has attracted the attention of a hot paramedic and he's kinda brood-y in a hunky sort of way.

Tess, think Lex 2.0, is trying to track down Lex and thinks Clark might know something. (Lex disappeared during a battle with Clark in the Fortress of Solitude). The short version is that Lois and Clark do reporting shenangians and get the story about Plastique and get bylines.

Chloe becomes more attracted to the paramedic and the episode is pretty much over.

That being said, it has a ton of potential, and I'll keep watching for now...

Why reality TV is the best.

I can't wait to see what this season holds in "The Amazing Race," especially when there are three connections to San Diego. Photo by

This week two of the best reality TV shows came back: "Survivor" on Thursday and tonight "The Amazing Race." If you're not watching these shows, now is the time to jump on.

A lot of my friends give me "that look" when I tell them I still watch "Survivor" but I don't care. This season is shaping up to be one of the best yet because we've got some really crazy folks on this show y'all. But before I go into it, you should know that this season is shot in HDTV and it's amazing.

My friends Chris and Steve let me come over, eat pizza and watch and my lord, I want to just move in with them. If I could afford one, there would be a HDTV in my home. The color, the definition, just amazing, amazing, amazing.

Luckily, we got rid of the biggest nutcase early: Gillian. This woman was shrill and walked around with elephant dung. That's all I'm saying. Wait, one more word: EWWWWW!

Charlie is gay and is feeling on some Marcus who says he's straight. I'm thinking "Bi" myself. Apparently everyone else is keeping their eye on Marcus because the Net is burning up with photos of "little Charlie" which slipped out of his shorts while they were running to do a challenge. I won't post a link because after all this IS a family blog.

Randy is an ass. I'm sorry, just straight up ass. I'm hoping he'll get booted. The gods must not be feeling him either because he got injured during the first night there by a sharp branch that cut his head. He got two stitches and while I'm talking about that, can we stop all the grossness on this show? Seriously. We don't need to see him get stitched up, just tell us about it!

Another thing though that I DO like is everyone running around in their underwear. Some people like Ace and Matty might have legions of gay fans drooling everywhere.

I know my eyes will be glued to the screen for now.

As for tonight, I can't wait to see how our geeks Mark and Bill do. You can read a really good story about the duo here. I bet the two will appear at next year's Comic-Con signing autographs.

Ken and Tina might be worth watching because Ken is from San Diego and a former Chargers player.

Other than that, until I see the show, I don't have an opinion on anyone else but you know I'll be watching.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you believe this?

Suede was shown the door tonight. Suede is probably unhappy. Photo by Bravo.TV

The good: Korto won the bad, Kenley is still a bitch. Seriously, I hate to use that word to describe any woman, but this chick is crazy.

Tonight's challenge: design for the designers. The twist, each designer had to create a look inspired by a genre of music.
Suede did Jerelle for a rock n roll look. Jerelle did Kenley for pop. Kenley did a horrible hip-hip look for Leanne, Korto did punk for Suede. Leanne did country for Korto.

The designs were hysterical. Korto looked like a hot mess. Suede looked great. Jerelle was kinda bland. Kenley looked OK and Leanne was hysterically bad.

LL Cool J guest judged and I was sad we didn't see as much of him. Kenley sassed Tim and then sassed the judges and inexplicably remained ON THE SHOW! Suede was auf'd.

I can't wait for next week because EVERYBODY was crying in the previews!

So long...Hannah and Isis...

They pulled a fast one on us eliminating not one, but two models! Hannah, I understood but Isis really? Photo by

This week's episode was about walking and fierceness. Miss Jay has the girls show up at a bowling alley and have them walk in high! heels! It reminds me of that hooker heel challenge a few season ago were some girls got injured.

At a runway show, poor Hannah had the worst walk ever. During the second challenge, the models had to shoot in the pool with NIgel as the shooter. Why is it, that he seems to always catch these girls half naked Seriously, it's a little pervy...

Mr. Jahy shows up with a black tank top and a white shorts that looked like he just came in from the gay pride parade. Some girls did well like Annaleigh and some had a hard time. I was shocked Elina didn't well because her eyes is what draws people in.

You could tell early that Isis was in trouble because she was getting the "I'm Going Home" edit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Heroes" the premiere!

Hiro, it looks like you might get stuck with another lame storyline again. Photo by

So my show is back and it's better than ever. I saw hour one at Comic-Con back in July and so here's how the season starts:
In the future, Peter is running from something and then confronts Claire who attempts to shoot him but he teleports out to the past. It turns out that Peter is the one who shot Nathan last season in an attempt to stop Nathan from telling people about the people with special abilities.

In the present, Peter is teleported away and FuturePeter takes his place. Meanwhile, Sylar is after Claire and is terrorizing her at home. In New York, Mohinder hides Molly somewhere safe (translation, we can't have children on this show) and he and Maya try to work on discovering how the Heroes get their abilities.

Nathan is healed and then goes to a church spouting off how he was saved by an angel. It turns out to be wait for it.... Linderman!

Sylar captures Claire and steals her abilities. But he also tells her that she's immortal and CAN'T die. (I still think she's related to the guy from Feudal Japan that Hiro put into a grave. ) And now that he has her ability, he's immortal too. (This I think will come back to bite him in the butt!) He also steals HRG's case files and sees the villians locked away at The Company's prison.

Matt gets wise to FuturePeter and is teleported to the desert and is miles away from anyone. Meaning, without minds to read his power is worthless.

In Japan, HIro learns it's his destiny to protect an ancient formula and it's stolen by a blonde speedster (LAME).

He teleports in to the future where he sees himself KILLED by Ando who has a superpower of his own, a red lightening bolt. And then Ando takes the formula for himself.

Hiro sees the world ending before his eyes and teleports himself back to present day.

In Washington, a Nikki lookalike appears to be the trophy wife of a congressman and they have their eyes set on Nathan. In New York, Mohinder injects himself with a formula to make Heroes after he takes some from the DNA of Maya aka "Black Eyes of Death".

Mama Petrelli confronts FuturePeter about where CurrentPeter is and she reveals her power: She's a precog and dreams of the future. She tells him that a different fate is unraveling and that he needs to go back.

IN a maxium secrutity facility run by The Company, we learn that Peter is locked away in the body of an inmate and it's WEEVIL from "Veronica Mars"! Can we hope for a Francis Capra/Kristen Bell reunion???!!

And that's just in hour 1!

Hour 2, has Claire's mom cleaning up the house and Claire tells her that he stole ability. Claire's mom asks if he raped her and she tells him no. Claire discovers that she can no longer feel pain and that scares her because now she doesn't feel human any more.

Meanwhile Mama Petrelli sees a stabbed Hero, a killed Matt and Cliar being attacked and HRG killed along with Peter. Meanwhile Adam and Nikki and the villians from the past attack our Heroes.

Future Peter and Mama Petrilli talk about the Butterfly Effect and how you screw with time, you get hurt. Mama Petrelli tells Peter that because of him Sylar stole Claire's power.

A shirtless Mohinder shows Maya his new power and he's very aggresive and very Spider-Man like. (Groan). He tells Maya that he's a better man and promises to take her powers away. He then kisses Maya and they fall into bed quickly or shall I say the nearest desk top.

At the Company, Elle and Bob talk about how they can stop Syler. Bob cuts Elle down again and she's ticked.

Hiro is worried about what he saw with Ando and hires private detectives to look for the super speederster. Her name is Daphne and they get her name and address.

Ando wants to go and Hiro is hesitant. Tracy Strauss aka Nikki 2.0 try to talk to Nathan and try to lure him back into politics.

Nikki 2.0 wants Nathan appointed as a Jr. Senator for N.Y. A reporter looks at Nikki 2.0 and guess who it is: William Katt, aka The Greatest American Hero!!!! The cameos are out of control on this show.

Meanwhile Claire is back to making tapes and stands in front of a moving train and Future Peter rescues her just in time.

Peter learns that Sylar can heal now. Peter now realizes that it was his fault and Claire wants to learn to defend herself. Nathan meets Nikki 2.0.

Nathan calles Nikki 2.0 and tells her he knows her in a Biblical sense. He tells him that her name is Tracy Struass but she's going to be called Nikki 2.0 in this blog.

At the Company, Elle sees Bob dead and has a gun. She tells HRG that Sylar is in the building and gives HRG the gun. He shoots Slylar and shoots him in the brain. He then heals in front of them and is angry. He then knocks him out. Sylar goes after Elle. He then shows Elle that he stole his dad's power. Elle then blows herself up with electrity and knocks Sylar back. And then DAMN it's a commerical break!

After the break, we see Elle has survived and Sylar is knocked out. But the other prisoners escaped including Peter. At Daphne's apartment Hiro tells Ando that he killed him in the vision.

FuturePeter reveals who he is to Nathan. He then tells him that he screwed things up and that he needs Nathan's help to make things better.

Nikki 2.0 confronts the reporter but not before Nathan tells her that he's on board. Nikki 2.0 is upset after she sees a video tape the reporter shows her and freezes the reporter who then cracks into a million pieces. Whoa!

At the Company, Elle is ticked and Mama Petrelli is there and she's running things. She tells Elle that a dozen inmates were freed and Elle is kicked out by Mama Petrelli. Sylar is locked up (yay!).

Mama Petrelli tells Elle to get out. Poor Elle and worst of all, no reunion.

Hiro takea a medal of hers and he wants the formula. She puts a knife to Ando's throat and he's cut but not badly. Hiro puts a tracking device on the medal so they can find Daphe. At Mohinders, after he and Maya have slept together, he's having adverse effects to his new powers and he's skin is breaking out into nasty legions. ICK!

Matt is finally found in the dessert and he's hearing the thoughts of a turtle or so he thinks. He's rescued by a bushman and he asks if he knows Britney Spears (ROFL!!). Matt learns he's in Africa!

He then tells them that they should use Sprint (product placement much?)

The African apparently has the abilities to paint the future (channeling Issac! maybe??)

At Claire's house, she hears her dad and is glad he's back. He tells her that he's going to hunt down the villains and apparently no one else in the house can hear him.

At Nathan's he's playing chess with Linderman and apparently no one else can see or hear him. (I'm wondering if Nathan is possessed? Or does he have a guilty conscious?)

We learn about the villains, Knox, a flame thrower, Jesse, the German and they are on the loose. We learn that a dozen of them are loose and he wants to bring them back to justice.

Claire wants to learn to protect her and Claire's birthmom moves in. As if fire could really help.

Future peter teleports into Sylar's cell and Mama Petrelli tells him to get current Peter back. Current Peter is along with some thugs whose killing people to steal their ride. A poor woman is burned to death and Peter goes along with them. We see some abilities, the German can maniuplate metal and the flamethrower shoots blue flame.

Angela goes to Syler and drops a HUGE bombshell: She's HIS mom!!!

Consider my mind blown!