Saturday, December 01, 2007

nip/tuck: the power watch recap

It's been a while since I've watched but I'm sooo glad I did. Photo by

This used to be my favorite show on TV but this season has been packed with goodness and with Tuesdays being jam-packed, this was supposed to be my show to watch on the weekends. Unfortunately, I let the last few pile up that is until today. And if I knew such scandalous goodness was resting on my DVR I would have worked to watch earlier.

The highlights of the last month: Sean is dating an actress on the set of "Hearts and Scalpels" but apparently she had gastric bypass and he made her fit and beautiful. But she's such a Debbie Downer that he dumped her because he's still in love with Julia.

Christian is struggling with Sean's sudden popularity in L.A. that he resorted to posing in Playgirl and even picking up desperate old women in bars all trying to recapture the popularity he had in Miami.

Of course they had to figure out a way to work Julia, Matt and Kimber in and here's how they they did it.

Julia near the end of last season took the kids, Annie and Connor and moved to NYC to be near her mom. While there she met a woman named Ollie and fell in love and now says she's a lesbian. Although, she had a tryst with Christian for a second, she still maintains she's a lesbian. Ollie, played by Portia de Rossi
comes with a special set of baggage: her teen-age daughter Eden. Eden is taking out her frustrations about her mom being a lesbian on poor Annie by telling the pre-teen that's she's too fat and ugly. She's also flirting a la "Lolita" style with Sean that is until Christian got her shipped off to rehab.

Matt shows up with baby Jenna and says he's left Kimber. He cons Christian and Sean (his two dads) into thinking he's trying to restart his life when in reality he's living in a fleabag with Kimber and they are both addicted to drugs. They are stooping so low (Kimber sleeping with the manager of the flea bag hotel, Matt getting thisclose into doing a gay porn feature).

You can just bet that the season will continue to get trasher and dirtier and I'll love every second of it.

Episode grades: A+