Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Gay Sketch Show

I was flipping during the American Idol telethon last night and remembered that I saw a promo for a new comedy show on Logo called the "Big Gay Sketch Show." It's produced by Rosie O' Donnell and direct by Amanda Bearse (Remember her from "Married... with children."

I tuned in and it's not half bad! SNL has nothing to worry about but I think it's a great idea that Logo is finally doing more original programming.

The comedians are pretty funny and the best thing of all is not all of them are gay. If you missed the first episode, tune in to Logo because they'll rerun it ad nauseum.

American Idol
What the hell?! That was my comments last night after watching the telethon. They didn't boot anyone off! And I spent three hours of my life waiting. I'm worried for LaKisha so hopefully she can get it together and get it done right. Jordin needs to go!