Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Betty' is gone...for now

Amanda was on fire tonight and she finally found her daddy : Gene Simmons. Photo by

The last new episode of "Ugly Betty" had some thrills, some chills and a bunch of comedy. We start with HIlda trying to pretty up Betty for a night out on the town. It looks really tragic and Justin in one of this two scenes on the whole episode tells Betty "No!"

We then head over to Henry's band the IRS (Interal Rhythm Service) playing a gig at a local nightclub. Daniel shows up to lend support and runs into a mysterious woman name Rene (Gabrielle Union) who wants him to dance with her to make her boyfriend jealous. When Daniel busts her by saying her "boyfriend" is making out with another guy, she realizes the jig is up. The two flirt and then go back to Daniel's place and to his dark bedroom where Daniel accidentally grabs his mom's breast (Don't ask).

The main story is Daniel trying to convince Betty to write an article on a sexist pig and Gio and Henry competing to see who's the bigger stud. The B plot is Daniel and Rene trying to decide if they want to see each other despite Willie's objections. The C Amanda's quest to find her daddy. And the D plot is Daniel and Alexis trying to find something for their mom to do.

How cute was Betty and Henry tonight singing this song. And what a great image to leave us with.