Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Gay Sketch Show

I was flipping during the American Idol telethon last night and remembered that I saw a promo for a new comedy show on Logo called the "Big Gay Sketch Show." It's produced by Rosie O' Donnell and direct by Amanda Bearse (Remember her from "Married... with children."

I tuned in and it's not half bad! SNL has nothing to worry about but I think it's a great idea that Logo is finally doing more original programming.

The comedians are pretty funny and the best thing of all is not all of them are gay. If you missed the first episode, tune in to Logo because they'll rerun it ad nauseum.

American Idol
What the hell?! That was my comments last night after watching the telethon. They didn't boot anyone off! And I spent three hours of my life waiting. I'm worried for LaKisha so hopefully she can get it together and get it done right. Jordin needs to go!

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thank GOD for NELs!!!!!

For you "Amazing Race" watchers, Team Cha-Cha was in troooble tonight but thanks to a non-elimination leg, they were spared.

I was sad that the evil beauty queens bribed them to yield another team. But it totally backfired as the team that was yielded surged ahead and managed to come in second. But because they were already marked for elimination, they managed to come in third. Now they are the last and must be first to miss the penality.

I want them to win and I have confidence they'll be able to hold it together. If they don't win, I sooo want Charla to win. Mirna needs to be slapped for her rudeness to Charla and the other teams. It's also weird that she makes Charla do all the crappy stuff.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Apologies, it's been a crazy week....

I've had this event that I've been planning for months and now last night was the big event. I'm sorry for treating this blog like a step child.

The week in review:
American Idol
I'm going to go for the best thing EVER: Sanjaya is gone!!!!! Sanjaya is gone!!! Sanjaya is GONE!! Thank Athena. Thank Zeus, Thank whomever!! I was sooo worried that he was going to ruin "Idol." But America finally came to its senses and got rid of this loser! Although I felt sad for him when he started crying.

America's Next Top Model
Thank GAWD Jael is gone. She was tooo spacey, tooo wacky for this show. I just can't believe she even made it this far. I'm totally rooting for Jaselene who gave us this lovely quote: "I've never been nowhere except the hood and around the corner." Yep, they're supposed to be pretty, smart apparently isn't part of the package.

The queen of "O" took on the whole Don Imus controversy and she had Russell Simmons and a few others to talk about the comment. I was soo proud of the women of Spelman College who stood up to them and said the usage of some words are inappropriate. She also took on the Virginia Tech tragedy and we ended the week going green.

Oh. MY. GOD!
"Lost" is bringing mystery back big time! The whole Desmond flashback episode wasn't the greatest but it keeps things moving. Although I want to get on the island and yell at these people for not working on a way to get everyone home or at least signal for help. Instead, these folks are just chillin'

And now...I cannot wait until Monday when we save the world with "Heroes!!!!"

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

America's Next Top Model

So long Whitney!
One of my favorite models from this season got the boot tonight. I'm bummed because she was pretty and smart and NOT a size 0. I wanted her to win so badly because I'm sick of stick figures being rewarded as models.

But at least she got a chance. It was also cool to see the past models Bre and Kim again who appeared during a challenge which required re-enactments of scenes from past seasons. I'm glad most of the girls got work! But some of them I had to remind myself who they were.

And now a word about Tyra. It's time for her stylist to be fired. Seriously. Why is she rocking fashions by Rhoda Morgenstern? The headwraps, the go-go boots. It's like she raided her mom's closet and decided to wear her old clothes. I know she's a retired model but my lord, can she be fashionable?????

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Work out

I'm sitting here watching "Work Out" and it's kinda surreal watching it. One of the trainers, Doug Blasel died and tonight's the episode where it all goes down.

We see that it's Doug's birthday and minutes later, we find out that he's in a coma. In addition to that drama, we see that his ex partner needs a kidney transplant and there's still some feelings there.

Jackie has her own drama going on because she's juggling TWO hot babes. Oddly enough, both of the women used to be straight but Jackie's the only woman they've ever dated.

I won't go there but this show which was supposed to be about fitness has morphed into this lesbian drama. I thought I wouldn't like it, but I just can't get enough!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Catching up a bit

Last week was crazy! I managed to catch up on some neglected TV viewing such as "America's Next Top Model" and "The Amazing Race."

I'm convinced that Mirna from "TAR" and Jael from "ANTM" are cut from the same cloth. The CRAZY cloth.

I wish I could tell Mirna to stop with the fake accents! I want them to win because poor Charla has gone through so much, that it would be nice if she could get something out of her time with Mirna! Although, I laughed my behind off a few weeks ago when neither knew what a catamaran was!

Over on "Top Model" Jael make a joke and a jerk of herself when she kept harassing 50 Cent at a party. Although, I'm suprised there wasn't an uproar when 50 pushed her into a pool! What is the girl couldn't swim? He could have just got up and moved or left but pushing a woman is uncalled for. I have a feeling that that moment will come back to haunt him.

I didn't watch "Desperate Housewives" because a) why air a new show on Easter and b) it's been so long that I don't care anymore.

Meanwhile, I've been searching high and low for any morsel on "Veronica Mars" but I suspect it's a lost cause. Either way, I'll buy the show when it comes out on DVD.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eight hours for 20 seconds?

Yep. I waited at Viejas Casino for 8 fraking (Hello BSG fans) hours yesterday to try out for "Deal or No Deal."

My girlfriend and some of her church friends waited too to try out. A co-worker of mine did the wise thing and left to play the cards games. (I hope he won).

While in line, I met the most interesting folks. One girl wanted the money to get married and adopt a baby. The another wanted the money to start a new life after having some hard times. The group I was with all wanted to donate some money to their church and then use it to send grandchildren to college or buy a house.

I don't know if any of us impressed anyone but we gave it the try.

I got there at 10 a.m. and drove around looking for a parking spot. Twenty minutes later, I was STILL looking. I noticed folks are rude when it comes to parking. I got cut off three times when clearly I was next for the spot. I was tempted to key a few cars yesterday when I saw that they purposely took up two and in one case THREE parking spots. I was shocked and appalled about it. But I thought karma might get the best of me and I let it pass.

Then the waiting began. One poor handicapped man waited so long that his walker broke. They called the ambulance but luckily he was OK. Once they found a wheelchair for him, he was ready to get back in the line.

The wait was so long, folks went shopping, went to eat and came back and the line moved very little. We were told by several people that once we made it to the big tent that we had another two hours to wait. They didn't lie. We waited and waited and waited. Then we were told another tent awaited us and then another tent and THEN we got to the casting folks.

We got asked this question"What would you do with the million dollars?" I told them that I would build my brother a new house, pay some bills and that I wanted to be on the show badly. Plus I threw this little gem in "Tomekia is so fine, she might turn me straight." The guy laughed and wrote something on my form my guess: "This queen is crazy" or a big NO!

Then they told us that we might be called a year from now. Oh joy, 364 more days to go........

Thursday, April 05, 2007

To catch an identity thief

"Dateline" has been jumping all over child predators and after more than a dozen shows, they've finally moved on.

Now, the show is targeting identity thieves. We all knew how out of control this problem is, but I don't think I had any idea of the scope of this crime.

Last week, they showed how a credit card could be maxed out in seconds by identity thieves. This week, Chris Hansen travels to Africa to track down the ID thieves.

It's shocking how quickly and how methodically they work. And their No 1 target is Americans. Chris points out that ID thieves could even be your waiter (you know how you send that credit card away to get your bill paid? If the waiter is an ID thief, you've given him a ticket to your account) or even people who books your airplane tickets whomever.

It's enough to give all us pause.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Touched by an "Oprah"

I was watching Oprah today and she had people who literally changed the world, one person at a time.

Her first guest was a woman who read to kids in a shelter and then realized that they didn't have pajamas to wear when they were read bedtime stories. So she began collecting pairs from people and donating them to the shelter. She called it her Pajama Program Then the magic of Oprah came in and she had her audience bring in pairs of jammies so this woman could have. They brought in over 30,000 pairs!

Another story was about a man who wanted to change the lives of the kids in Napal and so he started a library program to help the kids. The last was a woman who cut out coupons to help the poor.

And this got me to thinking: What can I do to help the world? What can you do readers? Ideas?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

The best Amazing Race EVER!!

Tonight was the best of the best of the best.

How awesome was it that the two nicest teams got to finish first on a leg? How awesome was it that Charla FINALLY stood up to shrill Myrna?

Kudos for to the producers for making the teams stop at a concentration camp and make them realize that there are much more important things in the world. Like taking your next breath or knowing where your loved ones are.....

I'm sad that Team Guido aka the OGGs (Old Gay Guys) were marked for elimination. But, to be honest, it WAS time. They were getting whiny (hello Tom, no plane is going to hear you yelling outside by the terminal) and just down right annoying.

I'm rooting for Uchenna and Joyce or Danny and Oswald to win this. The rest of the teams should just go home. Seriously.

I would love is Charla won, but I really hate, hate, HAAATTEE Myrna. She cracks me up with her fake accents and her "But I'm a young girl...." Myrna has to be at LEAST 30 and sorry sweetie that ain't a young girl.