Monday, April 09, 2007

Catching up a bit

Last week was crazy! I managed to catch up on some neglected TV viewing such as "America's Next Top Model" and "The Amazing Race."

I'm convinced that Mirna from "TAR" and Jael from "ANTM" are cut from the same cloth. The CRAZY cloth.

I wish I could tell Mirna to stop with the fake accents! I want them to win because poor Charla has gone through so much, that it would be nice if she could get something out of her time with Mirna! Although, I laughed my behind off a few weeks ago when neither knew what a catamaran was!

Over on "Top Model" Jael make a joke and a jerk of herself when she kept harassing 50 Cent at a party. Although, I'm suprised there wasn't an uproar when 50 pushed her into a pool! What is the girl couldn't swim? He could have just got up and moved or left but pushing a woman is uncalled for. I have a feeling that that moment will come back to haunt him.

I didn't watch "Desperate Housewives" because a) why air a new show on Easter and b) it's been so long that I don't care anymore.

Meanwhile, I've been searching high and low for any morsel on "Veronica Mars" but I suspect it's a lost cause. Either way, I'll buy the show when it comes out on DVD.

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Jumpthesnark said...

Has there been some VM news? I'm still out of the country, out of the loop. But keeping my fingers crossed for the residents of Neptune.