Friday, December 14, 2007

And then there were four: "Survivor: China"

Here's my pick to win this year's "Survivor." Oh Amanda, you played a good game. Let's hope you win.

I'll be honest, when this season started I didn't pick these people to be in the final four. It just goes to show you what I know.

This year's final four are Courtney the waitress, Todd the bitchy flight attendant, Denise the lunch lady and Amanda the hiking guide.

They all played a good game and backstabbed and blindsided most of the jury. But that's what "Surivor" is all about. That being said, Sunday's finale should be soooo interesting because we truly don't know which way this is going to go.

Todd could win because people respected that he was upfront most of the time from the get-go.

could win by default because the jury might not like who she's up against.

Amanda could win because she played a pretty honest game and laid low until her master plan to get rid of James came into play.

Denise could win by default because she skated under the radar most of the time. And if she does win, could some spa please invite her to come so she can get some teeth whitening and a snazzy new 'do?

I hope these folks play smart because it really is anyone's ballgame.

If I were Denise, I'd take Todd because people really, really hate him. Ditto for Courtney. Todd is her ticket to the $1 million. Todd should take Courtney because folks hate her too and he might be lucky enough to win. Amanda needs to take Denise. Amanda could show how she used her wits to win while Denise just skated by.

Episode Grade: A