Saturday, April 21, 2007

Apologies, it's been a crazy week....

I've had this event that I've been planning for months and now last night was the big event. I'm sorry for treating this blog like a step child.

The week in review:
American Idol
I'm going to go for the best thing EVER: Sanjaya is gone!!!!! Sanjaya is gone!!! Sanjaya is GONE!! Thank Athena. Thank Zeus, Thank whomever!! I was sooo worried that he was going to ruin "Idol." But America finally came to its senses and got rid of this loser! Although I felt sad for him when he started crying.

America's Next Top Model
Thank GAWD Jael is gone. She was tooo spacey, tooo wacky for this show. I just can't believe she even made it this far. I'm totally rooting for Jaselene who gave us this lovely quote: "I've never been nowhere except the hood and around the corner." Yep, they're supposed to be pretty, smart apparently isn't part of the package.

The queen of "O" took on the whole Don Imus controversy and she had Russell Simmons and a few others to talk about the comment. I was soo proud of the women of Spelman College who stood up to them and said the usage of some words are inappropriate. She also took on the Virginia Tech tragedy and we ended the week going green.

Oh. MY. GOD!
"Lost" is bringing mystery back big time! The whole Desmond flashback episode wasn't the greatest but it keeps things moving. Although I want to get on the island and yell at these people for not working on a way to get everyone home or at least signal for help. Instead, these folks are just chillin'

And now...I cannot wait until Monday when we save the world with "Heroes!!!!"