Sunday, January 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Jen!

Oh Jen. You were SUCH a hater. Hate kills. Especially on "The Amazing Race!" Photo by

YAAAYYYYY!!!!!!!! Nate and Jen were FINALLY shown the door tonight. Best of all, they got eliminated ON HER BIRTHDAY! Oh, how sweet it is!

If there's any justice these two are NOT together anymore. Not Pete and Sarah has two people on this show clearly NOT been meant for each other.

And now it's on: The Final Three: Ron and Chris, Nicholas and Don and TK and Rachel.

It's clearly going to be a battle between Ron and Chris and TK and Rachel. But Don and Nick might surprise us.

Episode grade: A+

Watching the "Golden Globes"


I mean it's a news conference but dang the sad little music isn't helping and the bad announcements aren't that great either. So far there are no surprises here. I think I'm going to save myself an hour and just read the list online tomorrow.

The guiltiest pleasure of all: Cheaters!

Since there's next to nothing on, I went back to the best show EVER: "Cheaters."

Last night, I was still ticked about the roof leaking and I stayed up waayyyy too late and wound up watching "Cheaters" which I haven't seen in a good few months.

If you don't know Cheaters (See season 5 episode 503 Ethan Roberts-Juan Cavala as the BEST EPISODE EVER!) the premise is this: Somone suspects someone of cheating and they hire the Cheaters crew to research. Here's a hint, if they are broadcasting the show, the person is cheating.

They show the audience the clips of the other person cheating and then they show the husband/wife who hired them. Then comes the "Confrontation" where the Cheaters cameras rush to the spot where the cheating spouse/partner is there with the other person and then the person who hired them usually cusses them out or fights. After five minutes of holding people apart, the host Joey Greco approaches the cheater and tries to get a reason why the cheating happened. He or she then usually drives off and they update the audience at the end of the show as to what happened next. And then they were on to the next person.

It's sad how low people will go to keep someone and it's sad to see how quickly people will cheat if given a chance.

That being said, I've learned a LOT from this show. Here are a few lessons:

1) NEVER kiss someone in public. You never know who'll be watching or who's recording you
2) Don't go to Applebee's. Even though this show is filmed in the Dallas/Fort Worth area where the chain seems to be on every street corner, stay AWAY because it seems that's the first place Cheaters will look for you.
3) Inspect things in your house. If something is new or if something has been missing and suddenly turns up. you can bet there's a camera in it.
4) BE where you said you're going to be. If you're going to cheat then don't answer your phone and blame it on a bad signal or that you left your phone in the car and didn't get the message until late.
5) Whatever you do, please don't fight the other person. It's not their fault and most of the time they are a victim too.
6) If you see cameras coming; RUN!