Thursday, November 20, 2008


Randy! Finally, these people got a clue and voted your butt off!. Photo by

Can you hear it?
It's my laughing hysterically in what will I'm sure go down as one of the BEST "Survivor" episodes ever!

But first things, first: I'm sorry "Survivor: Gabon." I was ready to bail on you but my lord, you came through tonight in spades!
The last few episodes were in a word: AWESOME as people are really playing the came and true colors are shining through.

Tonight was the annual "Survivor" auction and as usual, people were fighting for items such as chocolate, peanut butter and beer. Randy cleaned up with beer, spaghetti etc. And then he bought cookies for the tribe: it was here where "Cookiegate" was born.

Randy offered Sugar a cookie. She politely refused. He offered her again and she refused again. Then he proceeded to tell everyone he was the boss and alienated people.

Finally Sugar gave her cookie to Matty and that made Randy very sad.

Randy decided to seek revenge by being mean to everyone under the assumption that Bob found the hidden immunity idol. Unfortuantely he didn't know that Sugar had it and Bob trusted Sugar to show him his fake idol. (I did notice that Sugar didn't let Bob in on her secret that SHE had the idol. And isn't it odd that she's shown NO ONE the idol and they are all under the assumption that she has it?)

Later, after Ken won the immunity challenge. Randy then went off even more. Bob then gave Randy the FAKE idol and he and Corienne thought they had the upper hand.

Instead, THEY were the ones that looked like chumps. IN the words of Crystal "Goodbye and Go HOME!."