Monday, March 10, 2008

Why I didn't watch "The Wire"

He's fiiiiine. I should have watched. But I just couldn't - yet. Photo by
At work today, my co-workers went on and on about how wonderful last night's episode of "The Wire" was. I was on the phone with a friend back east and "The Wire" came up.

I had heard it was going to be about the newspaper business and although I really wanted to watch, psychologically I wasn't ready.

Every day I see reports of newspapers downsizing and talented journalists leaving the business. For me, it was hitting too close to home. Where I work, we've been under severe stress for weeks now.

Only recently I've begun to feel normal again. I've hidden it well but it's kept me up at night. It's made me worry for my friends. It's made me sick inside. It's made me have scarydarkhorriblemeannastytooeviltotalkabout thoughts.

I turn to TV to get away from my troubles and not remind me of them. And while it's important to watch good drama no matter what, I'm not ready yet.

But don't let this blog fool ya.

I'll be Netflixing it. For real.

He's fierce! Betta believe it

Christian. We love you. You are FIERCE! Photo by

First. Watch this clip.

You back? Good.


Loved this season of "Project Runway" although Christian was entertaining, Jillian should have won. Her clothes were just way better! In fact, I'm a little disappointed with the reality tv of most of the TV shows ("Survivor" excluded) on network TV.

So in an effort to expand my horizons, I've added some new shows to my roster.

Don't be shocked at what you read below.

My new secret addiction: "Flip That House." I stumbled on this show en route to "Torchwood" and haven't watched since.

I am just fascinated by how well people upgrade these houses, but it also saddens me that they sink a ton of money into these houses and they just sit on the markets. Give it a try Saturday nights on TLC

My other new secret addiction:

"Unwrapped". Maybe it's because I'm getting older but for some reason, I'm just extra curious about how stuff works and how things are made these days.

Or I could be just a budding foodie. I dunno, but I plan to check out this show in a few weeks. Look for updates soon.