Monday, November 26, 2007

One episode left: Heroes

Yeah girl, I want to put the hood over my head too. Photo by

Is there all there is? After last episode's stellar episode, they come with this dud. The good: One half of the Wonder Twins was killed. The bad thing: it was the likable one.

Monica found out that her powers don't make her immune to stupidity as she was captured by a local gang while she was trying to retrieve Micah's stuff.

Claire acts like a bratty bitch most of the episode and we discover that Mohinder is the one who saved HRG and we learn that Claire and her crew plan to leave and move to Salt Lake City. The cool thing is the battle of the blondes (Claire vs. Elle) And Claire finally takes a stand against the company. Sylar calls Mohinder and tells him that he has Molly in his possession.

Hiro time travels in the past and learns Adam's plan goes to confront him. And we end Hiro vs. Peter. Wow.

Episode grade: C