Saturday, February 09, 2008

Checking out Saturday night TV

I haven't watched this show in years but tonight's episodes were pretty darn interesting. Photo by

I've been working on a project all day long and was afraid that I'd have to bypass my television viewing for tonight. Then I got a jingle on my cell phone from my friend Jump the Snark reminding me to watch "Torchwood" tonight. I tried to beg off but my friend he wasn't having it. Once again: He was right. And so was Mrs. Wong. And so was Ani. I have to accept that they all are cooler than me and move on.

But I'm in denial so there!

I think I'm beginning to figure out what's going on. Mrs. Wong reminded me that this was a spin-off from some show called "Dr. Who." (I can see them both rolling their eyes here but I've never seen Dr. Who).

So then I was flipping through the channels and stumbled across a show I used to like. "True Life" on MTV.

I haven't watched it in YEARS. When it started it was extremely interesting because it dealt with young people making stupid mistakes or learning about life. And then I veered away from the show because more interesting stuff was on.

Tonight was a show about "Friends With Benefits" but I think it should have been called "One person's being selfish and the other person is cruising for their heart to be broken." Seriously, how can this NOT be considered a BAD idea???

I'm no saint because I've had those types of arraignments (YES: TMI) before and they NEVER work out. But I guess everyone must learn on their own. The thing is, is that the people who didn't want to get caught up in a relationship really aren't all of that.

But the sex must be AMAZING because folks are crying on NATIONAL TV. And get this, the guy Scott who lives in NYC is too "focused" on his career but yet he has time to hook-up with another hottie. And in Indiana this girl Britney is stringing this guy along named Sean. She's kinda tacky and her hair is quite unfortunate. (If you're not a blond in real life, don't be one on TV)

That being said,I doubt I'll continue to watch this show, but what the heck, it killed an hour.