Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Lost" the "almost" live blog

Some of these people make it off the island, some: peramently. Photo by

So I had planned on giving a minute-by-minute account of what was going on with "Lost" but this is a show that needs constant attention so here's what's happened so far"

We're 30 minutes in:

* Ben is rescued.
* Big, bad dude who killed Alex is killed by Ageless Wonder
* Walt goes to see Hurley in the insane
* Michael is trying to stop the boom
* Jack and Kate clash over lying.
* Someone named Jeremy is in the coffin
* Hurley is rescued
* Miles, Charlotte and Miles all on the reunite
* Charlotte apparently has been to the island before and Miles knows it
* Jack and Locke have a talk about "miracles"
* Locke watches an informative video
* The Orchid's purpose is revealed: It's a transport tube in time.
* Ben and Locke have a visitor.
* Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Sayeid and Hurley reunite at the helicopter.
* It's 9:43 and the helicopter takes off. (this gets to be the second time Sayied leaves the island)
* Meanwhile at the Orchid, things don't look too good. Apparently the Big Bad dude survived and he's after Ben. He tells Ben that if he's killed, then the boat explodes. He taunts Ben with Alex, so and painful death. Ben kills big bad dude with his own knife and Locke tells Ben he killed everyone on the boat by killing big bad dude. Ben's reply" "So?"
Its 9:52.
Charlotte tells Scientist dude that she's staying on the Island and she gives him a quick kiss.
Juliet stays on the island and says she's going to wait until everyone else gets off.
On the freighter, Michael, Desmond and Jin work to stop the explosion. Meanwhile the helicopter heads toward the boat and the helicopter pilot sees that they are losing fuel. . Apparently the gunfight pierced the fuel tank. Hurley feels guilty for not jumping and wanted to get a few hundred pounds lighter and then he jumps. Sawyer's OK and starts swimming back to the island. And Kate sheds a single tear. And this concludes the FIRST hour!
* The second hour begins with a bang when Sayeid kills someone outside Hurley's hospital.
* Sayeid wants Hurley to come with him because "Jeremy" is dead.
* Hurley doesn't want to go back and says eh's going to go somewhere safe and Hurley was playing chess with Mr. Eko!
* Jack promises to go back for Sawyer.
* At the Orchid, Ben watches Big Bad dude die and his last words was Whitmore will find him.
* The light goes red and Jin and Michael works to slow down the bomb.
* Desmond tries to get people of the boat.
* The helicopter arrives and Desmond tells them to go back
* Jack works to get gas on the boad. Kate offers to get Jin and the Sun has the baby.
*Michael tells Hin to run. Jack grabs Kate and they head for the helicopter.
* Sun begs them to go back.
* Michael sees Jack's dad, who tells him he can go now, and the the freighter explodes in bad CGI.
* Sun insists that Jin is still alive.
* Jack tells Sun that Jin is gone and that they have to leave.
* In a flashforward, Sun sees Charles Whitmore. She tells him that she's in charge of the company now.
* Sun comes clean and makes a deal with him. (My guess vengance on Ben for killing Jin by accident)
* Sawyer makes it back to the island and sees Juliet nursing a bottle of rum. Sawyer sees the boat in flames and assumes that Kate and the rest are dead. (At this point, I'm guessing that the folks on the island think the helicopter folks died on the freighter and when Ben and Locke move the island, the helicopter can't get back. (Will we see a Sawyer/Juliet hook-up in the future? And where are the people on the small boat, did they make it?)
* Ben passes the torch to Locke and says he's getting redy to move the island and he apologized for making his life so misearable. Ben also tells Locke that whoever moves the island can never return.
* John then prepares to lead the others as they are in a rag tag camp. Agelessman tells Locke welcome home.
* Ben goes into an ice pit (!) and prepares to move the island and this shows us the flashforward where he's wearing a parka in the middle of a desert. "He says that he hopes Jacob is happy now.
* A strange noise comes from the island and Ben strains to move a wheel frozen in ice. And he cries as he has to do it.
* And then poof! The island is gone!
* And the helicopter crashes.
* Bubbles, lots of bubbles. Jack swims to the surface. Aaron and Hurley make it to the boad and they can swim.
* Desmond is hurt but he makes it.
* And now they are stranded on a boat in the middle of nowhere.
* In a flashforward, Kate gets a phone call and panics. She pulls out a big ass gun and then heads to Aaron's room where she sees Claire.Claire tells her not to bring Aaron back to the island. EVER!
* Kate weeps over Aaron and tells him she's sorry.
* Hurley points out that Lock moved the island and Jack is speechless.
* The pilot sees a boat and Jack tells everyone to lie about what happened and remembers what Locke said. Kate says they can't lie.
* Jack asks to do the talking and everyone stays silent.
* I'm confused because I thought they were discovered in the daylight?
* A boat called Searcher pulls up and it's PENNY!!!!!!!
* Desmond suddenly has strength of 19,000 men despite having almost drowned. They give a kiss to hot that my TV is threatening to melt!
* Penny has a tracking station and that's how she found him.
* Jack asks to speak to Penny and it doesn't sound good.
* It just occurs to me during the umpteenth "The Mole" commerical: How many people are left on the island?
* Sayied and Huley talk and they talk about why they had to lie.
* Yay, Frank and Desmond stays on the boat after they sailed 3,000 miles to another island. Jack tells Desmond not to let Whitmore find him.
* Everyone seems happy with the exception of Sun who's ticked about Jin.
* The group is then "rescued" and the rest we know.
* I have to say, this is the most unconvincing rescue ever....
* In a flashfoward, Jack is playing bad music and looking tore up. He heads to a funeral parlor called Hoffs/Drawlar which I suspect is an anagram. Jack breaks the lock and heads inside. Of course there's no alarm system whatsoever.
* Jack stands over the body of Jeremy Betham and we don't immediately see who it is.
* Ben arrives at the parlor and Jack looks startled.
* Jack reveals that he spoked to Jeremy about a "month" ago.
* Jack says that after he left the island that bad things happened and it was his fault for leaving and said that Jack had to "come back."
* Ben says the island won't let him come alone. All of them have to go back. (Who's all?)
* Jack says that Sun blames him for Jin's death.
* Ben says he can help him with Kate and that they have to go back together. ALL of them.
* Ben says the body of "Jeremy" has to go too and the body is: LOCKE!!!

OMG: January '09 can't get here fast enough!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Live blogging Lost the finale

Dear Emmy people. Ben's eyes alone deserve one because I've never seen someone so expressive before. EVER. Photo by

Dear reader(s). Thanks for sticking with me. I've been a bad TV blogger because of job commitments getting in the way, but I promise I'll do better in the future. Meanwhile, this TV season officially ends with the "Lost" finale tomorrow night and what a season it was!

The writers' strike took a LOT of wind out of a lot of shows. In my gone too soon list: "Journeyman" and "Women's Murder Club" and, um, "Bionic Woman." (Jump, don't roll your eyes)

In the delightful discoveries department: "Chuck" and "Torchwood".

I've also developed a couple of guilty pleasures but the main one is "Flip that House" (I guess it's a homeowner's thing....

The hurry back award goes to "Ugly Betty" who had a stellar sophomore season. I heart Justin in a non icky sort of way.

The most improved show: It's a tie between "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost" who both raised their games this year. The five year jump for DH was brilliant and the flash forwards off the island is working for "Lost".

And speaking of "Lost" I'll be live blogging so wish me luck!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Idol" worship

It was David vs David on tonight's "American Idol." Thankfully, the RIGHT David, that would be David Cook on the right won. To his left is David Archuleta. Photo by Reuters

So after weeks of bad auditions and bad singing, it came down to the battle of the Davids. Tonight's overstuffed show dragged on way too long. It was full of washed up singers (apologies to any fans of the following people). ZZ Top, Donna Summer, Graham Nash, Seal and Bryan Adams all trotted on stage to sing with the fallen "Idol" contestants. And if you didn't get your celeb fix on stage then you could look in the audience and see old "Idols" such as Fantasia and Ruben in the audience along with Teri Hatcher, Janice Dickinson and a few others.

As my friend Karla says, "It's like 15 minutes worth of show stretched out to two hours." I wanted to bypass but my partner squealed like a girl and demanded we watch.

That being said, it was less than enjoyable and all the product placement was unbearable. Mike Myers came on to sell his new movie, "The Love Guru" which looks positively awful.

That being said, thanks America for getting it right and choosing the RIGHT David to win.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh "Oprah"

Folks went NUTS when Oprah unveiled her favorite things of the summer. Photo by

Watch this first. All done?

Can you believe this? Folks lose their minds if they get free stuff. I was floored by the reaction and I've seen this show and this topic a bunch of times but this audience takes the cake.

When the show was over: They got a new grille, some bathing suits, a pair of flip flops, makeup, a book, a gift card to the Mariott, a GPS device and a CD. That's pretty much it. No cars, no FANCY trips just those things listed.

While I applaud Oprah for sharing with her audience this was crazy the way these people acted.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And America's Next Top Model is

Go Whitney! Us big girls everywhere appreciate you! Photo by

I wanted Anya to win. But I'm OK with Whitney winning.

She worked hard for it and it's nice that Tyra recognizes that women and models to come in all shape and sizes but I think there have been BETTER plus sized women on this show.

That being said, this season was kinda ho-hum for me. All sparkle but very little flash and substantance.

Maybe next season, the ANTM magic will be back.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Ladies and gentlemen, meet the dumbest. SURVIVOR. EVER!!!. Photo by

I know I haven't blogged in a few days but I HAD to blog about this one. This will go down as the best season of "Survivor" in a Loooong time.

Tonight, poor Erik won individual immunity and then GAVE the necklace to another Survivor. It's never been done and now we see why. The women had planned on getting him out and darned if they didn't work it Erik was so dumb I was screaming. And yet at the end, he still remained a good sport. BUT he's still stupid.