Saturday, May 17, 2008

Oh "Oprah"

Folks went NUTS when Oprah unveiled her favorite things of the summer. Photo by

Watch this first. All done?

Can you believe this? Folks lose their minds if they get free stuff. I was floored by the reaction and I've seen this show and this topic a bunch of times but this audience takes the cake.

When the show was over: They got a new grille, some bathing suits, a pair of flip flops, makeup, a book, a gift card to the Mariott, a GPS device and a CD. That's pretty much it. No cars, no FANCY trips just those things listed.

While I applaud Oprah for sharing with her audience this was crazy the way these people acted.

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Mrs. Wong said...

Hold the phone! I thought the video showed Oprah saying "I am not doing..." Not. Did I miss something?