Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Keeping it sexy: "America's Next Top Model" the recap

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This week the girls tried to bring sexy back by learning how to move sexy in a video by Enrique Iglesias. (I'm like wow, is this the best they can do??) The song isn't half bad but it felt very "Matrix-y".

Bianca really, really needs to stay away from the Hater-aid. She gives Bitch a bad name. All she did was bitch, bitch, bitch and hate on Heather throughout the whole episode. And that's soooo not attractive.

Ambreal was facing some serious self-esteem issues and kept saying that "She wasn't supposed to be there." It's quite apparent too that Tyra isn't impressed by her anymore because whenever there was a chance to hurt her, she took it.

Sarah too was on the "I have no self-esteem train" because she kept saying how awkward she was feeling around all the skinny girls. And Chantal kept saying how she wasn't nervous and how she had her act together.

At that point, I pegged both of them for the bottom two. And despite a scare from Heather almost fainting on the hot video set and Ambreal looking a bit too dead in the face, I was right about the bottom two.

Sarah was kicked out because she was unfairly pegged as a "plus sized model," which totally sucks.