Saturday, May 19, 2007

I've been scammed!

Earlier this week, a friend asked me if I would go to a TV sneek peek with him. I said sure because I thought at last, someone will actually CARE what I thought about what's on TV.

Last night was the "sneek peek". Unfortunately, it was for the commericials they were showing with the TV shows. I knew something was odd about this whole scenario when before they showed the shows they had us fill out a survey asking us things like what kind of dog food we use to what kind of water/soft drink we prefer.

Then the lights dimmed and they showed us these two really OLD shows. Like, 1998 old. The reason I knew is one starred Kim Raver from "24" and she looked as if she was in her mid 20s and the guy that played T-Bag from "Prison Break"." He too looked extremely young. What really tipped me off is one of the people was using a cell phone in the preview and she had to flip it out and pull out her antenna. The show was horrid! It was called "Soul Mates" and it was about two people who were lovers in a former life. It was BAD.

Then the bad MC of the evening proceeded to ask us more questions about things we liked and then we were into the second show. It too was old. It looked like "Full House" and starred C. Thomas Howell. Only on this one, every one of the male leads had a child. GAG. I'm sure some of those kids who looked to be around 8ish at the time are probably in high school now.
Rue McClanahan was actually the bright spot of this dismal show.

After that, they had a raffle and I won a $40 gift basket which will be mailed to me in "2-4 weeks" (Yeah, right)

We also took an 80-question plus survey which asked all sorts of crapola. I'm positive most people knew this was a marketing scam but many were good sports about it. I have to go though, suddenly, I have this strong urge to eat Lay's potato chips.