Friday, October 19, 2007

"Even if I cared, I'm just not physically able to express sympathy: "Ugly Betty' The recap

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I love Wilhemina Slater! I love her so much that I want to be her understudy for life.

Last night we got another spot-on, hold your sides laughing episode of "Ugly Betty."

Once again it was full of gems such as Amanda telling Alexis "Friends don't let friends wear glitter before noon. To the ladies room. NOW!"

And from Mark "I love the smell of fresh Prada in the morning..."

But my favorite of the evening.."I transformed from Wanda the assistant to Wilhemina Slater, supermodel."

This week we had Betty take a creative writing class where she had the professor from hell. (Guest star: Victor Garber). He browbeats the class and labels Betty "Clappy" after she expresses enthusiam for a classmate's paper. At home she tells Papa Suarez that she needs to be good. "Not like Jordin Sparks good but more like Kelly Clarkson good." Justin shows up trying to be badass by wearing a leather jacket and drinking milk from a carton. He wants to be more like his dad. I'll continue Justin's storyline right now because I want the producers to stop this immediately. Justin's failing algerbra and drinking beer and bringing home girls (!)

I know he's a kid and everything but let's keep him gay and not go through this "I'm confused about my sexuality thing and want to be more of a man like my dad." It's not funny and you can tell the actor himself looks BO-RED. I want my Hermes loving Justin back immediately!

At Mode, Alexis shows up to work looking like a hot mess, not wearing a bra and wearing entirely too much makeup. After a few adjustments, she's off to her first meeting and proposes the idea of using Anna Nicole Smith on the cover. (Uh-oh Shaggy!)

Meanwhile, Wilhelmina is ready for her new position running Meade Publications and realizes that the other magazines suck and her heart is at Mode. She then launches the clever idea that if she can't have Mode no one else can.

Daniel has to deal with a client who's a homophobe (James Van Der Beek) and doesn't want his work associated with Alex. Daniel tells him to take a hike and Wilhelmina gets the idea of having her own fashion magazine.

Amanda is in Fay's secret lair and tries to find out info on her dad. She learns that Willie used to be her mom's assistant and was an Afro-wearing doudy woman who's had botox and lots of surgery. Yep, she was an "Ugly Willie." Amanda begs to find out who her dad was and Willie tells her that she was conceived during a wild party at Studio 54 and that her dad had a tattoo on his butt of Tweety bird.

Betty meanwhile is dealing with the ramifications of lying during her class. She inadvertantly read someone else's paper as her own and her teacher loved it so much he sent it to the New Yorker. She goes over to interview there and the interviewer tells her that she's carrying a boy. Back at Mode, Betty's confronted by the real author and Daniel steps in to save the day. He explains it as a mix up and saves Betty's bacon. (Nice to know that plagarism can be bought away with a few dollars).

Betty tells Daniel that she's sorry and that she values his opinion. Daniel says that he's a nobody and to do what she feels is best. This leads him to confess to Alexis that he was the cause of the accident and she forgives him.

At home, we see Henry waiting for Betty and he tells him that Justin is out of control. He also reveals inadvertantly that he IS the father of Charlie's baby and Betty tells him to leave.

Betty then faces her class and reads her real paper, much to her professor's dismay.

Episode grade: A+