Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh God, in your mercy, help me out here: ANTM the recap

Photo from CWTV

There's a new byotch in town and her name is Bianca. This episode the girls serve as muses for up and coming designers. However, let's talk about the designer thing for a sec. Anyone else find it odd that this episode arrived the same night as Project Runway? I know CW owns Top Model but wouldn't it be cool if the Top Models and the PR folks filmed at the same time and we saw the show from the model's and designer's perspective.

And let's talk about those hideous dresses! Only one was cute and that was Ambreal. And did you see Bianca gloat. I'm sooo glad that Saleisha. I'm glad that Lisa got to go too. Although I hate, hate Saleisha's hair. She looks like Tootie from "Facts of Life"

And oh LORD! Jaslene is at Wal-Mart??!!! How low can we go here? And do you notice that when they show Jaslene's commericials, they quickly show a good Covergirl commercial afterward??

So then they dump the girls out in the desert and they had them pose against a burning car. Who COMES up with these challenges??

Bianca kept stirring up crap with Ambreal and Jay and of course she made Heather continue to doubt herself. At judging, Ambreal, Heather and Lisa all took a hit while Bianca shined. This makes me wonder: Is Bianca the new Eva? I pray, pray, pray she doesn't win. Heather is spared but LIsa and Ambreal isn't. And Lisa is crying a river.

Ambreal stands strong and holds herself together. And poor Ambreal, she managed to hang on two more weeks. I had picked Ambreal to win so now I'm throwing my allegiance to Lisa which I suspect means she'll be gone next week.