Saturday, March 15, 2008

Do you know Hulu

Ah, "Fame" now with, I can see you anytime I want. Photo by

Besides JumptheSnark, I have a new best friend. It's I freaking love it. The site came online Wednesday but I heard about it a few months ago at a party where we were saying goodbye to some co-workers.

I didn't quite get how it worked but now i do. The site is a joint-venture between Fox and NBCUniversal. It has old shows and TV movies and I guess it was set up to combat YouTube. It's got a fan here.

Now here's the drag: It is advertiser supported. Meaning that you'll have to sit through 30 second commericials but that's OK with me because I understand the need.

It's fun to see their catalog of old shows such as "Mary Tyler Moore," which I watched the pilot and hadn't seen in years. The theme song cracks me up and the thing that sets me over the edge is the woman in the kerchief who watches Mary throw her beret up.

Tonight I watched the pilot of "Fame" and was shocked to see the number of people who were seen in the pilot as extras. Like this lady. And this guy. But THIS was the most shocking.

I can see more hours of my life being wasted in the future, and I'm OK with that.