Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't forget to watch the final episode of "Journeyman"

Poor Zach, daddy almost wiped you out last episode. NBC chose to wipe you all out and Words. Cannot. Express. How.SAD I. Am!!!!!! NBC sucks. For real. Photo by NBC.com

After Wednesday, it'll all be over. The BEST new show of the season will be gone because NBC didn't give the show a chance. It was well written, acted and amazing, but sadly no one watched except me and the cool kids. I'm totally buying the DVD if and when it comes out because it's worth it.

Last episode, Dan went back in time and left a digital camera which altered the course of the future and had a HUGE impact on his life because his son Zach wasn't conceived on the day he was supposed to be. Instead, Dan found he had a beautiful little girl named Caroline and was forced to make a choice. Live with Caroline or get back and get Zach back.

We also met a psychic who might have some answers as to why Dan is travelling in time and on Wednesday, we're supposed to get some answers. I hope that we finally will get the truth so we can let go. It's going to be hard to say goodbye but it usually is to good TV.

Season grade: A++++++++++++++

Anybody else feeling too danged fat?: The Biggest Loser finale!

Bill and his twin JIm kicked booty tonight on The Biggest Loser as Bill won $250,000 and Jim won $100,000. NBC.com

After all these weeks, we finally saw who earned the title of "The Biggest Loser." And HOORAY it was one of the most deserving people: Bill! Some people looked amazing :Bryan, Jerry, Jez and even cheating old Neil! Some notsomuch: Amber, Patty and Lezlye. I'm proud of all these people because it takes mucho, mucho dedication to keep eating correctly and exercising. I've been struggling for years and I still haven't mastered it. Thank goodness I'm not the weight that these people were and if the fates are willing, I won't be either!

Maybe can get motivated by the next group because the new season starts in two weeks which is on, yep, you guessed it New Years Day!

Season grade: A+

Clash of the Choirs: Team Patti all the way!

It's only Day 2 but I'm calling it. Patti's team will win. Photo by NBC.com

I wanted not to like this show. I got sucked in during the last 20 minutes on Monday when Patti LaBelle's team rocked the house. It took me back to my college days when I was the mascot of the gospel choir of the small liberal arts college I went to. We had some GREAT times on the road and although I can't carry a tune if you handed it to me, I know good music when I hear it.

It's tricky trying to get a bunch of folks to sing on key and in harmony. Patti's group is going this. Nick Lachey's group isn't bad either so I expect it be a battle between the two of them on Friday night. Thank goodness this is only a week but I will bet money they'll bring this show back.

Episode grade: B