Friday, February 29, 2008

"Lost" makes my head hurt

See how confused Desmond (center) looks in the photo? At home, I'm about 10 times worse! Photo by

Last week, the Kate episode of "Lost" left me so confused that I couldn't even blog about it. It opened up a whole relm of questions. Last night, the Desmond centric episode, brought even MORE questions to the table.

Time travel? Dying rats? A constant? Oy!

We learned that leaving the island has some really weird effects on people such as have them jumping back and forth through time. Desmond apparently got a little loopy after being exposed to some electromagnetic energy and started jumping through time.

His purpose: To find one a scientist in the past who recently landed on the island. They introduced a constant: someone that keeps you in place through time and Desmond's time jumping travels stopped.

We also learned that time passed differently on the island so it's only Christmas Eve 2004. (I call shenanigans on this because a lot has happened four months!)