Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Why you should be watching "Veronica Mars."

Every so often, a show comes along that is just plain quality from the get-go. "Veronica Mars," is one of those shows.

I've heard comparisions of Veronica to Buffy and it's true. The show is smart, sassy, complex and intriguing all at once. It takes a very special type of viewer to watch a show like this.

Like Angela Chase and Buffy Summers, Veronica Mars is a young lady who doesn't quite fit in with the world around her. Veronica lives in the tony town of Neptune where you're a "have" or a "have not."

And she's struggling to fit in. Who among us feels like an insider? I know I don't.

But the reason you should be watching despite the appealing cast, is that it's a smart show. Things aren't spelled out and wrapped up in an hour. It's not as complex and maddening as that other show on ABC where those folks are lost on an island.

I think Veronica represents the best of what TV viewing should be. It's a fun and funny at the same time. It's smart and smartly written. And it's one of the shows I have on my appointment TV. Remember, TUESDAYS at 9 p.m on the CW.