Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grandpa wears bikinis!: The Amazing Race: the recap

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First EWWW. I could have done without seeing Grandpa in his black drawers. Was it me ordid this episode have the most complicated tasks ever. And my GAWD: I just wanted to slap the crap out of Ronald. He was uncessarily mean and cruel to her. He even claimed to be the Archie Bunker of the home.

I also loved the fact that even though Kate and Pat came in last, I liked that they kissed and enjoyed each other. But I knew they wouldn't last because they seemed to take it as though they were on vacation as opposed to them being, oh, I dunno, on a race!

I also liked that the tables were turned on a bunch of the yellers of the race. The people who were calm seemed to be the folks who managed to figure out a way to do all the tasks.

But next week seems to be awesome with someone losing their mind with a camel!

Episode grade: B