Monday, July 21, 2008

It's Comic-Con week

If you know who or what this is, then you'll know why I'm a wee bit excited for the panel at Comic-Con. Photo by Wikipedia

Before I start the long overdue blog. A shout out goes to JumptheSnark who's like the best friend ever. Seriously. When my birthday rolled around last week, he gave me this gift that made it extra special.

I've been enjoying it ever since. And I'm going to really get my geek on Saturday when the entire cast will appear at Comic-Con.

There's a TON of stuff there this year. I'm excited about the "Heroes", "Lost" and "Chuck" panels.

And then there are some blasts from the past such as "The Greatest American Hero". Supposedly there's going to be a BIG announcement made at the Con. My guess, new show, different actors. Or heck, maybe a movie if we're lucky!

I'm going to be stuck in a big room called Hall H. If anyone sees this woman please, please, please take a photo!