Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'm done: The last Bionic Woman recap (until it gets better)

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I wanted to like this show. The pilot was OK. The second episode sucked. The third episode was GREAT. The last episode not so good. This one just mediocre. So mediocre that I don't even want to recap it.

That being said, if it gets better I'll let you know.

Episode grade: Who cares?

The girl who wanted to be a model and then didn't: "America's Next Top Model" the recap

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Not since Tyra went crazy and screamed at a model since there has been an episode this good.

The episode started when this male model stopped by and made the girls go all into a tizzy.

Then a challenge for this organization resulted in Heather being the winner and getting to meet Mary J. Blige.

We then had the ladies doing a shoot for recyling. Saleisha came out on top.

And then we had Ambreal (nOOOOOO) in the bottom two along with Ebony. And sadly Ambreal was chosen to go home (NOOOOOOOOO!!!)

And then Ebony blurts out: "I don't want to be here." Tyra looks stunned and tells her not to let the door hit her on the way out.

Ambreal is spared and ding-dong the witch is gone!

Episode grade: A+

You'll notice something different about this week's blogs....

Because of the nonstop fire coverage, I haven't seen a LOT of my favorite shows for the past few days. Since a lot of them are on NBC, they'll be re-aired over the weekend. I hope to have my thoughts then.

Stay tuned.

And PRAY for us!!

It's baaack!!!: The Amazing Race!!

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When the fall schedule was announced a few months ago, I was worried about "The Amazing Race" being left behind. I shouldn't have worried. A show this good will surface eventually.

It'll be in its usual time slot of Sunday nights at 8 p.m. on CBS And if you've never watched, I URGE you to watch it. Seriously.

This season we have married lesbian ministers (GO girls, I mean women!), dating Goths (with pink shirts and hair!) and of course the run of the mill atheltic people. And young folks bonding with old people.

I cannot WAIT!

A word about the fires..

If you read my profile, you'll notice that I'm in San Diego.

It's pretty bad here folks. Ash and soot is everywhere. In the media locally it's been nonstop fire coverage. My heart breaks and goes out to the folks that are discovering via TV that their homes are gone. And to my colleague in the media Larry Himmel, I feel awful for you and have mad respect that you were able to do this. I wouldn't have been able to.

Even though I'm so in love with my TV set I'd like to run away with it forever, I'm not missing my favorite shows. Sure I'd like to see Tyra and Oprah and the rest but now with today's technology I can watch them later when I'm in a better place.

Plus you can to;; and to see the shows you missed.

Personally, I'm not directly affected by the fires because I'm lucky enough to live in the central area of the city. But it's sad when I see the people get to what's left of their homes. A few colleagues of mine were evacuated and some have gone back home now but what about the rest of the people in San Diego.

After this is over, we'll be seeing tons of stories about the cleanups, the startovers, the leftovers etc. The sad thing is, is that we went through this four years ago about this time.

This time, we appear to be better organized but it still is all so very sad.