Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A word about the fires..

If you read my profile, you'll notice that I'm in San Diego.

It's pretty bad here folks. Ash and soot is everywhere. In the media locally it's been nonstop fire coverage. My heart breaks and goes out to the folks that are discovering via TV that their homes are gone. And to my colleague in the media Larry Himmel, I feel awful for you and have mad respect that you were able to do this. I wouldn't have been able to.

Even though I'm so in love with my TV set I'd like to run away with it forever, I'm not missing my favorite shows. Sure I'd like to see Tyra and Oprah and the rest but now with today's technology I can watch them later when I'm in a better place.

Plus you can to;; and to see the shows you missed.

Personally, I'm not directly affected by the fires because I'm lucky enough to live in the central area of the city. But it's sad when I see the people get to what's left of their homes. A few colleagues of mine were evacuated and some have gone back home now but what about the rest of the people in San Diego.

After this is over, we'll be seeing tons of stories about the cleanups, the startovers, the leftovers etc. The sad thing is, is that we went through this four years ago about this time.

This time, we appear to be better organized but it still is all so very sad.

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