Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The girl who wanted to be a model and then didn't: "America's Next Top Model" the recap

Photo: The CW


Not since Tyra went crazy and screamed at a model since there has been an episode this good.

The episode started when this male model stopped by and made the girls go all into a tizzy.

Then a challenge for this organization resulted in Heather being the winner and getting to meet Mary J. Blige.

We then had the ladies doing a shoot for recyling. Saleisha came out on top.

And then we had Ambreal (nOOOOOO) in the bottom two along with Ebony. And sadly Ambreal was chosen to go home (NOOOOOOOOO!!!)

And then Ebony blurts out: "I don't want to be here." Tyra looks stunned and tells her not to let the door hit her on the way out.

Ambreal is spared and ding-dong the witch is gone!

Episode grade: A+

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Nina said...

This episode was the greatest. I'm glad Tyra kept her cool this time around.