Sunday, February 11, 2007

Anna Nicole and other TV foolishness

If you haven't heard, poor Anna Nicole Smith is no more. If you haven't heard, you've been under a ROCK because it's been on all the FREAKING time!

I'm sitting here on a rainy, blustery Sunday afternoon and CNN, Fox and everyone is discussing this woman and how she died.

Anna Nicole Smith was a train wreck waiting to happen. We all knew she'd be dead someday but we didn't think of it happening this soon. My theory is that herbabydaddy is her son. I know, but it IS possible.

And now the week in review on TV.
OK, Mondays at 9 p.m. is the HOTTEST hour on TV. Jack is back and "24" is off to a great start. So far this season, we've seen L.A. nuked, we've seen Jack's dysfunctional family including his dad killing Jack's brother.
Over on "Heroes," we got to see Hiro's dad. A.K.A Mr Sulu 2007 model. And Claire meets her daddy and it's none other than Nathan! It's not too shocking because the stupid promo folks practically did everything but shout it was Nathan!

Yes, I've jumped on the "American Idol" freak show wagon.

Paula Abdul is on drugs. There I've said it. Girlfriend has serious issues. It's like appalling it's so bad. If she's not careful, she may be booted. And speaking of BAD: Some of the contestants are delusional. Go to YouTube because they have a gazillon clips of the cracked up and crazy contestants.

Veronica Mars.
We all need to start praying now. Veronica Mars is having an OK season. Not good. Not great but just OK. I fear that OK may NOT be enough to get a Season Three, which is too bad.
Here's what's going wrong:
1) Too easy MOTW. I'm no detective, but the Mystery of the Week is getting so easy that third-graders could possibly figure out whodidit. I mean seriously, it's getting "Murder, She Wrote" bad. (Remember how in MSW that it usually was the first or second new person she met was the killer)
2) Not enough of the folks we love. Wallace is an extra for the most part. Weevil just drops in and out. Mac has been on two and a half episodes the entire season. Even the new kids Parker and Piz aren't featured enough. I miss the Wallace/Veronica moments from Season One.
3) Too much LoVe. They're together! They're apart! They're confused and I'm bored! I'm like crap or get OFF the pot already! It's so very "Dawson's Creek" and not in a good way.

"Lost" is back. I was kinda meh on it, but then I decided to tune in and now I'm hooked. Juliet is the bomb and I want to know more about her. But I'm sick of Kate. BTW: "Lost" is on the cover of "Entertainment Weekly" again! If they could give "Veronica Mars" a cover, they might see an uptick in the ratings. "Lost" has had, like 1,000 covers already!

The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency
This show has gotten so good it's not even funny.
JP who many people might remember from last season's "Survivor" signed up to be part of Janice's modeling agency. And then the folks from "Instinct" magazine came a'calling. JP had to come out on national TV and I'm quite concerned that this was all a set up.
A celebrity blogger said that JP was spotted with Reichen in West Hollywood and then a few weeks later they wanted him to be on the cover of their magazine. The moment where he had to come out troubled me because I know what the feeling is like. It truly is a life changing moment, but I don't know if I could do it on National TV.

Survivor is back. Only this time, it is waaaay different. Instead of both of the tribes roughing it, one tribe is living in the life of luxary with a couch, a toilet, and even silverwear! The other is roughing it on the beach with next to nothing. Another twist is that the hid the hidden immunity idols near both camps to that folks will have to be stealty to go looking for it. It's too early to tell how this is all going to turn out, but one thing I do know. I hate Dre/aka/Dreamz and Rocky because the both annoy the crap out of me.

Ugly Betty
Since I last posted, this show has worn a gazillion awards. I'm glad too because it's one of the hidden gems of the season. Mark, Amanda and Justin all seem like friends of mine. And of course Betty. I loved (and figured out) the twist with Alex/Alexis early but it was great to see it play out.

My new secret addition: 1 vs. 100. I need to BE on this show. The questions are so easy!! But it shows there are very stupid people in the world. Watch sometime, and you'll see what I mean.

That's it for now, I'll be updating this on Sunday afternoons so make sure you come back and see what the Remote holds for next week!