Friday, November 02, 2007

Hang on, is that fear I smell?: "Ugly Betty" the recap


If you're not watching "Ugly Betty," then you're missing one of the best show on TV. Every week, the writers pack the show with such witty lines and storytelling that the hour just flies by. This episode was al about "secrets."

This week Betty and Henry continued their secret fling all the way to "Wicked." Betty first had to go through all sorts of shenanigans including a fake date with Gio the sandwich guy.

Hilda was lying about working in an exclusive salon only to be working at a "Hooters' knockoff called "High Beams." Unfortunately, she got busted by a classmate of Justin's. But fortunately for Hilda, Papa Suarez and Justin bought her a hairdrying chair and Hilda's own business "The Sweet Hair After" was born.

Daniel is still trying to save "Mode" even almost resorting to sleeping with a "cougar" (I loved it when they added the cat growling sound effects).

Mark too is carrying on a secret romance with his pudgy boyfriend and after he's outed in front of Amanda he admits he was wrong to dismiss Cliff.

Wilheimena is also carrying a secret: She knows that her daughter hates her and refuses to come to the wedding. After she overhears Mark and Amanda talking about it, she realizes that the show must go on with or without her daughter Nico.

The fun thing about the show is the quotes: Here's a sample:

"There's supposed to be one white and one dark in each box. My wedding theme: Ebony and Ivory! That idiot wedding planner has gone and segregated them!" -Willie to Mark about her wedding favors.

Mark shouts: "This is unacceptable!" Willie says "What to we want?" Mark says "Intergrated chocolates!" "When do we want them?!" Mark shouts: NOW!"

And the best news of all: Gay Justin is back!!
Here's a sample: When Justin's friend tries to trade Playbill's he tells her "Nice try Hillary, but the Merman is a collector's item. And it'll put me through college someday or send me to Billy Elliott school."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You should be watching.

Episode grade: A+