Monday, September 29, 2008

Gossip Girl

Poor Jenny, you didn't have a good night on "Gossip Girl". Photo by

After last's weeks shocking turn of events, we pick up with Blair's world rocked by the ascension of Serena as queen of the girls and Serena now in byotch mode.

Dan is still invisible boy and Jenny is dodging school to avoid the Sisterhood of the Traveling Evil. Blair thinks she's got a way to get her throne back by getting the girls second row seats to Fashion Week but that's until Serena is spotted in Women's Wear Daily with a socialite named Poppy.

Blair targets Jenny after Jenny helps rearrange the seating chart for the show. Jenny is in the doghouse with her dad and with the girls at school.
At Fashion Week, Blair tries to exercise her authority but is shut down by Jenny, Eleanor and Serena.

Jenny prepares to get the models ready to go but Blair has sabotage her. Meanwhile Dan and Chuck are languishing in jail after Dan punches a guy out while defending Chuck's honor. Chuck had insulted a woman by implicating that she was a prostitute.

Chuck drops a bombshell while in a holding cell with Dan: His mom died while giving birth to him. Chuck gets out of jail and shows his human side by offering to having Dan released too.

At home, Chuck's dad and Lily are reunited and Chuck's dad had it destroyed.

Jenny comes up with the idea to have society girls to model Eleanor's clothes and it actually turns out great. Serena keeps showing her human side and not wanting to hurt Blair's feelings. Poppy tells Serena to be amazing and not to hide her light and go for it. Serena is talked into doing the show and Blair gives Serena a dress to wear ( I wonder if it's Jenny's) and Serena is the hit of the runway. Luckily she knows how to model. And I'm right: Eleanor sees that a dress on the runway is not hers and we're off to commercial break before we see what happens next.

Jenny begs Blair to leave her alone. Jenny tells Blair that she wanted to be HER friend and wante HER to like her and Blair feels this small.

Chuck is at jail and sees that Dan was haning with him for a reason. At Lily's Bart drops a bombshell about her past and she's thrown for a loop.

At Fashion Week, Eleanor learns that Jenny's dress is getting headlines. Jenny begs Eleanor to take credit. Blair jumps on board and Eleanor comes out a winner. (The dresses are fug).

Jenny igs daddy at the Fashion Week show and you can tell hell is going to break loose. (Meanwhile, practically EVERY commericial during the break was for this movie!)

Dan calls his professor and he bails him out. Dan tells his professor what Chuck's secret and decides not to use the story.

Serena tells Blair to get a clue and a war is on. I think I like Serena 2.0.

Jenny and her dad get into it and Jenny tells her dad that she's NOT going back to school.

And we're off until next week.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Amazing Race: So long beekeepers.

Anita and Arthur, you looked ike fun, too bad you're gone.

Yay! My show is back!
The Amazing Race aka TAR kicked off tonight and again, they casted well. Here's who I'm rooting for: The comic book geeks Mark and Bill. because I want them to show that geeks rule!

I'm also OK with Aja and Ty and Toni and Dallas.

I don't like : Terence and Sarah. She's OK but he's a major piece of work. He's too needy and she's too busy trying to make friends. A quote from Terance: "She's talking to the other teams instead of connecting with me. I needed to be held." Seriously dude, get help now.

Ken and Tina aka Mom and Dad. Ken's OK but Tina rubs me the wrong way. Luckily I think they'll be gone soon.

Smallville is good?

Lois and Clark and a dynamic duo. Seriously. Photo by

Last week, I watched "Smallville" just to see the Justice League in action. I accidentally taped it for this week and decided to kill some time and watch.

I was shocked at how GOOD it actually was. Of course, I have some quibbles with the show. If you haven't watched in a while, we've finally LEFT Smallville (mainly) and are in Metropolis. Clark has just started with the Daily Planet and Lois is already a "seasoned" (try to contain your laughter) reporter.

Chloe is finding herself but is engaged to Jimmy Olsen. I have no idea where Supergirl is ( she was the big deal last season but so far, nothing) The episode begins with a Lois dressing Clark down and then dressing him up for his first day. An explosion rocks the building and Clark helps people who are victims of a bus crash.

It turns out that one girl and an explosive power she can't control. In the comics, she's this character.

Meanwhile, Chloe has attracted the attention of a hot paramedic and he's kinda brood-y in a hunky sort of way.

Tess, think Lex 2.0, is trying to track down Lex and thinks Clark might know something. (Lex disappeared during a battle with Clark in the Fortress of Solitude). The short version is that Lois and Clark do reporting shenangians and get the story about Plastique and get bylines.

Chloe becomes more attracted to the paramedic and the episode is pretty much over.

That being said, it has a ton of potential, and I'll keep watching for now...

Why reality TV is the best.

I can't wait to see what this season holds in "The Amazing Race," especially when there are three connections to San Diego. Photo by

This week two of the best reality TV shows came back: "Survivor" on Thursday and tonight "The Amazing Race." If you're not watching these shows, now is the time to jump on.

A lot of my friends give me "that look" when I tell them I still watch "Survivor" but I don't care. This season is shaping up to be one of the best yet because we've got some really crazy folks on this show y'all. But before I go into it, you should know that this season is shot in HDTV and it's amazing.

My friends Chris and Steve let me come over, eat pizza and watch and my lord, I want to just move in with them. If I could afford one, there would be a HDTV in my home. The color, the definition, just amazing, amazing, amazing.

Luckily, we got rid of the biggest nutcase early: Gillian. This woman was shrill and walked around with elephant dung. That's all I'm saying. Wait, one more word: EWWWWW!

Charlie is gay and is feeling on some Marcus who says he's straight. I'm thinking "Bi" myself. Apparently everyone else is keeping their eye on Marcus because the Net is burning up with photos of "little Charlie" which slipped out of his shorts while they were running to do a challenge. I won't post a link because after all this IS a family blog.

Randy is an ass. I'm sorry, just straight up ass. I'm hoping he'll get booted. The gods must not be feeling him either because he got injured during the first night there by a sharp branch that cut his head. He got two stitches and while I'm talking about that, can we stop all the grossness on this show? Seriously. We don't need to see him get stitched up, just tell us about it!

Another thing though that I DO like is everyone running around in their underwear. Some people like Ace and Matty might have legions of gay fans drooling everywhere.

I know my eyes will be glued to the screen for now.

As for tonight, I can't wait to see how our geeks Mark and Bill do. You can read a really good story about the duo here. I bet the two will appear at next year's Comic-Con signing autographs.

Ken and Tina might be worth watching because Ken is from San Diego and a former Chargers player.

Other than that, until I see the show, I don't have an opinion on anyone else but you know I'll be watching.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you believe this?

Suede was shown the door tonight. Suede is probably unhappy. Photo by Bravo.TV

The good: Korto won the bad, Kenley is still a bitch. Seriously, I hate to use that word to describe any woman, but this chick is crazy.

Tonight's challenge: design for the designers. The twist, each designer had to create a look inspired by a genre of music.
Suede did Jerelle for a rock n roll look. Jerelle did Kenley for pop. Kenley did a horrible hip-hip look for Leanne, Korto did punk for Suede. Leanne did country for Korto.

The designs were hysterical. Korto looked like a hot mess. Suede looked great. Jerelle was kinda bland. Kenley looked OK and Leanne was hysterically bad.

LL Cool J guest judged and I was sad we didn't see as much of him. Kenley sassed Tim and then sassed the judges and inexplicably remained ON THE SHOW! Suede was auf'd.

I can't wait for next week because EVERYBODY was crying in the previews!

So long...Hannah and Isis...

They pulled a fast one on us eliminating not one, but two models! Hannah, I understood but Isis really? Photo by

This week's episode was about walking and fierceness. Miss Jay has the girls show up at a bowling alley and have them walk in high! heels! It reminds me of that hooker heel challenge a few season ago were some girls got injured.

At a runway show, poor Hannah had the worst walk ever. During the second challenge, the models had to shoot in the pool with NIgel as the shooter. Why is it, that he seems to always catch these girls half naked Seriously, it's a little pervy...

Mr. Jahy shows up with a black tank top and a white shorts that looked like he just came in from the gay pride parade. Some girls did well like Annaleigh and some had a hard time. I was shocked Elina didn't well because her eyes is what draws people in.

You could tell early that Isis was in trouble because she was getting the "I'm Going Home" edit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

"Heroes" the premiere!

Hiro, it looks like you might get stuck with another lame storyline again. Photo by

So my show is back and it's better than ever. I saw hour one at Comic-Con back in July and so here's how the season starts:
In the future, Peter is running from something and then confronts Claire who attempts to shoot him but he teleports out to the past. It turns out that Peter is the one who shot Nathan last season in an attempt to stop Nathan from telling people about the people with special abilities.

In the present, Peter is teleported away and FuturePeter takes his place. Meanwhile, Sylar is after Claire and is terrorizing her at home. In New York, Mohinder hides Molly somewhere safe (translation, we can't have children on this show) and he and Maya try to work on discovering how the Heroes get their abilities.

Nathan is healed and then goes to a church spouting off how he was saved by an angel. It turns out to be wait for it.... Linderman!

Sylar captures Claire and steals her abilities. But he also tells her that she's immortal and CAN'T die. (I still think she's related to the guy from Feudal Japan that Hiro put into a grave. ) And now that he has her ability, he's immortal too. (This I think will come back to bite him in the butt!) He also steals HRG's case files and sees the villians locked away at The Company's prison.

Matt gets wise to FuturePeter and is teleported to the desert and is miles away from anyone. Meaning, without minds to read his power is worthless.

In Japan, HIro learns it's his destiny to protect an ancient formula and it's stolen by a blonde speedster (LAME).

He teleports in to the future where he sees himself KILLED by Ando who has a superpower of his own, a red lightening bolt. And then Ando takes the formula for himself.

Hiro sees the world ending before his eyes and teleports himself back to present day.

In Washington, a Nikki lookalike appears to be the trophy wife of a congressman and they have their eyes set on Nathan. In New York, Mohinder injects himself with a formula to make Heroes after he takes some from the DNA of Maya aka "Black Eyes of Death".

Mama Petrelli confronts FuturePeter about where CurrentPeter is and she reveals her power: She's a precog and dreams of the future. She tells him that a different fate is unraveling and that he needs to go back.

IN a maxium secrutity facility run by The Company, we learn that Peter is locked away in the body of an inmate and it's WEEVIL from "Veronica Mars"! Can we hope for a Francis Capra/Kristen Bell reunion???!!

And that's just in hour 1!

Hour 2, has Claire's mom cleaning up the house and Claire tells her that he stole ability. Claire's mom asks if he raped her and she tells him no. Claire discovers that she can no longer feel pain and that scares her because now she doesn't feel human any more.

Meanwhile Mama Petrelli sees a stabbed Hero, a killed Matt and Cliar being attacked and HRG killed along with Peter. Meanwhile Adam and Nikki and the villians from the past attack our Heroes.

Future Peter and Mama Petrilli talk about the Butterfly Effect and how you screw with time, you get hurt. Mama Petrelli tells Peter that because of him Sylar stole Claire's power.

A shirtless Mohinder shows Maya his new power and he's very aggresive and very Spider-Man like. (Groan). He tells Maya that he's a better man and promises to take her powers away. He then kisses Maya and they fall into bed quickly or shall I say the nearest desk top.

At the Company, Elle and Bob talk about how they can stop Syler. Bob cuts Elle down again and she's ticked.

Hiro is worried about what he saw with Ando and hires private detectives to look for the super speederster. Her name is Daphne and they get her name and address.

Ando wants to go and Hiro is hesitant. Tracy Strauss aka Nikki 2.0 try to talk to Nathan and try to lure him back into politics.

Nikki 2.0 wants Nathan appointed as a Jr. Senator for N.Y. A reporter looks at Nikki 2.0 and guess who it is: William Katt, aka The Greatest American Hero!!!! The cameos are out of control on this show.

Meanwhile Claire is back to making tapes and stands in front of a moving train and Future Peter rescues her just in time.

Peter learns that Sylar can heal now. Peter now realizes that it was his fault and Claire wants to learn to defend herself. Nathan meets Nikki 2.0.

Nathan calles Nikki 2.0 and tells her he knows her in a Biblical sense. He tells him that her name is Tracy Struass but she's going to be called Nikki 2.0 in this blog.

At the Company, Elle sees Bob dead and has a gun. She tells HRG that Sylar is in the building and gives HRG the gun. He shoots Slylar and shoots him in the brain. He then heals in front of them and is angry. He then knocks him out. Sylar goes after Elle. He then shows Elle that he stole his dad's power. Elle then blows herself up with electrity and knocks Sylar back. And then DAMN it's a commerical break!

After the break, we see Elle has survived and Sylar is knocked out. But the other prisoners escaped including Peter. At Daphne's apartment Hiro tells Ando that he killed him in the vision.

FuturePeter reveals who he is to Nathan. He then tells him that he screwed things up and that he needs Nathan's help to make things better.

Nikki 2.0 confronts the reporter but not before Nathan tells her that he's on board. Nikki 2.0 is upset after she sees a video tape the reporter shows her and freezes the reporter who then cracks into a million pieces. Whoa!

At the Company, Elle is ticked and Mama Petrelli is there and she's running things. She tells Elle that a dozen inmates were freed and Elle is kicked out by Mama Petrelli. Sylar is locked up (yay!).

Mama Petrelli tells Elle to get out. Poor Elle and worst of all, no reunion.

Hiro takea a medal of hers and he wants the formula. She puts a knife to Ando's throat and he's cut but not badly. Hiro puts a tracking device on the medal so they can find Daphe. At Mohinders, after he and Maya have slept together, he's having adverse effects to his new powers and he's skin is breaking out into nasty legions. ICK!

Matt is finally found in the dessert and he's hearing the thoughts of a turtle or so he thinks. He's rescued by a bushman and he asks if he knows Britney Spears (ROFL!!). Matt learns he's in Africa!

He then tells them that they should use Sprint (product placement much?)

The African apparently has the abilities to paint the future (channeling Issac! maybe??)

At Claire's house, she hears her dad and is glad he's back. He tells her that he's going to hunt down the villains and apparently no one else in the house can hear him.

At Nathan's he's playing chess with Linderman and apparently no one else can see or hear him. (I'm wondering if Nathan is possessed? Or does he have a guilty conscious?)

We learn about the villains, Knox, a flame thrower, Jesse, the German and they are on the loose. We learn that a dozen of them are loose and he wants to bring them back to justice.

Claire wants to learn to protect her and Claire's birthmom moves in. As if fire could really help.

Future peter teleports into Sylar's cell and Mama Petrelli tells him to get current Peter back. Current Peter is along with some thugs whose killing people to steal their ride. A poor woman is burned to death and Peter goes along with them. We see some abilities, the German can maniuplate metal and the flamethrower shoots blue flame.

Angela goes to Syler and drops a HUGE bombshell: She's HIS mom!!!

Consider my mind blown!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

National Stay at Home Week

If there is any justice, Maya (Dania Ramerez) will be dead by the end of the premiere of the third season. Photo by

This week, ABC is rolling out "National Stay at Home Week" in an effort to get more people to watch TV. Unfortunately, it's not going to work out the way they want.

Tonight, they kicked off the week with "The 60 Annual Emmys" and it was kinda boring. Oprah kicked of the show looking radiant and boobalicious (I was scared her girls were going to escape her dress) and then the four contestants for Reality Host came out to host the show.

I wish I could say I was going to blog the whole show but I got bored after the second award. Plus when I heard that Josh Groban was going to sing a medley of TV theme songs, that was the deal breaker for me.

Tomorrow: HEROES!!!! I could just die waiting. I saw the first hour at Comic-Con, I've done my own mini countdown and now the big day is here! I could care less what's on the other networks because it's all about all about NBC.

Tuesday, I'm trying to hang on to "Fringe" but I think if it doesn't pick up I might dump it. My guilty pleasure is "The Biggest Loser." Now, if i can just stick to my own workout program... I'm also anxiously, awaiting the return of "Law & Order: SVU."

Wednesday, it's all about "America's Next Top Model." Enough said.

Thursday marks the return of "Survivor: Gabon" and they are going to do a two-hour program. "Ugly Betty" returns Thursday and so that will fill up my night.

The rest of the week doesn't thrill me so I might actually go out or not.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fashion night...

Oh Brittany, you tried really hard but it just didn't work. Photo by

Tonight was one of my three favorite episodes of "America's Next Top Model": make overs! This year, Tyra didn't do too horribly but some she missed the mark. I wasn't feeling McKey's short do, or Sheena's highlights but some were wonderful such as Elina. She got a red frizzy do and it works. Of course there were some tears and some WTF moments along the way but overall not too shabby.

Some girls in this episode Analeigh and Britney were in trouble from the get-go. I don't know why it is but it seems by week three some people's confidence goes out the window. What they should be thankful for is the exposure, who cares if you win, you'll still find work if you're good.

I'm getting suspicious about the lack of screen time that Isis is getting so that makes me think that a) she's gone soon or b) Tyra wants to milk her later.

This week, the challenge was got go to Wal-Mart (Is product placement out of control on this show or what) and they had to do an impromptu look and a commerical. Hannah won which was great but it wasn't memorable.

The photo challenge was a "Sports Illustrated" esque swimsuit photo. Some girls rocked like Marjorie and Lauren-Brie while some just kinda wilted. They hated Analeigh's but I thought it wasn't that bad. Isis looked horrible to me but they let her slide. In the end, Brittany was sent packing and Analeigh was spared.

Next week: The runway!

On "Project Runway" the designers had to create an outfit for women who had recently graduated from college with guidance from their moms.

It was a great challenge but some people (cough, Suede, Kenley) made it all about them. I'm digging Korto every week, I want her to win sooo, soo bad.

Some people are growing as designers such as Jerelle and Lee Ann, while others are like wow. In the end, Joe was shown the door after his hideous 80s wear fell flat.

I'm glad Jerelle beat Kenley ( hate, hate her) and that his look will be featured in "Elle" But note to Jerelle, you're looking too "Men on Film: "these days.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The biggest loser

Colleen and Jerry are the newest overweight people looking to shed pounds on "The Biggest Loser." Photo by

When this show first came on almost four years ago (can you believe it?) I thought it would last one season tops. Now, it's still going strong. Each season, I swear that I'm not going to watch this show, but it's addictive. You want these people to succeed. In many ways these people are me.

I say to myself, if I were at fat camp and all I had to do is workout every day, I'd lose weight too. Unfortunately, that's a pipe dream. Losing weight is HARD work. If it were easy, everyone could do it.

That being said, I'm loving the contestants this season but for some reason Jillian has drunk a side of byotch with an evil chaser. I mean this woman is yelling and screaming at these people. And not in a good way. She's telling them they are going to drop dead unless they lose weight, which might be true, but LORD.....

I'm rooting for Jerry. He's one of the fattest men and even the doctor said he's one of the sickest person on the show. I'm scared for him, but I believe he can do it. I wonder why they let him on the show.

Jillian lays out his future, if he doesn't lose the weight, he's going to die. It's full on drama and I'm going to be watching to see how this turns out. Their drama was so bad, that I can't even get into the rest of the contestants. Although I'm rooting for the Red Team from S.C. and was sad to see Green team go.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Accept no imposter....

The Dan/Serena drama needs to end. NOW. Photo by

This week's disclaimer: I wasn't interested enough to see the second episode of "90210." As interesting as it was, it's no "Gossip Girl." Once you've sampled the original, others can't compare.

This week, we have Nate struggling to balance being a himbo to a royal and a boyfriend to sweet innocent Vanessa. Serena and Dan are outed in their secret relationship and Chuck Bass is moping around in his bachelor pad trying to bed random chicks.

Jenny is working her butt off at Eleanor's as Laurel's slave. Blair is trying to bed down her Prince Charming but he's not too interested. Dan and Serena is confronted by overdressed 12-year-olds in a park. who read about it on Gossip Girl.
It's good to remember they remember there's a blog attatched to this show.

Blair goes to Brooklyn to invite Nate and Vanessa to a party but it turns out so the Dutchess can get a better look at the competition.

Serena goes to Chuck Bass's bachelor pad and Serena accidentally gives him the idea to use "Blair as sexual Drain-O." At Eleanor's Jenny is caught altering the dress and Eleanor fires Jenny.

Nate is out on run and discovers Blair's plan. Nate cancels and Vanessa talks to Dan about her problems with Nate. Dan's dad gives Vanessa some really, really BAD advice to make her show up at the party.

Chuck shows up at the party to try to seduce Blair. Unbelieveabley, Chuck gropes Blair at the party and no one seems to notice. (!)
As Dan and Serena leave for the party, there's a hint of a brownout (hmm, could the get stuck in the elevator). Ne-Yo's "Closer" plays in the background and then the lights go out in NYC.

Dan and Serena are stuck in the elevator (she looks fashionable in Chanel) and Vanessa after seeing the Dutchess and Nate. Vanessa observes that she didn's sign up for a creepy love triangle with "him and someone's mom..."

Blair stands up to the dutchess and the dutchess throws Blair's relationship in her face especially the part about them not having sex.

Dan learns the Serena's name carries power and Jenny and Eleanor collaborate on a dress where she says "It looks like a pilgrim at a funeral" Vanessa convinces Nate to end the relationship.

Vanessa and the Dutchess face off. Blair is up in her darkened bedroom and Chuck takes advantage of the situation. Jenny and Eleanor talk more about design and Jenny tells her that Eleanor's dress made her want to design. Dan and Serena get into a stupid argument and Serena tells Dan that she forgives him. Somehow, they can't get past their differences and it looks as if they are broken up for this episode. (The Dutchess says something that drives Vanessa off.)

Chuck and Blair are caught by the Lord (not the one in the sky) and she's embarrassed. The Lord punches Chuck and ten embarrasses Blair at the party. Vanessa tells Nate to stay with the Dutchess and apparently she's not embarrassed to be seen at a teeny-bopper party. Blair and the Lord make up and Chuck is ticked.

Jenny's Dad shows up with a date and Eleanor tells Jenny she's still got a job and tells Dan and his date to get them sandwiches.

In the elevator of drama, Dan and Serena break up (AGAIN!) and they realize they love each other but can't be together. Chuck tries making out with another girl but it isn't working and Dan and Vanessa talk on the rooftop about their broken hearts.

Vanessa reveals that the Dutchess said that she would go to the FBI to drop a dime on where Nate's dad is. (Byotch!).

Hopefully, she'll come down hard.



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Fashion Night

Terri's dress was wonderful, but the judges couldn't see that on "Project Runway". Nikeysha was super skinny and she just couldn't stop talking. That along with bad photos removed her from the competition. Photo by The

At the day job, we've dubbed Wednesday nights as "Fashion Night" since two of the best shows on TV "America's Next Top Model" and "Project Runway" air back to back. I was sad to see that Project Runway is going to end on Oct. 15 and I imagine when "ANTM" is done, my Wednesday nights will be free.

Last night on "ANTM" Benny Ninja returned to show the girls to "pose outside the box." Some where great at it while some, like Isis (shock!) and Nikeysha struggled. (When this challenge was over, I knew those two would be in the bottom two.)

Later at the house, the girls did the traditional "let's-all-jump-into-the-pool-and tell-all-our-business-moment" that's aired each season. We learned that Sheena has hoochie in her blood and can't get it out. (I hope she wins, if not, I see a stripper pole in her future). Elina and Clark did the "I-kissed-a-girl-and-I-liked-it" moment. Elina informs us that Clark has really soft lips. I wonder what her breath smells like because this girl is constantly talking trash. Isis was backing into Hannah and she held out her hands to push Isis forward. Suddenly, she became branded a racist.

I was stunned because to me, it looked as if she was trying to preserve her space in the pool and Isis didn't see her. If you watched you noticed Isis didn't trip, but Brittany, Sheena, Joslyn and Nikeysha were outraged.

It's nice to know that they are accepting of Isis now but wow, did they have to take Hannah down this way?

At a challenge, they all had to use their poses to try to sell a purse of a purse designer I've never heard of. (They were ugly purses anyway).

At the photo shoot, the girls were to climb on a ladder attatched to a hot air balloon but luckily the wind was high so they did it on a fork lift.

Elina, Lauren Brie had AMAZING photos. Seriously. Like the best ever in the history of "ANTM!" I think part of it was because they were close to the ground. I wonder if they had REALLY used the hot air balloon how they would have turned out.....

At judging, some of the girls looked bow-wow-wow-yipee-yi-yippe-yay ROUGH! What was Isis wearing? She was tore up from the floor up.

Nikeysha and Isis were in the bottom two. Nikeysha for lack of class and tact and Isis for lack of confidence, luckily, the right one was spare. Next week: MAKEOVERS!!!!!

There are no words to describe my anger at the judges during last night's "Project Runway." Were we watching the same garments? Seriously, I've had problems with their decisions last night, but this was just wrong.

The challenge had the booted designers of this season returning and having them pair up in a team challenge. They had to make a garment based on a zodiac sign of one of the team members. Some teams worked well together, while others exploded. Terri and Keith had to work together on a garment and Keith had an attitude from the beginning. Terri had a "i'll just do it myself" attitude and I think that was her undoing. Her garment looked OK and it had some snap but she rejiggered it after talking to Christian from last season and I think THAT is where she made her design mistake.

The other travesty of the evening was Kenley and her attitude. I pray that she's booted and that it would take her down a peg. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance and she's been arrogant since day one. I love how the editors have slowly let us see the arrogant side of her this season. At first, I was a fan, now I want her gone.

Poor Blayne was teamed with Stella and it was the most hideous thing I think I've ever seen go down a runway. He too was eliminated. Next week: Designing for old teachers. Hooray!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Fringe": The pilot

The cast of "Fringe" hopes you'll make them appointment TV. Photo by

A disclaimer: I saw the pilot back in July at Comic-Con. (If you don't go, you should REALLY check it out. Tonight, I rewatched and it confirmed what I knew back then: This is a really GOOD show.

Of course it comes from JJ Abrams who knows how to create good shows. See "Lost" and "Alias" and of course "Felicity".

"Fringe" starts with a plane in a really bad electrical storm. Lightening is striking and the plane is jostling everywhere. A nervous passanger is sweating profusely and injects himself with a substance. He then tries to go to the front of the plane and a flight attendant struggles to put him back in his seat and then she sees that he's infected with a virus that makes the skin transparent and what's worse, it's spreading through the plane.

The plane lands safely and all aboard are dead. Agent Olivia Dunham is assigned to the case after struggling with Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyales. They try to figure out what's going on with the plane. Dunham is keeping a secret, she's having an affair with another agent. After her boyfriend, Agent Scott, is hurt, she looks for the one person who can help him. That leads her to mad scientist Dr. Walter Bishop and his son Peter.

Peter is in Iraq brokering shady deals when Olivia asks for his help in getting his father to share the information needed to help Agent Scott. The Trail leads to a powerful company, Massive Dynamic, and it's liason Nina Sharp who as a secret or two of her own.

Bishop then tries some "fringe" science on Olivia to allow her to get into Agent Scott's head to see the face of the person who injured him. After the guy is captured, we learn that Agent Scott is actually a DOUBLE AGENT and a bad guy. He's killed and Dunham is offered a her own team to investigate paranormal activity. Meanwhile, we learn that Massive Dynamics has claimed Agent Scott's body and that he can be questioned after being dead for five hours!

That being said, the show seems to be a gorier version of "X-Files" and a little "La Femme Nikta" involved.

I'm onboard, for now. I hope you will be too.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Gossip Girl

The old gang is back together. Yay.

After last week's great start, "Gossip Girl" continued its reign as one of the best shows on TV. Although, I'm getting a touch worried because this week it started veering into soap opera territory.

Spotted: Nate Archibald trying to raise money to keep his family in the style they are accustomed to. Sadly, he's become a himbo for a duchess.

Spotted: Chuck Bass having a heart that beats only for Blair. Unfortunately, he's not interested.

Spotted: Vanessa's heart shattering after being stood up by Nate. Too bad she doesn't know that he's almost broke and he's in way over his head.

Spotted: Serena and Dan making out almost the entire episode. This is getting really old.

Spotted: Jenny Humphrey only in one scene and doing almost nothing. Actually this IS a good thing.

Spotted: A face off between Blair and the Duchess. It ends in a draw when Professor Himbo Nate slipping her his candlestick in the library (yeah, I went there).

Spotted: Nate and Jenny's dad having a midlife crisis. Fortunately it's passing when he realized that he's missing his kids lives.

Until next time...



Sunday, September 07, 2008

What I'm watching for the fall

"The Cleveland Show" is one of the new entries to my Fall TV lineup. Photo by

Last week, the Fall TV 2008 rolled out with "Gossip Girl," "90210," "Prison Break" and "America's Next Top Model," and over the next few weeks more TV shows will be competing for your attention. After reading through the entertainment bible and after careful consideration from the thoughts and opinions from my friends, here's my line up.

"The Amazing Race," "Desperate Houseswives" to be watched live. To be DVR'd "Family Guy" and "The Cleveland Show."
Why you should watch: "TAR" is one of the best reality shows on TV. It's like traveling all over the world without leaving the comfort of your home. Plus, host Phil Keoghan is the sexiest reality host on TV. Last season, "Desperate Housewives" got its groove back with the addition of Dana Delaney to the cast and this season is the five year jump, so I can't wait to see what happened in-between.

"Gossip Girl," "Heroes" and "Prison Break" (in the winter "24"). I'm dropping "Chuck." To be DVR'd : nothing. Monday is going to be the busiest and best night of the week as "GG", "Heroes" all fight for that teen-age, hip, cool audience.
"GG" is this generations "BH, 90210" only with Prada and Kate Spade instead of shoulder pads and tube skirts. "Heroes" had an awful last season. The writer's strike probably didn't help things but it just seemed as if it lost its way. Then, we managed to see hour 1 at Comic-Con and was blown away. So I'm in for now, but it's on probation. I skipped a great big portion of "Prison Break" last season but I managed to enjoy the premiere last week so I'm in again, but it, too, is on probation. I'm a little concerned about the writers of "24" delaying production but I'm sure they will get back on track. I was this close to DVR'ing "Dancing with the Stars" to see if Cloris Leachman or Susan Lucci would break a hip but decided that it wasn't worth my time.

"90210" (on probation), "Fringe" "Law & Order SVU". To DVR: "The Biggest Loser: Families." I got hooked on America's trendiest ZIP code last week, but we'll see if they can still deliver the heat in week two.

"Fringe" is amazing. Here, take a peek.

See? I knew you'd like it.
As far as "SVU" as long as Mariska and Christopher are on, then I'm watching. I love their chemistry and although the cases can be a big gruesome, it's still worth watching.


"America's Next Top Model", "Stylista," "Project Runway" to DVR: "Deal or No Deal". Tyra is a superstar in her own mind. But the girl can model her butt off. The Tyra wannabees always come with their share of drama. This season we have a transexual and an Asian woman who might win the whole thing. The rest, I'm kinda meh on . "Stylista" is from the same producers so I imagine it'll be some of the same over the top drama we're used to. There are no words to describe the wonders of "Project Runway." And while this season may not have the dramatic characters we're used to, this is a strong group of designers. I'm looking for Korto, Kenley and Terri to be in the final three but I could be wrong. "Deal or No Deal" may actually give away the blasted $1 Million now.

Take a look at the first winner.

While it's exciting and all, I don't need to see it every single week.

My 8 p.m. hour is extremely competitive!! I'm watching "Survivor" live, DVR'ing "Ugly Betty" to be watched at 9 p.m. I would LOVE to catch Smallville this season since they will be featuring the Justice League and the Legion of Superheroes but I can't watch everything. And I'm adding an old friend "ER" back into the mix. I left "ER" when Dr. Romano got his arm cut off by a helicopter only one season later to have another helicopter land on him and kill him. It had become tired and too soap-opera-y to me. But now, I'm hooked again by watching old episodes in the gym in the mornings.

Friday: What I'm watching: Absolutely nothing. There's noting ever REMOTELY interesting on this day to me. So I might use this evening to catch up with the shows I missed during the week.

Saturday: The same. Absolutely nothing.

So there you have it.

Is there something I missed that I should be watching?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

How Stella lost her groove: "Project Runway"

A badly constructed outfit didn't impress the judges and Stella was sent home. Photo by

This season of "PR" is rocking a little less now that leather/biker chick Stella got Auf'd. It's sad too because she was showing potential. This week's challenge: Creating a look for Diane von Furstenberg.

Some people did an excellent job. Kenley's one piece dazzled although she had to fight for it. Korto, I think should have pulled it out, but alas, nerdy Leeanne pulled out another win and is emerging as the one to watch.

Jarrell, Blaine and Teri all got a pass and it came down to Joe and Stell and poor Stella was given the boot.

Episode grade: B+

America's Next Top Model

Poor Sharuan. We barely knew you, but what we saw was stank. Photo by

And so we're off. Tonight, Cycle 11 (Can you believe it?) of "America's Next Top Model" began and based on what I saw tonight, it's going to be one heck of a season.

This season's theme: The future of modeling. And they rode that theme to the hilt as Tyra and the Jays (Mr. and Miss Jay) were all dolled up in silver clothes, bad wigs and tons of make-up. It was hy-sterical. I don't mean to be cruel, but after Tyra told us all to kiss her fat ass I backed off on her weight but these clothes she's wearing isn't doing her body any favors.

I 'm loving Sheena an Asian girl who is straight up hood, Marjorie and Jocelyn, who's auditioned 30 times! (Did anyone else cringe when she said she was from "Lucky Louisiana" especially now?)

I hate Clark and I'm on the fence about Elina because she seems very predatory.

Isis is the best of the bunch but sadly, she won't win because she's a pre-op transexual.

This week's challenge, conveying different issues in the world today. Isis rocked her photo and some people's photos were a little crazy. Saleish errr... Neikesha argued with the judges and that's a no-no and found herself in the bottom with Sharaun. But luckily, she had class enough to she was sorry to the other girls.

Episode grade: A+

"90210" : The Pilot...

AnnaLynne McCord is a good actress. Just not on "90210." Photo by The

After all the promos and weeks of waiting, we finally got a peek at "90210." Was it worth the wait? Maybe.

Here's the good: The show is edgier. (In the first 10 minutes, a girl gives a boy's privates a mouth hug in the parking lot), and it deals with today's issues.

The producers were also smart enough to cast Jennie Garth as the guidance counselor of the school to have a tie to the old show and Nat is back as owner of the Peach Pit. (yay!). They also brought Shannen Doherty back as Brenda (note, it's very clear she showed up for the paycheck and nothing else).

Here's the bad: There are way too many contrived situations. For example, one girl has drug habit and needs money. So her rich friend happens to walk away from her purse and the purse contains the money needed.

Dixon is African-American. His family is white. Not ONE character on the show reacted with shock and surprise. No one questioned why this white family has this black child. What is this "Webster?"

The show is disturbing to me because ALL of the actresses are way too skinny. Doesn't anyone eat in "90210"?

The first episode is about the Wilson family from Kansas moving into the ZIP code to take care of their boozy grandma. (Actress Jessica Walter is wonderful in this role). The family, wide-eyed Annie (Shenae Grimes), her adoptive African-American brother Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and parents Harry (Rob Estes) who's the new principal of West Beverly High and wife Debbie (Lori Loughlin) have a hard time adjusting to how people do things in California. At school both Annie and Dixon try to make friends quickly. Annie falls in with spoiled, rich Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) and quickly learns her friendship comes with a cost. And Naomi's boyfriend Ethan (Dustin Milligan,) who's torn about who he wants to be. Annie also wants to be friends with Silver (Jessica Stroup) a quirky outsider who has a YouTube-like broadcast that most of the school watches. (hmm, shades of "Gossip Girl" here?). And Silver happens to be Kellie Taylor's (Jennie Garth) younger half sister.

In the two-hour premier we have hook ups and break ups, two blasts from the pasts, a baby who was given up for adoption, porn and more.

While the show isn't as sweet and sunny as the original, it might be worth adding to your guilty pleasure list. Some of the actors are a bit green and some have had better roles. For example, AnneLynne McCord set the screen on fire as Eden on "nip/tuck" and here she's barely smouldering. I know you can really go for it on cable but this is just dry and uninspired. She look bored instead of saucy and that's a problem for the hot, rich girl on this show.

Some storylines I'm not invested in yet such as the girl who has a drug problem. She indicates that they can't pay the rent, but she spends $200 on drugs? It doesn't make sense. And finally, this seems like "Gossip Girl" lite. If I were the CW, I'd put this show on after "GG" and they'd have the teen/young adult/female/gay audience locked up.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Prison Break

OK. I hopped off the "Prison Break" train last year because the story got too convoluted and crazy. But after watching tonight's episode, I'm back on board.

We had the return of the presumed dead Sara. The demise of the prison break tattoo. The arrest of all the major players and then the reuniting of the gang. This time, they are going to bring down The Company AKA the big bads of the last three seasons.

But my favorite thing: cannibalism. Yep, T-bag ATE the guy who he was crossing the boarder with. And of course, there was this bad joke "What's the matter man, you eat some bad Mexican?" Um, yeah.

Despite that, it was still fun to watch.

Why I love "Gossip Girl"

Oh Blair and Chuck, you're so devlishly bad. And that's why I love you. Photo by

After a long and very boring summer, the fall has finally arrived! Tonight, "Gossip Girl" returned and it arrived with guns blazing.

Fake romances, reunions and a bone lace dress made for an interesting episode. We kicked off the season with the end of summer in where else: The Hamptons. Serena and Nate are in the middle of a fake romance. She's mourning her breakup with Dan. He's shaking up with a married woman. Meanwhile Chuck Bass is entertaining himself with the local talent while missing Blair.

Blair spent her summer in Tuscany waiting for Chuck who never arrived and she's po'd. Back in the city, Dan's been hooking up with chick after chick. Young Jenny's been busy at an internship with Blair's mom (imagine that!) and making pretty dresses.

The Head Bitch in Charge at Blair's mom's company is too caught up in herself to see Jenny's talent and uses her power to make Jenny miserable.

But all of this changes during the White Party. No, not THIS one!
Chuck wants to get back with Blair but she's got a new boy toy with a secret. I thought he was totally gay but learned that he's actually a British lord which makes Chuck very, very sad.

Jenny makes a splash at the White Party and even catches the eye of a rival designer and that in turns makes the HIBIC at the design company finally notice her.

Nate pines for the married woman and he and Serena tries to make her jealous and it works. So much that they plan a secret meeting.

Blair and Chuck almost connect but Chuck can't say I love you. But Serena and Dan reunite and that's what's important to me.