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"Heroes" the premiere!

Hiro, it looks like you might get stuck with another lame storyline again. Photo by

So my show is back and it's better than ever. I saw hour one at Comic-Con back in July and so here's how the season starts:
In the future, Peter is running from something and then confronts Claire who attempts to shoot him but he teleports out to the past. It turns out that Peter is the one who shot Nathan last season in an attempt to stop Nathan from telling people about the people with special abilities.

In the present, Peter is teleported away and FuturePeter takes his place. Meanwhile, Sylar is after Claire and is terrorizing her at home. In New York, Mohinder hides Molly somewhere safe (translation, we can't have children on this show) and he and Maya try to work on discovering how the Heroes get their abilities.

Nathan is healed and then goes to a church spouting off how he was saved by an angel. It turns out to be wait for it.... Linderman!

Sylar captures Claire and steals her abilities. But he also tells her that she's immortal and CAN'T die. (I still think she's related to the guy from Feudal Japan that Hiro put into a grave. ) And now that he has her ability, he's immortal too. (This I think will come back to bite him in the butt!) He also steals HRG's case files and sees the villians locked away at The Company's prison.

Matt gets wise to FuturePeter and is teleported to the desert and is miles away from anyone. Meaning, without minds to read his power is worthless.

In Japan, HIro learns it's his destiny to protect an ancient formula and it's stolen by a blonde speedster (LAME).

He teleports in to the future where he sees himself KILLED by Ando who has a superpower of his own, a red lightening bolt. And then Ando takes the formula for himself.

Hiro sees the world ending before his eyes and teleports himself back to present day.

In Washington, a Nikki lookalike appears to be the trophy wife of a congressman and they have their eyes set on Nathan. In New York, Mohinder injects himself with a formula to make Heroes after he takes some from the DNA of Maya aka "Black Eyes of Death".

Mama Petrelli confronts FuturePeter about where CurrentPeter is and she reveals her power: She's a precog and dreams of the future. She tells him that a different fate is unraveling and that he needs to go back.

IN a maxium secrutity facility run by The Company, we learn that Peter is locked away in the body of an inmate and it's WEEVIL from "Veronica Mars"! Can we hope for a Francis Capra/Kristen Bell reunion???!!

And that's just in hour 1!

Hour 2, has Claire's mom cleaning up the house and Claire tells her that he stole ability. Claire's mom asks if he raped her and she tells him no. Claire discovers that she can no longer feel pain and that scares her because now she doesn't feel human any more.

Meanwhile Mama Petrelli sees a stabbed Hero, a killed Matt and Cliar being attacked and HRG killed along with Peter. Meanwhile Adam and Nikki and the villians from the past attack our Heroes.

Future Peter and Mama Petrilli talk about the Butterfly Effect and how you screw with time, you get hurt. Mama Petrelli tells Peter that because of him Sylar stole Claire's power.

A shirtless Mohinder shows Maya his new power and he's very aggresive and very Spider-Man like. (Groan). He tells Maya that he's a better man and promises to take her powers away. He then kisses Maya and they fall into bed quickly or shall I say the nearest desk top.

At the Company, Elle and Bob talk about how they can stop Syler. Bob cuts Elle down again and she's ticked.

Hiro is worried about what he saw with Ando and hires private detectives to look for the super speederster. Her name is Daphne and they get her name and address.

Ando wants to go and Hiro is hesitant. Tracy Strauss aka Nikki 2.0 try to talk to Nathan and try to lure him back into politics.

Nikki 2.0 wants Nathan appointed as a Jr. Senator for N.Y. A reporter looks at Nikki 2.0 and guess who it is: William Katt, aka The Greatest American Hero!!!! The cameos are out of control on this show.

Meanwhile Claire is back to making tapes and stands in front of a moving train and Future Peter rescues her just in time.

Peter learns that Sylar can heal now. Peter now realizes that it was his fault and Claire wants to learn to defend herself. Nathan meets Nikki 2.0.

Nathan calles Nikki 2.0 and tells her he knows her in a Biblical sense. He tells him that her name is Tracy Struass but she's going to be called Nikki 2.0 in this blog.

At the Company, Elle sees Bob dead and has a gun. She tells HRG that Sylar is in the building and gives HRG the gun. He shoots Slylar and shoots him in the brain. He then heals in front of them and is angry. He then knocks him out. Sylar goes after Elle. He then shows Elle that he stole his dad's power. Elle then blows herself up with electrity and knocks Sylar back. And then DAMN it's a commerical break!

After the break, we see Elle has survived and Sylar is knocked out. But the other prisoners escaped including Peter. At Daphne's apartment Hiro tells Ando that he killed him in the vision.

FuturePeter reveals who he is to Nathan. He then tells him that he screwed things up and that he needs Nathan's help to make things better.

Nikki 2.0 confronts the reporter but not before Nathan tells her that he's on board. Nikki 2.0 is upset after she sees a video tape the reporter shows her and freezes the reporter who then cracks into a million pieces. Whoa!

At the Company, Elle is ticked and Mama Petrelli is there and she's running things. She tells Elle that a dozen inmates were freed and Elle is kicked out by Mama Petrelli. Sylar is locked up (yay!).

Mama Petrelli tells Elle to get out. Poor Elle and worst of all, no reunion.

Hiro takea a medal of hers and he wants the formula. She puts a knife to Ando's throat and he's cut but not badly. Hiro puts a tracking device on the medal so they can find Daphe. At Mohinders, after he and Maya have slept together, he's having adverse effects to his new powers and he's skin is breaking out into nasty legions. ICK!

Matt is finally found in the dessert and he's hearing the thoughts of a turtle or so he thinks. He's rescued by a bushman and he asks if he knows Britney Spears (ROFL!!). Matt learns he's in Africa!

He then tells them that they should use Sprint (product placement much?)

The African apparently has the abilities to paint the future (channeling Issac! maybe??)

At Claire's house, she hears her dad and is glad he's back. He tells her that he's going to hunt down the villains and apparently no one else in the house can hear him.

At Nathan's he's playing chess with Linderman and apparently no one else can see or hear him. (I'm wondering if Nathan is possessed? Or does he have a guilty conscious?)

We learn about the villains, Knox, a flame thrower, Jesse, the German and they are on the loose. We learn that a dozen of them are loose and he wants to bring them back to justice.

Claire wants to learn to protect her and Claire's birthmom moves in. As if fire could really help.

Future peter teleports into Sylar's cell and Mama Petrelli tells him to get current Peter back. Current Peter is along with some thugs whose killing people to steal their ride. A poor woman is burned to death and Peter goes along with them. We see some abilities, the German can maniuplate metal and the flamethrower shoots blue flame.

Angela goes to Syler and drops a HUGE bombshell: She's HIS mom!!!

Consider my mind blown!

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sgfludd said...

You know - this show is just too damned confusing to keep up with. I can't even follow the SYNOPSIS! UGH! Ping me when you add House or Big Bang Theory! LOL