Wednesday, April 16, 2008

LORD! What has happened to "ANTM'????

After the stunning elimination of Claire two weeks ago, I was going to stop blogging about this show. Tonight, my dear Stacy Ann got the boot second from left. Lauren, let, Whitney, third from left, Anya,DomMANique and Katarzyna are all headed to Rome next episode and so's Fatima who MISSED the photo shoot. Photo by

This show has jumped the shark this season. What the heck is going on? Two weeks ago, Tyrant and her crew let one of their strongest models, Claire, go. If you remember, I picked Claire to win the whole thing so I guess I know nothing about modeling.

This week, Stacy Ann was kicked out. Fatima, who missed the photo shoot because of refugee issues, got to stay.

How unfair was this? In the real world, if a model missed a shoot, she'd be fired. I guess that doesn't matter in Tyrant world.

Episode grade: A big fat WTF???!