Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's not me, it's you. Breaking up is hard to do...

With the fall season fast approaching, I've decided for the sake of my DVR I'm going to break up with a few shows to make room for some shows I have high hopes for.

So here's my list of shows that are purged from my DVR.

1) "Rescue Me": While two seasons ago, the show was funny, gritty, fresh and innovative, it's not that way anymore. I just don't like these guys. They don't touch my heart anymore and I find myself rooting for these firefighters to bite the big one. Plus the rape of Janet by Tommy was the moment that drove me over the age.

2) "Desperate Housewives": It used to be campy fun, now it's just a cliched mess.

3) "Survivor": It's on probation. I need to check out the first few episodes to see if I care.

4) "Deal or No Deal," and "1 vs. 100" I don't need to see every episode. I can just check in now and then.

And here's what I'm excited about.

1) "Nip/Tuck": Now that Christian and Sean have moved to L.A. I can't wait to see what adventures these two get into.

2) "Chuck": Nerd gets all the government's secrets downloaded into his brain. Premise sounds interesting.

3) "Bionic Woman" Saw preview at Comic-Con. With some retooling, this could work.

4) "Ugly Betty": Just bring Justin and his fabulousness back.

5) "Heroes": Can't wait to see what Chapter Two is all about.

6) "Prison Break": How's Michael going to get out of this??????

7) "24": Let's just pretend last season didn't happen.

3) "Bionic Woman":