Sunday, April 08, 2007

Eight hours for 20 seconds?

Yep. I waited at Viejas Casino for 8 fraking (Hello BSG fans) hours yesterday to try out for "Deal or No Deal."

My girlfriend and some of her church friends waited too to try out. A co-worker of mine did the wise thing and left to play the cards games. (I hope he won).

While in line, I met the most interesting folks. One girl wanted the money to get married and adopt a baby. The another wanted the money to start a new life after having some hard times. The group I was with all wanted to donate some money to their church and then use it to send grandchildren to college or buy a house.

I don't know if any of us impressed anyone but we gave it the try.

I got there at 10 a.m. and drove around looking for a parking spot. Twenty minutes later, I was STILL looking. I noticed folks are rude when it comes to parking. I got cut off three times when clearly I was next for the spot. I was tempted to key a few cars yesterday when I saw that they purposely took up two and in one case THREE parking spots. I was shocked and appalled about it. But I thought karma might get the best of me and I let it pass.

Then the waiting began. One poor handicapped man waited so long that his walker broke. They called the ambulance but luckily he was OK. Once they found a wheelchair for him, he was ready to get back in the line.

The wait was so long, folks went shopping, went to eat and came back and the line moved very little. We were told by several people that once we made it to the big tent that we had another two hours to wait. They didn't lie. We waited and waited and waited. Then we were told another tent awaited us and then another tent and THEN we got to the casting folks.

We got asked this question"What would you do with the million dollars?" I told them that I would build my brother a new house, pay some bills and that I wanted to be on the show badly. Plus I threw this little gem in "Tomekia is so fine, she might turn me straight." The guy laughed and wrote something on my form my guess: "This queen is crazy" or a big NO!

Then they told us that we might be called a year from now. Oh joy, 364 more days to go........