Monday, October 08, 2007

Believe it or not I'm walking on air: Heroes: The Recap

Shirtless Peter! Suspicious Claire. A jealous Hiro and the Wonder Twins embrace their powers all adds up to a pretty darn good episode of "Heroes."

I'll start with the plot I cared the least about: Maya and Alejandro. They're still working their way toward America when Zan er, Alejandro tries to steal a car because Maya is dehydrated and needs to rest. Here's a thought: REST! Don't be running around in broad daylight with Wanted posters everywhere! He gets arrested and Maya has to enact the "The Scary Black Eyes of Death" and take out the folks in the jail including a gringo in the cell next to Alejandro who conveniently has a car. Alejandro struggles to use his powers to stop the officers and the gringo from dying.

Anyone else thinks that Maya's going to hook up with Sylar?

And speaking of everyone's favorite bad guy, he's holed up with Candace who now goes by Michelle since the actress left the show to go to the CW's "Reaper." So we have a new actress who's pretty horrible and not as good. Sylar is ticked because NONE of his powers work due to the stab wound inflicted by Hiro in last year's finale. He looks defeated but luckily for us he decided to off Candice and we finally see her for who she is. I'm glad because this recasting thing wasn't working for me.

In Vegas, we learn that D.L. died (shock and surprise since he hasn't been seen on any of the promotional materials) and Niki and leave for a fresh start. Niki drops Micah off in New Orleans where if you're a "Star Trek" fan you see a familiar face.

In Ireland, we have Peter doing a full on Justice League of America display of his powers as he uses Matt's telepathy and telekisis to stop a bad guy. After all the build up about the box, Peter decides not to open it and appears to stay in Ireland for now.

In NYC: Mohinder moves in Issac's old digs (good recycling of a set) as his new lab for The Company. At home, Mohinder tells Molly that he's never leaving again. At the lab, Mohinder makes a startling discovery which we'll go into later.

In California, Claire is embarrassed by Stalker West in science class. She admits to him that she's different and in a Superman move he scoops her up and flies her to the beach. He confesses that when he lived in St. Louis he was captured by a man.... wait for it..... with Horned Rimmed Glasses and didn't know what happened to him.

Mohinder calls HRG and shows him a jpeg of a painting that Issac did which shows HRG dead and Claire kissing some boy. Dun-Dun!!

Episode grade: B