Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Idol" worship

It was David vs David on tonight's "American Idol." Thankfully, the RIGHT David, that would be David Cook on the right won. To his left is David Archuleta. Photo by Reuters

So after weeks of bad auditions and bad singing, it came down to the battle of the Davids. Tonight's overstuffed show dragged on way too long. It was full of washed up singers (apologies to any fans of the following people). ZZ Top, Donna Summer, Graham Nash, Seal and Bryan Adams all trotted on stage to sing with the fallen "Idol" contestants. And if you didn't get your celeb fix on stage then you could look in the audience and see old "Idols" such as Fantasia and Ruben in the audience along with Teri Hatcher, Janice Dickinson and a few others.

As my friend Karla says, "It's like 15 minutes worth of show stretched out to two hours." I wanted to bypass but my partner squealed like a girl and demanded we watch.

That being said, it was less than enjoyable and all the product placement was unbearable. Mike Myers came on to sell his new movie, "The Love Guru" which looks positively awful.

That being said, thanks America for getting it right and choosing the RIGHT David to win.