Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you believe this?

Suede was shown the door tonight. Suede is probably unhappy. Photo by Bravo.TV

The good: Korto won the bad, Kenley is still a bitch. Seriously, I hate to use that word to describe any woman, but this chick is crazy.

Tonight's challenge: design for the designers. The twist, each designer had to create a look inspired by a genre of music.
Suede did Jerelle for a rock n roll look. Jerelle did Kenley for pop. Kenley did a horrible hip-hip look for Leanne, Korto did punk for Suede. Leanne did country for Korto.

The designs were hysterical. Korto looked like a hot mess. Suede looked great. Jerelle was kinda bland. Kenley looked OK and Leanne was hysterically bad.

LL Cool J guest judged and I was sad we didn't see as much of him. Kenley sassed Tim and then sassed the judges and inexplicably remained ON THE SHOW! Suede was auf'd.

I can't wait for next week because EVERYBODY was crying in the previews!

So long...Hannah and Isis...

They pulled a fast one on us eliminating not one, but two models! Hannah, I understood but Isis really? Photo by

This week's episode was about walking and fierceness. Miss Jay has the girls show up at a bowling alley and have them walk in high! heels! It reminds me of that hooker heel challenge a few season ago were some girls got injured.

At a runway show, poor Hannah had the worst walk ever. During the second challenge, the models had to shoot in the pool with NIgel as the shooter. Why is it, that he seems to always catch these girls half naked Seriously, it's a little pervy...

Mr. Jahy shows up with a black tank top and a white shorts that looked like he just came in from the gay pride parade. Some girls did well like Annaleigh and some had a hard time. I was shocked Elina didn't well because her eyes is what draws people in.

You could tell early that Isis was in trouble because she was getting the "I'm Going Home" edit.