Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Can you believe this?

Suede was shown the door tonight. Suede is probably unhappy. Photo by Bravo.TV

The good: Korto won the bad, Kenley is still a bitch. Seriously, I hate to use that word to describe any woman, but this chick is crazy.

Tonight's challenge: design for the designers. The twist, each designer had to create a look inspired by a genre of music.
Suede did Jerelle for a rock n roll look. Jerelle did Kenley for pop. Kenley did a horrible hip-hip look for Leanne, Korto did punk for Suede. Leanne did country for Korto.

The designs were hysterical. Korto looked like a hot mess. Suede looked great. Jerelle was kinda bland. Kenley looked OK and Leanne was hysterically bad.

LL Cool J guest judged and I was sad we didn't see as much of him. Kenley sassed Tim and then sassed the judges and inexplicably remained ON THE SHOW! Suede was auf'd.

I can't wait for next week because EVERYBODY was crying in the previews!

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