Thursday, December 13, 2007

So long, farewell and welcome back: Project Runway the recap

This outfit helped sister Christian to his first "PR"
win. Lord help us all.
Last night was one of the saddest/happiest episodes ever.
This week the designers had to make outfits for women who lost a ton of weight. The catch was they had to use material from each woman's favorite outfit pre-weightloss. One wound up wearing a wedding dress as her favorite outfit. (I'm like really? You really like that gawdawful dress?????) It kinda sucked because the material wasn't worthy of being re-done and who walks around saying her wedding dress was her favorite outfit?

Poor Steven drew that challenge and you knew it was going to be curtains for him. On the let's get even sadder front, Jack, the HIV+ designer was faced with a medical emergency a staph infection that was getting worse by the hour. He decided to leave the show so that he wouldn't put others at risk.

Now, don't hate me here readers but I have to bring this up: Didn't the show consider that he might be having some sort of emergency crisis? I know that he's been HIV+ for 17 years (basically ALL of his adult life) and that his body - while it is the eye candy that it is - and immune system might not be able to take the stress of a daily design competition? I'm not trying to be discriminatory, but seriously you'd think they'd have some sort of doctor on staff to deal with medical emergencies.

But just when our hearts were breaking and tears were dropping, they brought back Chris who was booted last week. And all was joyous in the land again!

While some of the women loved their fancy new duds, some weren't quite up to par with what the designers designed. A few were just downright wrong. And some were just fabric snobs which ultimately lead to the downfall of Steven.

Hey, if we're lucky he'll be brought back too!

Episode grade: B