Monday, November 05, 2007

I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing: Heroes: the recap

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Yay! My show is back.

It's getting better again. This episode we had our heroes team up to stop nightmare man. And the big reveal: "Adam" is Kensei and he's the big bad behind all the shenanigans!

Hiro finally leaves Japan after totally altering history. Nikki injects herself with a new strain of the virus and the cure? Our own Claire.

We also learn that the future is a very bad place because there's a nasty virus that's wiping out humanity. Peter finds out when he accidentally transports him and Caitlain in the future and accidentally leaves her there.

West learns who Claire's dad is and that leads to a confrontation and Claire tells her family that if they leave they are going to have to leave without her. But the big thing is when Mohinder spills the beans to Bob about what he's been doing with Noah.

Next week: What happened after the big boom!

Episode grade: A