Monday, October 02, 2006

The best TV season ever?

I put a question mark in the header but I really am believing that this is the best TV season in years.

Every night, there's a TON of stuff to watch and even more on the cable outlets. I'm busy trying to catch up on stuff I haven't had a chance to watch.

As I type this I'm "watchlistening" to "Studio 60" from last week. My BFF David says I should give this show a chance so I'm trying. Today I told him I was going to dump it but he said to try and so I told him since he hit me with the sledgehammer of reason, I would. I'm not digging
Amanda Peet. She's totally unbelivable as a network head. A better casting choice might have been Heather Locklear. But since Heather has been a show killer lately, "LAX" anyone? maybe it's just as well.

I have dumped Brothers and Sisters because Calista Flockhart is just too scary to watch.

"Kidnapped" might be falling to the side too because of better choices out there. Like "The Nine."

My new faves are "Heroes" and "Ugly Betty" . The niephew on "UB" makes it worth watching.