Friday, November 30, 2007

The plan to save "Journeyman"

Here's looking at you McKidd. I hope we'll see you after the strike. Photo by

On another message board, my secret identity is SDpaperboy. I've been on a one man crusade to get people to save this show. So here's the plan: Monday night, 10 p.m. download the last episode aired called "Blowback" on Itunes. It'll cost you $1.99 but it's worth it.

Get your friends to do the same and then get them to watch on Dec. 10 so we can see those numbers rise!

He dug his own grave: Survivor the recap

In the words of Florida Evans "Damn, Damn, DAYUM! Photo by

OK. Confession time: I haven't recapped "Survivor" in a while because I got bored and it had gotten lame. But after last night's surprise boot, it's suddenly veerrry interesting!

I have to admit, I had hoped that James the gravedigger, would go farther along in the game than this. One, because I thought he was a cool dude and two, I had him in my company's office pool!

Boyfriend got PLAYED y'all. Amanda the pixelated booty shaker came up with the plan to blindside him by voting him out. But first, Pee Gee, some dude I can't and don't care about and Denise the lunch lady all got to go to a Chinese temple and eat, rest and watch Kung Fu. Denise hauled out her moves and, and, (yeah, I'm going to say it) everybody was Kung Fu fighting! (Well, not really but they were showing off their moves).

Back at camp James, Todd, Amanda and Courtney were all thrilled saying that in a few days it could be them in the Final Four. Amanda, though, said she had to shake up the game and came up with the perfect plan to get James out.

And just like that, James, after losing immunity, got played. He had TWO hidden immunity idols and decided not to play them and he was voted out. You could see in his face before the voting that he was tempted to play one of them but trusted his teammates, thereby ignorning the cardinal rule of "Survivor" Don't TRUST ANYBODY.

(Sigh) there goes my $200.

Episode grade: B+

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

NO! NOOOOO!: America's Next Top Model the recap

I don't care who wins. THIS is MY America's Next Top Model. Photo by

Can you BELIEVE this???

I was floored! Floored!! Bianca did well! Heather sucked???!! Heather got booted! LORD! LORD! LORD!

I feel sooo sorry for her because she couldn't find the go-sees. It was soo, soo sad.

Episode grade: WTF

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Time is running out: SAVE JOURNEYMAN

If NBC has its way, Livia and the rest of the "Journeyman" gang may go POOF!. Photo by

TV is breaking my heart. Another one of my shows is in danger of being yanked from the schedule. I'm beginning to think that cheap reality show crap is all people care about.

A few posts ago, I told you that "Journeyman" will be cancelled if more eyeballs don't get on this show. Please, if you're reading this, e-mail and call this woman:

Park, Joanne
Senior Press Manager - NBC Entertainment Publicity (Project Assignment: "It's a Wonderful Life" "The Singles Table" "Journeyman" "The Office")
Phone: (818) 840-4579
Fax: (818) 840-4943

Please!! A show is in danger!

So long Red Team: So long Kim! So long big guy

Bryan was the last good guy left in the game. Kim sucks as a trainer. Photo by

I have a confession: I've stopped watching this show from beginning to end. It's just tooo long, toooooooooo drawn out. Instead I cruise in for the weigh ins and then check out the voting. Tonight: Holly and Brian fell below the yellow line and of course Bryan was sent home. It's a Biggest Loser first: An entire team G-O-N-E!

Bryan was my favorite because if he can work hard and lose the weight, then anyone can. He's an amazing person and I wish him well.

Monday, November 26, 2007

One episode left: Heroes

Yeah girl, I want to put the hood over my head too. Photo by

Is there all there is? After last episode's stellar episode, they come with this dud. The good: One half of the Wonder Twins was killed. The bad thing: it was the likable one.

Monica found out that her powers don't make her immune to stupidity as she was captured by a local gang while she was trying to retrieve Micah's stuff.

Claire acts like a bratty bitch most of the episode and we discover that Mohinder is the one who saved HRG and we learn that Claire and her crew plan to leave and move to Salt Lake City. The cool thing is the battle of the blondes (Claire vs. Elle) And Claire finally takes a stand against the company. Sylar calls Mohinder and tells him that he has Molly in his possession.

Hiro time travels in the past and learns Adam's plan goes to confront him. And we end Hiro vs. Peter. Wow.

Episode grade: C

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chickens and goats: Oh MY! The Amazing Race

A U-Turn derailed Jason and Lorena's quest for $1 million. Photo by

Sooo many things to say about this episode! The blondes in a word: suck. But I skip ahead: TAR unveiled a handy new trick to cause the racers misery: The U-Turn. How it works is this: If a team gets U-turned they have to finish BOTH assigned tasks instead of choosing the one they think they can do. Unfortunately for Jason and Lorena, they had to do an African dance (those dances were hilarious!) AND pan for gold which lead to their early dismal.

It's too bad because I actually wanted to see more Lorena meltdowns like last week. And what's going on with the animals? last week animals, this week goats! I felt sorry for the poor goats. And what's up with Jen's pissy attitude? "Everybody deserves a turn? This ain't Miss America honey, it's the Amazing RACE!

Episode grade: B+

R.I.P Bradford Meade: A very late "Ugly Betty" recap

So long Bradford. Photo by

I've said it once, I've said it twice, the show just keeps improving episode by episode. After last week's death of Bradford Meade and Betty's promise to help Daniel, Betty's got a case of the guilts as she keeps seeing Mr. Meade everywhere.

MM tells Betty she needs to go back to Mode but she says she didn't like the person she was becoming there. The day of the funeral, Hilda, Papa Suarez and Justin all prepare for the annual "let's get the tree ready" ritual. Hilda wants a hot pink fire retardant tree and Justin reminds everyone that "Pink is the new green." but after he gets the Xmas lights from his room from when "he turned his closet into a night club."
Betty dashes off to MM's funeral but not before Hilda reminds her that she could have quit AFTER she got the Xmas bonus. (I'm with Hilda on this).

At the funeral, Daniel discovers from Alexis that MM bought a huge family plot for all of them and he's stunned. The police escort Claire to the funeral and just as things were settling down, Willie shows up with Marc in tow. Marc shouts out "I can't believe she came! What's she doing here! Who's she wearing!" to create a classic dramedy moment! And just when you think the laughs end there, Claire trips Willie into the open grave. Claire, Alexis and Daniel all vote to terminate Willie.

But they obviously must not know about girlfriend because she's not going down without a fight. She goes back to the Mode offices and activates a virus that wipes out the entire issue called Medusa X. (I gotta get me one of those!)

Henry's at the office and calls Daniel and Alexis and they scramble to get the issue ready. And of course, Betty is already there waiting and somehow managed to beat them both back to the office and called all the staff ready to report for work. Willie shows up, reveals HER new magazine and then manages to take most of the staff. When she offered free plastic surgery, Amanda tells Betty to "Go! GO!"

Willie tells the remaining staff to enjoy and they remind her of the orchestra that played as the Titanic was sinking.

Back at Casa Suarez, Hilda complains about the tree and accidentally sets it on fire. Oops!

At Mode, everyone is scrambling to bring the issue to the presses and it winds up that Henry gets to be the food editor, Betty takes over books and Amanda gets the "What's Hot" feature. Daniel realizes that they need to reshoot the cover and breaks their cover model Cameron (Eliza Dushku who totally deserves a nod for this role) out of rehab.

Amanda is feeling the heat and keeps reminding everyone that she's Fay Summers daughter and it finally takes Sheila to tell her that she's out of her league. Alexis is busy trying to keep the printer happy and tries to seduce him until she realizes that he's a dwarf. They bond over "My dad didn't love me" stories and he agrees to keep the presses running.

At Mode, the photoshoot goes horribly wrong and Betty inspires Daniel to produce a black cover commemorating MM and then renumbers the issues.

Willie's busy trying to secure funding and is shocked when her father turns her down. At Mode, everyone pulls together and the issue hits the stands. Back at CS, Betty surprises everyone with a fully decorated tree.

The end! Feliz Navidad!!

Episode grade: A+

Friday, November 23, 2007

I'm joining the cult of Angie Harmon

Police woman: Angie Harmon rules Friday nights Photo by

"Women's Murder Club" is my new Friday night guilty pleasure. Angie Harmon is fan-freaking-tastic. So fantastic that I'm joining the cult. I wish I could go back and watch her on "Law and Order." The thing that is amazing is this show is something that I wouldn't totally like and yet I'm entralled. It's like Sex and the City with guns or in the middle of a morgue.

But according to some bloggers, the show isn't doing well either. While I'm not begging this show be saved, I'd be sad if it were cancelled. It's smart, funny and entertaining. So if you're bored on a Friday night, give it a try. Tell them the Remote sent you.


Yep, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that's Sarah Jessica Parker getting her runway on. Photo by

My DVR lied and said that there were no new episodes of "Ugly Betty," nor "Project Runway." Luckily, I had the sixth sense to record them both.

Unfortunately, I can't recap "Betty" right now, that'll have to wait until over the weekend, but I can do "PR".

A word to Ricky: Honey, I love you but all this crying NEEDS TO STOP. We get it, it's stressful, this is your big chance, blah, blah, blah. I can only imagine what things are like at home when he and his partner have breakfast: Him: "Hon? The eggs aren't done." Ricky: "WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!"

This week's challenge: Design a dresss for SJP's Bitten line. Everyone went craz-y over SJP because she's a fashion-icon. Really? I watched "Sex and the City" and thought her look was hor-ri-ble 2/3 of the time. It looked like she went into her closet and just starting putting crap on and whatever happened, happened.

Chris boo-hooed like he met Jesus for the first time and the rest of my gay peeps were beside themselves with joy. Even some of the women were all ga-ga over this. I looked up the clothes and it looks like Old Navy with a twist to me.

It came down to Christian channeling dresses from "Addicted to Love" the video and Marion and his gunny sack. As you can see, this is the dress that got him "Auf'd"

Episode grade: B+
Next week: Ricky gets his byotch on.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's time to save our show!; "Journeyman" the appeal

It's time to take the journey, man: Watch this show!

photo by

I didn't think I'd be writing this this early, but it's time to alert your friends. A great show is in danger of being cancelled and that's "Journeyman." If you don't watch this show you should because it's one of the best written, smartest shows on NBC's prime-time lineup.

The story is this: Dan Vassar is a report for a San Francisco paper who's have a great life until one day he finds himself traveling back and forth through time trying to save people and rewrite history. The time trips come at unexpected moments and he can't control it. Also in the mix is his ex-fiancee Livia who was supposedly "killed" in a plane crash, only she jumped through time too. She's his guide on how to get things done during the TT trips. Dan's wife Katie and 7-year-old son Zach know about the trips and they're covering for him. Add Dan's brother Jack into the mix (he's Katie's ex fiance) and the FBI who's getting suspicious and you have a great show. is reporting that unless the show improves on its ratings on Monday nights, it's um, history!

We need to mobilize. We need to stop this. If you're reading, get people to catch up with the two-minute recaps or full episodes that NBC has online and get them to take the journey with us.

Monday, November 19, 2007

"Stings like a bitch doesn't it?": Heroes the recap!

HRG captures Elle who gets her just desserts.

Photo by

Lordy! It's back y'all! The first season magic of "Heroes" is back. West and HRG teaming up! Mohinder being bitch-slapped by HRG! Matt exploring the full extent of his powers! All of this adds up to Heroes goodness!

I loved the secret origin of Elle! The Company corrupted Elle and made her evil. Bob taking some of Claire's blood. Hiro and his dad traveling back in time to his mom's funeral and Hiro running into a younger version of himself. (Although why he doesn't remember it is beyond me. Anybody think Hiro mucking up time might have long reaching ramifications?)

And it's cool he got to say goodbye before his father was killed. And it was cool that Hiro froze time to see who killed his father. LOVED the special effects on that one although how many of us figured it out weeks ago that it was Kenzi/Adam who killed his dad. Is the seeking revenge against Hiro or has he gone mad with power?

Angela and Matt's interview was great too. Loved her smugness too! Especially when he used his power on her to force to tell him the truth: Adam is immortal. Angela then began to spill her guts. It was awesome. And then she fought him every step of the way until her nose bled.

I also liked that HRG and West bonded over cars. It was awesome to hear Elle overhear the plan and shoot a lightning bolt into the sky, shocking West and then having Claire save them both.

And how shocking was it to see Mohinder shoot HRG in the eye making Issac's painting come true! And the twist at the end: Holy $H!!!!!

Episode Grade: A+

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Please lord give me milk: The Amazing Race the recap

Photo by

Oh sooo much to say. First: The blondes: I HATE, HATE them. The racist comments they kept making about Africa were insane.

And note to the blondes, the bad weather? That's the WRATH OF GOD!

I'm glad that Christina and her dad got along better. And they have GOT to do something about the bunching! The teams started out in Amsterdam and ended up in Bingo, Africa. Who knew there was a place named Bingo?

And Phil's hair was just too amazing for words. The final two were the sisters and Jason and Lorena who appeared seconds away from having a nervous breakdown.

But the thing that frustrated me the most? Our local channel couldn't hold the signal so we couldn't see for looong stretches of time. BOO channel 8!

And it came down to a foot race and Lorena and Jason beat them. If only Julia and Marianna didn't help them by telling them to go to another camel for milk.

Friday, November 16, 2007

The hidden jewels of primetime

Photo by

Two shows I want to put on your radar: "Women's Murder Club" and "Journeyman." Both are based in San Francisco.

"WMC" stars Angie Harmon and it's basically "Sex and the City" in the middle of a squad room. The other members of the group are Jill the D.A, Claire the M.E. and Cindy the cub reporter. The murder mysteries are complex and good and best of all it's on Friday night when there's nothing else on.

"Journeyman" stars Kevin McKidd who's all sorts of wonderful and awesome rolled up in fantastic. The ratings aren't good for this show even though it follows "Heroes." Kevin's character Dan is a reporter for a paper in San Fran and travels through time. The show is amazing and you really, really need to watch.

I still miss it

Photo by ABC

In August 1994, ABC quietly rolled out a show about a 15-year-old girl name Angela Chase who lived in a suburb of Pittsburg. Angela lived with her mom Patty and dad Graham and bratty kid sister Danielle. At school she hung out with drunk and hurting Rayanne and sexually ambigous but later full-on gay Ricky. Across the street, her neighbor Brian Krakow quietly pines for her and tries to be a part of her life as much as possible.

It didn't get much of a viewership and 19-episodes later it was cancelled.

It was the first TV show that I ever loved at an adult. I was late to the party because I was busy setting up my life in a new state and was struggling to come to terms with issues in my life and then I saw the Christmas episode. To this day, it ranks in the Top 10 hours of TV in my opinion.

The thing that was cool about "MSCL" is this: It was the WB before there WAS a WB. The kids weren't perfect and neither were the parents. The kids drank, smoked and had sex and felt so damn REAL.

In my high school there WAS a Rayanne, an Angela, a Ricky and of course a Jordan Catalano (Poor Jared Leto. When he dies I'm betting this role will STILL be listed on his obit).

If you cherish good TV or know someone who does, then you can now own all 19-episodes in the recently released boxed set. The sad thing about this show is that it ended with a doozy of a cliffhanger : Does Angela know that Brian wrote that love letter to her? In the boxed set we get some answers to some lingering questions such as what happened to the on the rocks relationship of Patty and Graham. And we learn that someone was going to get pregnant.

Fall in love with high school all over again by buying this set.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

It's sew time!: Project Runway the recap

Photos from
Dear Heidi, Tim, Nina and Michael.
I've missed you.
Heidi, I've missed your attempts and trying to be funny and those weird looks you give the dresses that come shimming down the runway. Tim, I've missed your class, your style your, um, what's that? You have a show on Bravo? Hmm. I watched it but tried to pretend it didn't happen. Since you're claiming it, I'm going to repress this conversation.
Where was I, oh yeah, oh Nina. There's something we need to say to you Nina: You're a bitch. There. We've said it. We still love you. And Michael you need to know two things: Old queens are NOT funny and stay away from the spray-on tans. Orange is NOT your color.

That being said: The show is back people!

Here's who I love: Chris, Ricky, and Rami are all just adorable. Chris, Rami needs to put you on a diet quickly. I know you're thinking "This ain't Survivor, it's a sewing/design contest but if you can't run 500 feet to get some cloth, there's a problem.

Steven and Christian are battling to be this season's byotch. Although we as viewers should just raise some money to give Christian so he can have the operation because he's all woman.

Elisa, Sweet P (So not kidding here) and Kit are all trying on the "Strange but true garb."

And then there's the beefcake factor of Jack who's going to drop this bombshell : SPOILER ALERT: He's HIV+. Although I suspect someone in the editing department is in love with him because why in the world would they show him in tighty-greenie underwear unless they wanted us to see that he's got a hot bod.

There's some other folks in the contest but none of them made an impression on me yet.

The first challenge was to make a garment that defines you as a designer and our homeboy Ricky did this cute Babydoll dress
which I thought wasn't bad but Nina wasn't thrilled with it. In the end though it came down to this hideous dress from Simone and the other from Elisa and Simone was given the boot.

Episode grade: B+

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Oh God, in your mercy, help me out here: ANTM the recap

Photo from CWTV

There's a new byotch in town and her name is Bianca. This episode the girls serve as muses for up and coming designers. However, let's talk about the designer thing for a sec. Anyone else find it odd that this episode arrived the same night as Project Runway? I know CW owns Top Model but wouldn't it be cool if the Top Models and the PR folks filmed at the same time and we saw the show from the model's and designer's perspective.

And let's talk about those hideous dresses! Only one was cute and that was Ambreal. And did you see Bianca gloat. I'm sooo glad that Saleisha. I'm glad that Lisa got to go too. Although I hate, hate Saleisha's hair. She looks like Tootie from "Facts of Life"

And oh LORD! Jaslene is at Wal-Mart??!!! How low can we go here? And do you notice that when they show Jaslene's commericials, they quickly show a good Covergirl commercial afterward??

So then they dump the girls out in the desert and they had them pose against a burning car. Who COMES up with these challenges??

Bianca kept stirring up crap with Ambreal and Jay and of course she made Heather continue to doubt herself. At judging, Ambreal, Heather and Lisa all took a hit while Bianca shined. This makes me wonder: Is Bianca the new Eva? I pray, pray, pray she doesn't win. Heather is spared but LIsa and Ambreal isn't. And Lisa is crying a river.

Ambreal stands strong and holds herself together. And poor Ambreal, she managed to hang on two more weeks. I had picked Ambreal to win so now I'm throwing my allegiance to Lisa which I suspect means she'll be gone next week.

Monday, November 12, 2007

R.I.P. DL: "Heroes" the recap

Photo by

That was it? That's how DL died? Really NBC?? That was so lame. And even lamer: the Wonder Twins. Bo-ring. That time could have been used to discover what happened with Sylar.

I love Kristen Bell. But Elle? Notsomuch. I want Veronica back.

So it looks like Nikki has a new personality: Gina the party girl. And I think tonight we discovered Mama Petrelli's power: The power of persuasion. That being said: Did she cause her husband to kill herself?

Now we know how Nathan got healed but does that mean he now has this power too? And that being said, will "Adam" be sacrified to save everyone else?

So many questions: no answers.

Episode grade: B

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grandpa wears bikinis!: The Amazing Race: the recap

Photo from

First EWWW. I could have done without seeing Grandpa in his black drawers. Was it me ordid this episode have the most complicated tasks ever. And my GAWD: I just wanted to slap the crap out of Ronald. He was uncessarily mean and cruel to her. He even claimed to be the Archie Bunker of the home.

I also loved the fact that even though Kate and Pat came in last, I liked that they kissed and enjoyed each other. But I knew they wouldn't last because they seemed to take it as though they were on vacation as opposed to them being, oh, I dunno, on a race!

I also liked that the tables were turned on a bunch of the yellers of the race. The people who were calm seemed to be the folks who managed to figure out a way to do all the tasks.

But next week seems to be awesome with someone losing their mind with a camel!

Episode grade: B

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Beat it, Mama's weave can't get sweaty on her big day: "Ugly Betty" the recap

Photo from

Dear Emmy people:
Forget the rest. This show is the winner. Seriously. Forget Grey's. Skip whatever else is out there because "Ugly" is where it's at.

Can this show continue to get better? The answer: yes!

Sooo much to love. From Henry and Betty snuggling: She in her sunflower T-shirt and he in his New York baseball shirt. It's nerd love and it's AWESOME!

I didn't get the magic of Posh Spice but lordy, I do know because she stopped by and stole the show. (loved the cameo from the real Vera Wang. How DO they get these folks to appear on this show???)

Daniel was having jealousy issues as Alexis was busy trying to save the magazine. And Willie said it best that Danny and the tranny the dynamic duo was still trying to save this rag.
Daniel discovered that Willie and the bodyguard were having an affair.

Amanda and Mark were adorable/funny/bitchy/funny/bitchy/sad/bitchy as usual. And of course I loved Amanda's "Transfatty" comment. Followed by Mark saying "Beauty is pain."

Of course Henry was also just soo wonderful when he put Betty's needs in front of his and demanding that she goes to her father's citizenship ceremony. It was soo emotional when the two locked eyes. Loved Mark breaking up with Cliff at the wedding and Amanda giving him the shimmy. It was great when they got back together too.

And Christina got some loving from her ex and appears to be falling back in love. And he's looking for $100,000 for an experiemental treatment. (Hmmmm...)

And you knew they were going to play "Ebony and Ivory." and it was hysterical. And you knew Betty was going to bust into the wedding. And you knew that Willie was going to put Posh away somewhere.

And the ending: to die for!

Episode grade: A+


According to Entertainment Weekly the bible of all things entertainment, the writers strike had caused a delay in "24."

So if you're going to be jonesing for Jack in January, you are SOL.

Pray that the writers get what they want so we can get what WE want and that's great TV.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Keeping it sexy: "America's Next Top Model" the recap

Photo from

This week the girls tried to bring sexy back by learning how to move sexy in a video by Enrique Iglesias. (I'm like wow, is this the best they can do??) The song isn't half bad but it felt very "Matrix-y".

Bianca really, really needs to stay away from the Hater-aid. She gives Bitch a bad name. All she did was bitch, bitch, bitch and hate on Heather throughout the whole episode. And that's soooo not attractive.

Ambreal was facing some serious self-esteem issues and kept saying that "She wasn't supposed to be there." It's quite apparent too that Tyra isn't impressed by her anymore because whenever there was a chance to hurt her, she took it.

Sarah too was on the "I have no self-esteem train" because she kept saying how awkward she was feeling around all the skinny girls. And Chantal kept saying how she wasn't nervous and how she had her act together.

At that point, I pegged both of them for the bottom two. And despite a scare from Heather almost fainting on the hot video set and Ambreal looking a bit too dead in the face, I was right about the bottom two.

Sarah was kicked out because she was unfairly pegged as a "plus sized model," which totally sucks.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Another one bites the dust! The Biggest Loser: the recap

photo from

I'm really sorry that Ryan got the boot tonight. He seemed to be one of the more honorable players in this game. I hope he continues his his weight loss.

I'm also sick of the NBC goes green because we get it! The earth needs us. And why is Neil being made out to be the only villain?

Monday, November 05, 2007

I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing: Heroes: the recap

Photo from

Yay! My show is back.

It's getting better again. This episode we had our heroes team up to stop nightmare man. And the big reveal: "Adam" is Kensei and he's the big bad behind all the shenanigans!

Hiro finally leaves Japan after totally altering history. Nikki injects herself with a new strain of the virus and the cure? Our own Claire.

We also learn that the future is a very bad place because there's a nasty virus that's wiping out humanity. Peter finds out when he accidentally transports him and Caitlain in the future and accidentally leaves her there.

West learns who Claire's dad is and that leads to a confrontation and Claire tells her family that if they leave they are going to have to leave without her. But the big thing is when Mohinder spills the beans to Bob about what he's been doing with Noah.

Next week: What happened after the big boom!

Episode grade: A

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Whoopie! Knocked up sluts and celibate freaks let's start the party.

Photo from

And to think, I almost gave up on this show. This season, the fun, the sassyness, the intrigue of the first season is back. Yay!

This episode's theme: Halloween. Bob and Lee threw a party that no one will soon forget.

But first we had Carlos leaving Edie and Gaby trying to leave Victor until Victor's dad presented a check that'll keep her married until after the election.

Carlos outsmarted Edie and moved his money so she can't find it. But then Carlos spills the beans to Gaby about his offshore account to Gaby.

Susan discovers that Mike's dad is alive and demands to see him. Mike's acting weird and it looks as if he's addicted to some sort of drugs. Susan gets on her high horse and blasts her dad after meeting him in prison.

But back to the party: Bob and Lee have a party with Dead Man's party. Danielle crashes the party as doing a spot on impression as Bree.

Lynette meanwhile is hunting a possum that's destroying her garden. Luckily she got some gun tips from Bree so she can possibly take the possum out. But we discover the possum is symbolic of her cancer and she's trying to kill it.

Danielle is a hit at the party until her water breaks. Adam comes over to help deliver the baby and he calls Bree out on faking a pregnancy. Danielle delivers a baby boy as the Scavio kids look on through a window.

Bree and Danielle talk with the new baby in Bree's arms. Bree suggests that Danielle holds the baby and she submits. She then tells Bree she wants her to take the baby.

Gaby tells Victor that she's leaving him. And then he tells Gaby that he's going to start making more time for her and he actually shows some compassion toward her.

Susan is still on her high horse and then goes to see Mike's dad and tells him that she doesn't believe that Mike's dad does feel some remorse. Mike's dad tells Susan to watch out for Mike's demons which makes her even more panicked.

Edie comes over to see Victor and reveals the affair that Carlos and Gaby had. At Lynette's, the doctor tells Lynette's has beaten her cancer! (Yay!)

And just as she's celebrating, she sees the possum she wanted dead and cries over it. Meanwhile, Bree says goodbye to Danielle and Lynette revels in being cancer-free.

And they're off: The Amazing Race, the recap!

Photo from

I love this show! Where else can you travel around the world from the comfort of your couch? Just think in one hour we went from the steps of the Playboy Mansion to the green shores of Ireland? I'm sooo glad that awful Hugh Jackman/Melanie Griffith show got cancelled so we can get a real entertaining show on TV.

These are the teams I hate so far:

Mirianna and Julia: They're two sisters and they scream and yell too much.

Ari and Staella: She's not so bad but Ari is a byotch and needs to get some help. When you threaten to cut up and eat a donkey that's bad. Thank goodness we don't have to deal with them anymore because taxi-stealing karma got them good. I hope PETA calls them.

Jennifer and Nathan should NEVER get married and NEVER be allowed to have children. And her pushing the donkey didn't help.

Shanna and Jennifer aka the blondes remind me too much of the beauty queens from the last two seasons.

I really like : Azaria and Hendekea and Ronald and Christina. The both are families and you can tell they are in it for fun and competition.

I'm kinda meh on the rest of the teams. I had hope for the lesbian ministers but they seem to be chillin a bit too much for me. TK and his girlfriend need to get it together quickly.

So far it looks as if Azaria and Hendy and the goths are the teams to watch out for. Although when Phil was describing the trip for two to the brother to Azaria and Hendy I was a little creeped out.

The thing I LOVE most about this game: You can go from first to last to first again in an instant.

Episode grade: A+

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Live from New York it's ...

this guy as host and this guy in a skit!

All I can do is sit and cry....

About what might have been. Make sure you watch parts I and II.

The queen of ALL media

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Hang on, is that fear I smell?: "Ugly Betty" the recap


If you're not watching "Ugly Betty," then you're missing one of the best show on TV. Every week, the writers pack the show with such witty lines and storytelling that the hour just flies by. This episode was al about "secrets."

This week Betty and Henry continued their secret fling all the way to "Wicked." Betty first had to go through all sorts of shenanigans including a fake date with Gio the sandwich guy.

Hilda was lying about working in an exclusive salon only to be working at a "Hooters' knockoff called "High Beams." Unfortunately, she got busted by a classmate of Justin's. But fortunately for Hilda, Papa Suarez and Justin bought her a hairdrying chair and Hilda's own business "The Sweet Hair After" was born.

Daniel is still trying to save "Mode" even almost resorting to sleeping with a "cougar" (I loved it when they added the cat growling sound effects).

Mark too is carrying on a secret romance with his pudgy boyfriend and after he's outed in front of Amanda he admits he was wrong to dismiss Cliff.

Wilheimena is also carrying a secret: She knows that her daughter hates her and refuses to come to the wedding. After she overhears Mark and Amanda talking about it, she realizes that the show must go on with or without her daughter Nico.

The fun thing about the show is the quotes: Here's a sample:

"There's supposed to be one white and one dark in each box. My wedding theme: Ebony and Ivory! That idiot wedding planner has gone and segregated them!" -Willie to Mark about her wedding favors.

Mark shouts: "This is unacceptable!" Willie says "What to we want?" Mark says "Intergrated chocolates!" "When do we want them?!" Mark shouts: NOW!"

And the best news of all: Gay Justin is back!!
Here's a sample: When Justin's friend tries to trade Playbill's he tells her "Nice try Hillary, but the Merman is a collector's item. And it'll put me through college someday or send me to Billy Elliott school."

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You should be watching.

Episode grade: A+