Monday, November 19, 2007

"Stings like a bitch doesn't it?": Heroes the recap!

HRG captures Elle who gets her just desserts.

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Lordy! It's back y'all! The first season magic of "Heroes" is back. West and HRG teaming up! Mohinder being bitch-slapped by HRG! Matt exploring the full extent of his powers! All of this adds up to Heroes goodness!

I loved the secret origin of Elle! The Company corrupted Elle and made her evil. Bob taking some of Claire's blood. Hiro and his dad traveling back in time to his mom's funeral and Hiro running into a younger version of himself. (Although why he doesn't remember it is beyond me. Anybody think Hiro mucking up time might have long reaching ramifications?)

And it's cool he got to say goodbye before his father was killed. And it was cool that Hiro froze time to see who killed his father. LOVED the special effects on that one although how many of us figured it out weeks ago that it was Kenzi/Adam who killed his dad. Is the seeking revenge against Hiro or has he gone mad with power?

Angela and Matt's interview was great too. Loved her smugness too! Especially when he used his power on her to force to tell him the truth: Adam is immortal. Angela then began to spill her guts. It was awesome. And then she fought him every step of the way until her nose bled.

I also liked that HRG and West bonded over cars. It was awesome to hear Elle overhear the plan and shoot a lightning bolt into the sky, shocking West and then having Claire save them both.

And how shocking was it to see Mohinder shoot HRG in the eye making Issac's painting come true! And the twist at the end: Holy $H!!!!!

Episode Grade: A+


Nicooooooo said...

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TheRemoteBelongsToMe said...

Hi there.
Sure thing. I started this blog because I got tired of not being able to give my input about how I felt as a regular guy with some of the shows I love. So I started the blog for me and my friends and I've been getting a few hits.

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