Sunday, November 18, 2007

Please lord give me milk: The Amazing Race the recap

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Oh sooo much to say. First: The blondes: I HATE, HATE them. The racist comments they kept making about Africa were insane.

And note to the blondes, the bad weather? That's the WRATH OF GOD!

I'm glad that Christina and her dad got along better. And they have GOT to do something about the bunching! The teams started out in Amsterdam and ended up in Bingo, Africa. Who knew there was a place named Bingo?

And Phil's hair was just too amazing for words. The final two were the sisters and Jason and Lorena who appeared seconds away from having a nervous breakdown.

But the thing that frustrated me the most? Our local channel couldn't hold the signal so we couldn't see for looong stretches of time. BOO channel 8!

And it came down to a foot race and Lorena and Jason beat them. If only Julia and Marianna didn't help them by telling them to go to another camel for milk.

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Mrs. Wong said...

Yeah, those blondes were saying some mean stuff on the train! Boo on them. Talk about living in a bubble -- their heads!