Monday, September 01, 2008

Prison Break

OK. I hopped off the "Prison Break" train last year because the story got too convoluted and crazy. But after watching tonight's episode, I'm back on board.

We had the return of the presumed dead Sara. The demise of the prison break tattoo. The arrest of all the major players and then the reuniting of the gang. This time, they are going to bring down The Company AKA the big bads of the last three seasons.

But my favorite thing: cannibalism. Yep, T-bag ATE the guy who he was crossing the boarder with. And of course, there was this bad joke "What's the matter man, you eat some bad Mexican?" Um, yeah.

Despite that, it was still fun to watch.

Why I love "Gossip Girl"

Oh Blair and Chuck, you're so devlishly bad. And that's why I love you. Photo by

After a long and very boring summer, the fall has finally arrived! Tonight, "Gossip Girl" returned and it arrived with guns blazing.

Fake romances, reunions and a bone lace dress made for an interesting episode. We kicked off the season with the end of summer in where else: The Hamptons. Serena and Nate are in the middle of a fake romance. She's mourning her breakup with Dan. He's shaking up with a married woman. Meanwhile Chuck Bass is entertaining himself with the local talent while missing Blair.

Blair spent her summer in Tuscany waiting for Chuck who never arrived and she's po'd. Back in the city, Dan's been hooking up with chick after chick. Young Jenny's been busy at an internship with Blair's mom (imagine that!) and making pretty dresses.

The Head Bitch in Charge at Blair's mom's company is too caught up in herself to see Jenny's talent and uses her power to make Jenny miserable.

But all of this changes during the White Party. No, not THIS one!
Chuck wants to get back with Blair but she's got a new boy toy with a secret. I thought he was totally gay but learned that he's actually a British lord which makes Chuck very, very sad.

Jenny makes a splash at the White Party and even catches the eye of a rival designer and that in turns makes the HIBIC at the design company finally notice her.

Nate pines for the married woman and he and Serena tries to make her jealous and it works. So much that they plan a secret meeting.

Blair and Chuck almost connect but Chuck can't say I love you. But Serena and Dan reunite and that's what's important to me.