Wednesday, March 05, 2008

America's Next Top Model: The girls go to Wal-Mart

Oh Tyra: Product placement much? Logos from Wal-Mart and Apple Bottom

In the first few minutes of "ANTM" we got two blatant product placements: Apple Bottom Jeans and Wal-Mart. We also got a PSA for why anorexia is bad.

Can any other show boast this? I think not.

Some girls are standing out: Claire and Whitney. Others are standing out for the wrong reason: Allison and Fatima. Both for being byotches too early in the competition.

And Claire got her photo on on the Cover Girl page.
Dominique and Claire bond over being moms and Dominque one-ups Claire with tears and a motivational message.

Something weird was going on tonight: The girls had random kerchefs, hats and such and then I figure it out. They were trying hid their new hair.

Finally the diva herself showed up with a fresh new wig and unveiled what they were going to do the girls hair. She tells them that the agent makes the decision. So today and Tyra told the girls that she's keeping the girls' makeup a secret. And then tells them they are getting a sexy new photo shoot.

I'm worried for some of these girls. Whitney because a blond with extensions and I'm not sure I like it. Aimee gets bangs and goes red. Marvita gets a horse mane hairweave. GAWD it looks awful.

Lauren gets long hair and she gets redish highlights. She's so clueless but at least she gets a makeover.

Miss Jay cracks my stuff up because they even gave him a blond weave too and it doesn't look that bad. And Claire OMG looks AWFUL. She's blond. Why is EVERYONE blond????!!

Can we have some sassy brunettes?

Alison gets goes red and she's looking Eva Parker-esque.

Dominque gets her hair cut off and she looks very Nicole Ari Parker-esque.

Tyra cracks me up talking about Stacy Anne and she chops her hair off. It doesn't look too bad. Fatima turns out the best of all with a long, dark weave. She looks like Iman's younger sister.

Then Elle McPherson stops by to promote her lingerie. Is everyone hawking everything???

He's won y'all. Let's move on

I feel sorta creepy being obsessed with a kid but this boy truly has talent. Photo by

I swore this season I wasn't going to get sucked in by the "American Idol" machine. But danged if I'm not. While they are hyping this as the BEST. YEAR. EV-AH it isn't.

We have one good kid. David Archuleta who's so cute and adorable it's not even funny. The boy can sing and he's been in go-gabs of talent shows. He's even better than a few winners (Ruben, Taylor Hicks, I'm looking at you). And then you have everyone else.

It's like having a high schooler compete in a math contest with second-graders.

Over at the Bible AKA "Entertainment Weekly" they call this season "The most exciting race for No. 2!" and I'm inclined to agree.

No one comes close to this dude. See for your self right here. It's very young David when he was singing to the kids from the first season. He's the one in the yellow.

The women will sing tonight but I'm not watching because I have a date with Tyra and it's Makeover Night on "ANTM"

I can't wait to see what they do!