Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes the recap

First things first: I am NEVER going to be a Nissan Rogue. GAWD those commercials back to back drove me NUTS! Can we get MORE product placement please?

The theme of this episode was: Lies, lies and more lies.

At the family formerly known as the Bennetts, Claire, Kyle, Noah, Claire's mom and Mr. Muggles are all settling down in their new life in California. Claire hates it because she can't show everyone how special she really is since she's the new girl in school. But she might make friends with her shiny new Nissan Rogue (AACK). On the first day she gains a boy's attention when she almost steps in front of his car and then plays with a burner in Chem class. Later, at P.E. she saves a chubby girl from being picked on by the cheerleaders (which are ALL cheerleaders mean or is this just a cliche?). We learn later in the episode that she knows Nathan survived the blast that "killed" Peter and when she reaches out to talk to him, we see Nathan is a big drunk who's wallowing in the bottle. We see that the boy who's been stalking Claire all day has a superpower: Flying. This brings up a bunch of questions such as : Didn't they establish last season that each Hero have a unique power? And was he drawn to Claire because he could sense she was different?

Noah Butler is totally unhappy with his job at Copy King. You'd be too if a snot-nosed brat was ordering you around. He finally opens up a can of whoop-ass on the punk and puts him in his place.

Across the country we see Matt Parkman trying out for NYPD. We learn that he's now divorced (A divorce in four months?? And what about his baby?) He makes the squad and we also learn that he's trying to forge a life with Mohinder and Molly (Two dads and a little lady) Molly apparently has bad dreams about the Boogyman who's not Syler and it's causing her teacher some worry.

Across town, Angela Petrelli isn't happy that Nate didn't follow her plans and she's busy packing up his belongings. Hiro's Dad and Ando meanwhile are holding a vigil hoping for his return. But it's been four months since the explosive finale. We then learn that Hiro's Dad and Angela both have a threat against their life (Uh-oh, someone's not going to make it.)

In Honduras, we meet the wonder twins: Alejando and Maya who spends most of the episode sweaty and running. It turns out they are wanted for murder and then later on when their separated Maya kills a whole truckload of people because she's separated from her brother.

In India, Mohinder is contacted by The Company who wants him to work for them to help them find the cure for the virus that may have killed his sister. But then we learn that he and Noah are working together to bring The Company down.

And we end with the discovery of Peter but he's lost his memory. OH, the DRAMA!

Episode grade: B