Thursday, March 01, 2007

Do you know the news?

Yes! Two posts in one day. Don't get used to this but I digress.

I've stumbled across this "Frontline" documentary about an industry that's near and dear to my heart: journalism. is the link to the series but it goes into detail about how journalism isn't *quite * dead yet and how folks are using the Internet to get news. It also talks about blogs and how people mistake opinion for news.

Interesting stuff. You CAN watch the whole series online so check it out.

What is going ON with American Idol?

I normally post on Sundays but I HAD to post tonight.

I just sat through an excruciating hour of TV. Tonight, Nick, AJ, Aliana and Leslie were kicked out. While Sundance, Sanjaya and Antonella all lived ANOTHER freaking day.

I stopped watching this show a few years ago because the problem is, it's NOT a singing contest, it's a popularity contest. And that is the difference. Sundance, Sanjaya and Antonella have OK voices, but they are NOT great singers. Seriously.

Sanjaya who is a cutie is getting the teen-ager/grandma votes and that's what's keeping him alive. Antonella might be getting the Paris Hilton boost since lewd photos of her surfaced on the Internet. (Wanna bet that her friend who auditioned with her *might* have something to do with it, or someone who knows them both?)

Sundace is charming and depending on the song, he can sing. But does he deserve to stay? NO.

I wish I could bail but it's like a trainwreck, I've got to witness all of the casualities.

And since I'm blogging, here's the week in review so far.

I am in "Heroes" heaven. All hands on those who got teary-eyed at the last five minutes when Claire said goodbye to her Dad? I was a sobbing MESS! For real.
Hayden and Jack acted their asses off and they both deserve accolades for this.

Meanwhile over on "24," it's plodding along but it doesn't grab me as it used to. I'm still loyal to Jack but I have to say that unless stuff starts moving along, I'll be DVRing it and watching "Heroes" first.

Is the shark circling around "Veronica Mars." We found out that Tim the TA killed Dean O'Dell and the reason was to set Professor Landry because he didn't give him a recommendation. It was very anticlimatic and very boring. After the shocking death of Lamb, I expected more this week. But alas, no.

The problem with this show is that it is veering away from the characters we know and love. (Wallace and Weevil are basically extras with a few lines every few shows, Mac is lovely but we don't see her nearly enough. I still don't have a "feel" for Piz or Parker as people.) Another problem is the MOTW (Mystery of the Week) has gotten waaay too easy. It's almost "Murder, She Wrote" bad. And when the show returns on MAY 1!!!!! It'll be standalone mysteries. I fear this may be the last season we'll be visiting the folks over in Neptune. And if it continues to sink in quality, then I'd rather see it gone.

Because it's been a crazy week, I'm behind in my viewing on "Lost" and "Law & Order, SVU." I'll catch you all up in a few weeks.

One of my friends who's addicted to "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency" points out there is a TON of male nudity or half-nekkid men on that show. I'm going to have to catch up during a marathon to see what I've been missing. Plus, the moved the show to Tuesday nights away from "Lost."