Monday, October 30, 2006

Can Monday nights get any better?

As Whitney Houston might say: "Hell to tha naw...."
I just got finished watching what I think is the best night of TV on air these days.
Between "Prison Break" and "Heroes" the night if full of adrenaline.
On tonight's PB, practically everybody got captured. The Nasty T-Bag, the stupid LJ and Linc.
We learned Malone's secret - he killed the last guy who escaped him and buried him in his OWN back yard. Now that's DEEP!
And on "Heroes" we learned that Niki is a bad ass, but D.L's badder as he took $2 million and his son. IT rocked!!!
I don't know what I'm going to do when "24" returns. But I'll worry about THAT then!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

You take the good, you take the bad...

And no, that's not a plea to buy this DVD. Unless, of course you want to. =-)

This week was pretty bad in TV land.

Let's start with my favorite "America's Next Top Model." If you haven't been watching, the girl who SHOULD have won this season was booted. And mean, OLD, Tyra was the one that helped her go. It was a kick to see Fabio on the show but he's looking a little long in the tooth. (GREAT body though).
With Brooke gone, I'm throwing my support behine CariDee.

I'm still in shock about Jeffery winning over on "Project Runway" and there still are NO WORDS.

The three bright spots of the week: "Heroes" , "Veronica Mars" and "The Amazing Race!"
"Heroes" keeps getting better and I'm telling everyone I know to watch this show. Hiro is my favorite character and Claire aka cheerleader lass aka OMG, she healed from THAT???!!

The writing is crisp, cool and fantastic. They need to up the ante on the special effects though.

As far as VM, I think I need to write a note to Rob Thomas.

Dear Rob,
I am one of Veronica's biggest fans. Could you bring my show all the way back please and not give me glimmers here and there? Tuesday's episode was closer to the Veronica I know and love. Last week's episode I'm going to put under the "one bad episode per season" file. You've used up your bad episode early but that's OK. The rest HAVE to be good.


P.S. More Wallace. More Weevil (but keep him away from the crafts table because boyfriend is F-A-T but still kinda sexy). More Mac. Less LoVe and Less MOTW. More progress on the rape mystery is needed.


And the Amazing Race got sooo good in the last five minutes. THANK GOD Sarah dumped Peter!!!!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Things I hate about the new TV season ...

There are so many things I absolutely love, love, love (Heroes, Ugly Betty) and things I secretly adore (America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Dateline) and things I can take or leave (Grey's Anatomy, The Nine) but there are a few things I absolutely, positively hate!

Opening credits
This season, both Veronica Mars and America's Next Top Model both found the need to change their credits. They both suck. And they take the life out of the show. In Veronica's case, the credits just seem to angsty and not fun. In ANTM, I could do with out the "look how cute I am" that Tyra seems to be saying to the audience. LOVE the shows, HATE the credits.

Too much on at one time
My poor DVR died a week ago. Luckily, the cable folks came out to rectify the situation. I know I'm putting it in overdrive by watching a lot at 10 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. With Nip/Tuck, SVU, MTV's True Life, Project Runway (that ended yesterday thank God), The Nine it's no wonder it didn't burn out sooner.
Let's face it, these shows don't ALL need to be on at the same time. Spread the wealth. NOTHING is on Saturday nights. When I was a kid, Saturdays were filled with great TV but now the programming folks don't care. But there are a TON of people who stay home Saturday nights or don't go out until at least 11 p.m. so why NOT give them something to watch?

Same show, different people
I really, really tried to like the new woman on Law & Order SVU. But she's NO Mariska. She's too harsh, too mean. I'm trying to like the new characters on Veronica but I prefer more Weevil, and Wallace and less Parker and Piz.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It's been a while...

Apologies. For those of you who've been reading this blog, I apologize for not posting for a few weeks, but we've worked out the technical difficulties and are ready to roll!

Veronica Mars
I'm sitting here awaiting the start of the third episode of "Veronica Mars," and in my opinion, this season is off to a good start. I really like the new characters of Parker and Pez. I knew from the second episode of last season that I didn't like Jackie.

The rapist mystery looks to be a good one and I've got a sneaky feeling that we've seen the rapist already. I like that the magic of Veronica is back but I HATE those new opening credits. I understand the reasoning, new point in life, new opening but I kinda liked the chalk drawings and the song by the Dandy Warhols.

I am this show's B-I-T-C-H! From last weeks jaw dropping cliffhanger to this week's, it's been awesome. Some friends and I were debating on what we would do if we had super powers. Would we really take the law into our own hands? I'm thinking in certain instances, I would.

I love the Hiro character and Claire becomes interesting to me week after week.

The Nine
I missed it last week. I'm going to catch this weeks and see if it's still worth watching.

America's Next Top Model
LOVE this season! Although I can't find a girl to root for. And tomorrow night it looks interesting with someone coming out of the closet!

Project Runway
Michael had BETTER win. Period.

This week, it looks as if they are pulling out the two-people-must-be-booted off stunt. Let's hope Nathan and Cao Boi makes it through the cut.

Monday, October 02, 2006

The best TV season ever?

I put a question mark in the header but I really am believing that this is the best TV season in years.

Every night, there's a TON of stuff to watch and even more on the cable outlets. I'm busy trying to catch up on stuff I haven't had a chance to watch.

As I type this I'm "watchlistening" to "Studio 60" from last week. My BFF David says I should give this show a chance so I'm trying. Today I told him I was going to dump it but he said to try and so I told him since he hit me with the sledgehammer of reason, I would. I'm not digging
Amanda Peet. She's totally unbelivable as a network head. A better casting choice might have been Heather Locklear. But since Heather has been a show killer lately, "LAX" anyone? maybe it's just as well.

I have dumped Brothers and Sisters because Calista Flockhart is just too scary to watch.

"Kidnapped" might be falling to the side too because of better choices out there. Like "The Nine."

My new faves are "Heroes" and "Ugly Betty" . The niephew on "UB" makes it worth watching.